Frances L. Mitchell-Murphy

Margaret and David Mitchell: Third Generation

Issac Newton Laughead

43. Laughead, Isaac Newton (?) ; b. near Clark’s run, Greene Co., Ohio, Nov. 12, 1810. m. 183’x, Nancy, dau. of David and Nancy Anderson, of Greene Co., O. He was the first of David Mitchell’s descendants to enter the ministry. He graduated at Franklin College, Athens, O., in 1834 ; was licensed by the Miami Associate Presbytery on July 10, 1838, to preach the gospel. He supplied, at the direction of his presbytery, various congregations, but spent the greater part of his life in and near Washington, Iowa. He wrote a booklet in 1885, relating to the Laughead family from which we have largely quoted. Died about 1888.

I. 211 William B.;
II. 212 Nancy;
III. 213 David;
IV. 214 James H.;
V. 215 Leander.

David Laughead

44. Laughead, David (7); b. about 1813. m. a Miss Winter, who died; no child. m. 1850 a Miss Elder, from Logan Co., O., who died 1866. m. Jane Ritchie. He died in 1898.

I. 217 William ;
II. 218 Elder;
III. 219 Charles;
IV. 219a Sarah;
V. 220 Alice;
VI. 221 Lizzie;
VII. 221a John.

Joseph Kyle Laughead

45. Laughead, Joseph Kyle (7); b. about 1815. m. about 1841, Catherine, dau. of George Galloway. He died in 1883, and she in 1884. Lived east of Xenia. Farmers ; United Presbyterians ; Republicans.

I. 222 Elizabeth;
II. 223 Isaac N.;
III. 224 George G.

James Laughead

46. Laughead, James (‘Y) ; m. Rebecca Galloway, dau. of George Galloway. His widow was living in 1885. One child, dying in infancy.

William Chambers Laughead

47. Laughead, William Chambers (7) ; “One of God’s noblemen,” so writes a cousin. He was preparing for the ministry when he passed away. Rev. I. N. Laughead reckons James and William C., as the “flowers of his father’s family.” man.

Samuel Laughead

48. Laughead, Samuel (7) ; died when he was a young

Thomas Laughead

49. Laughead, Thomas (7) ; b. 1821. m. Mary, dau. of David and Mary Anderson. Farmers ; United Presbyterians. Moved to Washington, Iowa.

I. 225 Anderson;
II. 226 Howard;
III. 227 Etta;
IV. 228 Nancy;
V. 229 Walter; and two others who died in infancy.

Henry Laughead

50. Laughead, Henry (7) ; died in his “teens.” was a fine boy.

John Laughead

51. Laughead, John (7) ; died in childhood.

Emily Laughead-Cassil

52. Laughead-Cassil, Emily (7) ; b. about 1812.m. James Cassil. Moved to Huntsville, Logan Co., O.

Children :
I. One son, dying in infancy;
II. four daughters, one of whom, the third, married a Mr. Edmonds, and was the mother of a son and daughter.

Catherine Laughead

53. Laughead, Catherine (7) ; died, unmarried, having suffered many years with consumption.

Margaret Mitchell Laughead-Bull

54. Laughead-Bull, Margaret Mitchell (7) ; b. Nov. 10, 1822. m. Amos, son of James and Ann (Gowdy) Bull. Lived near Yellow Springs, O. He died May 17, 1902, and she, May, 1873. Farmers ; United Presbyterians ; Republicans.

Children :
I. 230 Henrietta;
II. 231 Emma J.;
III. 232 James H.;
IV. 233 Elizabeth A.;
V. 234 M. Frances;
VI. 235 David L.

A beautiful tribute is given this family in the “Laughead” booklet.

Eliza Ann Laughead-Black

55. Laughead-Black, Eliza Ann (‘Y) ; b. Nov. 16, 1825. m., late in life, Rev. William Black. Both are dead. United Presbyterians.

McCutchan, a farmer. They moved to Norwood, Ill., 1864, and in Sept., 1881, to Mulberry, Bates Co., Mo. She died, Dec. 11, 1886. He was an elder in the U. P. church of which she also was an earnest member.

Children by first marriage:-
270 W. Edward;
by second marriage,
I. 271 Charles R.;
II. 272 Florence M.;
III. 273 Anson G.;
IV. 274 Wary L.;
V. 275 Robert E.;
VI. 276 John C.;
VII. 277 Bertie I. (Isabella).
VIII. An infant son (unnamed) died on day of birth, April 24, 1858.

Elizabeth Gillespie-Card

63. Gillespie-Card, Elizabeth (9); b. about 1809. m. Benjamin Card. Had one child. All have passed away.

Hadassah Gillespie

64.Gillespie, Hadassah (9); b. about 1811. Died young.

James Gillespie

65. Gillespie, James (9); b. about 1813. Said to have married.

David Gillespie

66. Gillespie, David (9); b. about 1815, died young.

Henry Gillespie

67. Gillespie, Henry (9); b. about 1816. Said to have married.

William Gillespie

68. Gillespie, William (9); b. about 1818 ; history unknown. There were also Thomas Gillespie, who died in boyhood, and Sarah Ellen Gillespie; said to have married and lived in Springfield, O.

Elizabeth Bradfute-Johnston
Elizabeth Bradfute-Johnston

Elizabeth Bradfute-Johnston

69. Bradfute-Johnston, Elizabeth (11), Hampton, Iowa. b. Oct. 8, 1829, in Greene Co., O., and in the stone house, in which David and Margaret Mitchell lived during their last days. m. Aug. 31, 1854, James J. Johnston ; marriage solemnized by the Rev. James P. Smart, of the Massie’s creek Associate congregation. Her husband died Aug. 18, 1887. They moved from Greene Co. to Iowa in 1855. Farmers; Congregationalists, Republican.

Children : “All honorable men-no better daughter.”A mother’s testimony.
I. 278 John E. ;
II. 279 David F.;
III. 280 Ralph W.;
IV. 281 James 11.;
V. 282 Charles F.;
VI. 283 George A.;
VII. 284 Jennie.

John Knox Bradfute

70. Bradfute, John Knox (11), R. F. D. 2, Cedarville, O., b. May 21, 1833, in Miami Tp., Greene Co., O. m. May 24, 1854, Cornelia Ann, dau. of James and Margaret (Mitchell) Boal. Residence has always been at the farm where he was born. Associate and United Presbyterian; Republican and Independent. Was with the Ohio Squirrel Hunters, in the Civil War, and has held minor local offices. He says that “David Mitchell was wounded in seven places on his body by Indians and sustained the loss of a finger.”

Children :-
I. 285 Ora E.;
II. 286, Lillian M.;
III. 287 Martha J.;
IV. 288 John .A.;
V. 289 Anna E.;
VI. 290 William;
VII. 291 Mary. (Two children died in infancy.)

Jane Bradfute-Stormont

71. Bradfute-Stormont, Jane (11) ; b. near Clark’s run, March 31, 1836. m. Dec. 24, 1861, James C., son of ,John and Esther (McMillan ) Stormont. She died Dec. 31, 1906. Teacher, house keeper; Reformed Presbyterian; Republican. Resided always in Greene Co.

I. 292 John H;
II. 293 Eliza J.

72. Bradfute-Knox, Mary Ellen (11), -116, 1:. 4th St., Newport, Ky. b. Aug. 27, 1840, at Clifton, O. m. April 11, 1871, John Bradfute, son of John and ,lean Knox, of Yellow Springs, O. He died July 20, 1876. She resided at Yellow Springs till a few years ago, when she removed to Newport, where she resides with her daughter. Presbyterian.

I. 294 Rebekah J.;
II. 295 Lillian E.;
III. 296 John B

Margaret Bradfute

73. Bradfute, Margaret (11); b. about 1812; died in infancy.

Sarah Ann Bradfute

74. Bradfute, Sarah Ann (11) ; b, probably 1841, died, a young lady.

Thomas Patterson Espy

75. Espy, Thomas Patterson (14) ; b. Aug. 19, 1815, near Cedarville. m. June 10, 1840, Sarah Eliza Knox, who died June, 1849. Resided in Greene Co., O., till 1853, when he moved to Iowa and for the most of his day lived in Page Co. Married, in June, 1863, Mary E. Montzings, who died, 1889.
Farmer; Seceder and United Presbyterian; Abolitionist and Prohibitionist. The writer has a letter written by him. with the aid of an amanuensis, when he was fast 86 years old, in which he said he had cast in his lot with the Zionites (Dowie movement). He lived but a few months longer.

Children by first marriage:-
I. 297 Bruce;
II. 297a Andrew H.;
III. 298 Martha A.;
IV. 299 James Francis;
V. 300 Mary M.;
by second marriage:
VI. 301 John B.;
VII. 302 Sarah E.;
VIII. 303 Mary A.

James Mitchell Espy

76. Espy, James Mitchell (I4) ; b. March 9, 1817; m. Feb. 15, 1843, dau. of David and Euphemia Brown, of Greene Co., near Jamestown. They resided near Cedarville on farm adjoining his mother’s. Farmer ; Reformed Presbyterian; Republican.

I. 304 Josiah B.;
II. 305 David;
III. 306 James W.

David Espy

77. Espy, David (14) ; b. Feb. 15, 1819 ; died Aug. 11, 1819.

Josiah Espy

78. Espy, Josiah (14) ; b. July 1, 1820. Was in Merrill’s troop of Horsemen; was wounded; died in 1869. He married Miss Mary Holmes, who survives him and lives in Ohio.

William Espy

79. Espy, William (14) ; b. June 14, 1822, died Aug. 3, 1822.

Harvey Adams Espy

80. Espy, Harvey Adams (14); b. Oct. 9, 1823; m. June 9, 1854, 168 Mary Anna, dau. of John and Nancy (Small) Winter. Resided in Greene Co., O., till 1865 and then moved to Crawford Co., Ill. Farmer; United Presbyterian; Republican. He offered himself for service in the Union Army in civil war, but was not accepted because he was not an able bodied man. He was an elder for many years. Died Oct. 18, 1892.

Children :-
I. 307 Martha L.;
II. 308 James A.;
III. 309 Edwin L.;
IV. 310 John W.;
V. 311 Nettie;
VI. 312 Margaret H.;
VII. 313 Henry G.; (Charles Josiah died in childhood.)

John Young Espy

81. Espy, John Young (14) ; b. near Cedarville, Dec. 26, 1825 ; m. Oct. 1, 1861, Mary Sheller. Moved to California, and died at Rialto, Aug. 11, 1896.

I. 314 Jennie E.;
II. 315 Jessie Y.;
III. 316 Mary E.;
IV. 317 Cora B.;
V. 318 Frances A.

William Espy

82. Espy, William (14) ; b. near Cedarville, Feb., 1828 ; m. Ella Law, about 1859, at Xenia. She was a grand daughter of Hugh Andrew. William died Oct. 28, 1867.

One child:-
I. 319 Mignon.

Mathew Henry Espy

83. Espy, Mathew Henry (14) ; b. July 9, 1830 ; died May 9, 1831.

Elizabeth Martha Espy-Reid

84. Espy-Reid, Elizabeth Martha (14) ; Pana, I11., b. Aug. 22, 1832. m. August 31, 1853, James Renwick, son of William and Sarah Wright Reid. Farmers; United Presbyterians. Moved to Illinois in- 1864, and for many years have resided in Pana. Before- that they lived on farm. Presbyterians; Republicans. Mr. Reid served for a time in the Union Army during the Civil War.

I. 320 Josiah E.;
II. 321 Adella;
III. 322 Frances;
IV. 323 Carrie;
V. 324 Willie;
VI. 325 Jennie M. ;
VII. 326 Martha E.;
VIII. 327 Mary A.

George A. Espy

85. Espy, George A. (14) ; b. Oct., 1834; died Aug., 1835.

Calvin Espy

86. Espy, Calvin (14), Beaumont, Cal.; b. near Cedarville, Nov. 9, 1836. m. May 18, 1858, Jennie, dau. of D. K. and Iris Mitchell, of Piqua, O. Lived in Ohio, Missouri, and is now residing in California. Farmer; United Presbyterian. He served in the 110th O. V. L, during the Civil War; was wounded and taken prisoner at Winchester and carried to Libby prison and afterward to Belle Isle. He was exchanged and again, in charge before Petersburg, was wounded; thence carried to Lincoln Hospital, D. C.; thence transferred to Cleveland, O., and discharged in June, 1865.

I. 328 Herbert P.;
II. 329 Luella T.;
III. 330 Andrew J.

Isaac N. Espy

87. Espy, Isaac N. (14) ; b. June 16, 1839. Enlisted at Kenton, O., in the Civil War, contracted camp fever and died at the home of his mother, in Xenia, April 13, 1862.

Anna Marie Mitchell-Robeson

88. Mitchell-Robeson, Anna Marie (15) ; b. in Greene Co., Nov. 16, 1825; m. Feb. 25, 1845, Thomas, son of John and Margaret Nealy Robeson. Lived in various Cos. of Iowa. He died in 1882 and she on May 12, 1904, near Sheldon. An extended obituary of Mrs. Robeson is given in the Sheldon local paper. She died the death of a beautiful Christian. Farmers; Methodists.

I. 331 George;
II. 332 Mary E.;
III. 333 Columbia;
IV. 334 David;
V. 335 Sigourney;
VI. 336 Henry;
VII. 337 Sumner;
VIII. 338 Mattie;
IX. 339 Lizzie;
X. 340 Lovey.

Martha Jame Mitchell-Clark

89. Mitchell-Clark, Martha Jane (15), Sheldon, Iowa; b. in 1833, in Shelby Co., O. ; m. Nov. 4, 1852, T. E. Clark.

Sarah R. Mitchell-Nichols

90. Mitchell-Nichol, Sarah R. (15) R. F. D. 1, Neligh, Neb.; b. Dec. 7, 1836, in Shelby Co., Ohio; m. John R., son of Thomas and Sarah Nichol. Resided in various counties of Iowa till 1882, when they moved to Nebraska. Most of their lives has been spent on farms, and their residence is now on one. In partnership with his son, Thomas M., Mr. Nichol is carrying on a fine stock business. United Presbyterian; Republican. Mr. Nichol served in the 39tH Iowa in the Civil War from Sept., 1862, till Sept., 1863. He served one term in the legislature of Iowa, and two terms as representative in Nebraska. He is an elder in the church.

I. 341 Mary L.;
II. 342 Sarah A.;
III. 343 Martha O.;
IV. 344 Thomas M.;
V. 345 Margaret F.;
VI. 346 Kate G.;
VII.347 Esther;
VIII. 348 John E.;
IX 49 Edith H.

Chapel Lynn Winter

91. Winter, Chapel Lynn (16) ; b. in Greene Co., O., March 30, 1822. m. April 17, 1845, Martha Helena, dau. of William and Sarah Wright. Farmers; United Presbyterians; Republicans. He served as corporal, Co. F, 154th O. V. L, during Civil War. Died May 20, 1870.

I. 350 Wylie;
II. 351 Algernon;
III. 352 Mamie A.;
IV. 353 Christina;
V. 354 Chapel L.;
VI. 355 J. Agnew.

James Mitchell Winter

92. Winter, James Mitchell (16) ; b. about 1823. m. Anna Gibney. One son, James C. Not living.

Martha Winter

93. Winter, Martha (16) ; b. Jan. 16, 1825 ; not living.

Mary Winter-Wright

94. Winter-Wright, Mary (16) ; b. Jan. 16, 1825 ; died June 10, 1876. m. Feb. 22, 1844, Nathaniel B. Wright. Seceder and Reformed Presbyterian; Republican.

I. 809 John N.;
II. 809a William C.

Joseph Carson Winter

95. Winter, Joseph Carson (16), Abia, Ia.; b. about 1827. m. Mille Bryan. Cooperage; United Presbyterian; Republican. One child.

Isaac Newton Winter

96. Winter, Isaac Newton (16), Dayton, O.; b. about 1831. m. Wary Thomas. Baptist ; merchant tailor; Republican. Two children, deceased.

Samuel Wilson Winter

Samuel Wilson Winter
Samuel Wilson Winter

97. Winter, Samuel Wilson (16), 942, N. Ave., Rockford, Ill.; Republican. Had one child. b. Feb. 27,.1832, in Greene Co., O. ; m. Mary E. Simpson, Jan. 12, 1859. She died Aug. 30, 1866. Married Nov. 28, 1867, Hettie E. Burns, who died July 12, 1878. Married January 1, 1880, Mrs. Maria C. Paul.
Farmer; blacksmith; merchant; Republican; United Presbyterian. Has served as elder at Ottawa, Kas. Since 1868, he has resided in Kansas and Illinois.

Children by first marriage :-
I. 356 Emma E.;
II. 357 Anna M.
Children by second marriage:
III. 358 Thomas H. Of six others four were still born and two lived but a short time.

David Espy Winter

98. Winter, David Espy (16). Deceased.

John Ambrose Winter

99. Winter, John Ambrose (16). Deceased.

Jane Jackson-Forsythe-Dobbs

100. Jackson -Forsythe-Dobbs, Jane (17) ; b. July 21, 1822. m. Rev. James Forsythe, June 18, 1845 ; moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Mr. Forsythe had charge of a Seceder church. He died in 1853. She married, Nov., 1855, Edward O’Hale Dobbs, popularly known in Cedar Rapids as “Squire Dobbs,” from long having held the office of justice of the Peace. In early life he was a singing teacher. He died Nov., 1866. She died Feb. 1, 1874.

Children by first marriage:
I. 359 Anna M.;
II. 360 David J. M;
III. 361 Mary R.
Children by second marriage:
IV. 362 Jennie M.;
V. 363 Edward C.; 364 Ella V.

Martha Espy Jackson-Clemens

101. Jackson-Clemens, Martha Espy (17) ; b. Feb. 29, 1824. m. Rev. William Clemens, and accompanied him to Africa, where they both labored as missionaries in the Gaboon and Corisco field under the care of the Presbyterian church. She returned home in 1860. Mr. Clemens was returning in 1862, when, about one month out at sea, he died, June 24, of malignant African fever, and was buried in the ocean’s depths, off the island St. Thomas, W. I. She returned as a missionary to Africa, leaving her child with relatives, but was unable to endure the hardships of her service and returned, broken in health, to Xenia in 1866, where, Dec. 2’7, 1866, she died. She was a noble, amiable and cultured woman, by whose life and work all her relatives have been highly honored. An account of one of the fruits of their missionary labor is given in the Assembly Herald, Presbyterian Church, March, 1903.

I. 365 William.

Margaret Jackson-Andrew

102. Jackson-Andrew, Margaret (17); b. in 1826. m.
in 1850, Hugh Milton, son of James Andrew, of Greene Co.,O. She died May, 1853.

I. 366 David J.

James Culbertson Jackson

103. Jackson, James Culbertson (17) ; b. 1828 ; died aged fifteen months.

Anna Jackson-Peters

104. Jackson-Peters, Anna, twin (17) ; b. September 25, 1830 ; m. Dec., 18″72, Joseph Peters. Died July 2?’, 1899, in Nebraska. No issue.
105. Jackson-Clark, Maria Mitchell, twin (17), Parkville, Mo.; b. September 25, 1830. m. January 1, 1861, in Evangasimba, Corisco, W. Africa, Rev. Walter Halsey, son of Nathanael and Hannah (Marsh) Clark, where both had gone as missionaries of the Presbyterian Church. They returned from that field in 1868 and dwelt at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., till 187’0; thence to Ponca, Neb., till 188’7. Since that year at Parkville, Mo. Mr, Clark has spent much of his life as a teacher. Was stated clerk of Platte Presbytery from 1890 to 1899. Graduate of Williams College and Auburn Theological Seminary. In politics has been a “barnburner” Democrat, Republican and Prohibitionist. Mrs. Clark for a few years before her marriage was a teacher.

Children :
I. 367 Walter J.;
II. 368 Anna L.;
III. 369 William R.;
IV. 370 Caroline R.;
V. 371 James G.;
VI. 372 Edgar D.

Lavinia Jackson

106. Jackson Lavinia (17) ; b. July, 1835. Died at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, September, 1855.

Sarah Jackson

107. Jackson, Sarah (17) ; b. July, 183 7 . Died at Xenia, O., Oct. 20, 1860.

Victoria E. Jackson-Stevenson

108. Jackson-Stevenson, Victoria E. (17), R. F. D. 6, Kansas City, Mo.; b. September 7, 1840. m. Sept. 5, 186’7, Ewing F., son of Nicholas and Mary Stevenson. They moved from Ohio to Missouri in 186’7, where in various places they have since resided. Republicans; . farmers; members of the Christian Church. Before her marriage, Mrs. Stevenson was a successful teacher.

I. 373 Ella Von;
II. 374 Montgomery D.;
III. 375 Minnie E.

Ellen M. Jackson-Armstrong-Stevenson

109. Jackson-Armstrong-Stevenson, Ellen M. (17), 801 Electric St., Independence, Mo. m. Nov. 4, 186’7, Mr. John Armstrong, who died of typhoid fever, October, 1868. On Dec. 24, 18’70, she married present husband, A. W. Stevenson. Farmers; Republicans; members of the Christian Church.

Emma Eunice Jackson Currie

110. Jackson-Currie, Emma Eunice (17), Tarkio, Mo. ; b. Sept. 18, 1848. m. 114 George V., son of James and Maria (Mitchell) Currie. See No. 114.

Elizabeth Currie-Duke

111. Currie-Duke, Elizabeth (18) ; b. March 26, 1833. m. about 1859, Andrew G:, son of Thomas and Nancy Duke at Washington, Ia. Removed to Chicago, 1889, and died there June 21, 1905. Mr. Duke served in the 45th Iowa Infantry, Civil War. United Presbyterians.

I. 376 James T.;
II. 377 Agnes M.
III. 378 Sadie S.;
IV. 379 George;
V. 380 Laura A.;
VI.381 Cora.

James Mitchell Currie

112. Currie, James Mitchell (18) ; b. about 1836 ; died in Washington, D. C., 1889. Served with distinction in the 2d Iowa Infantry, Civil War, at close of which he engaged in publishing the Memphis, Tenn., Bulletin. Served as Revenue Collector at Key West and also as a Customs Inspector at Chicago. Unm.

William Currie

113. Currie, William (18); b. about 1840; died, 1843.

George V. Currie

114. Currie, George V. (18), Tarkio, Mo.; b. Jan. 1844. m. April 1, 1874, at Xenia, 110 Emma Eunice Jackson. Early moved to Missouri and have resided on farm, near Tarkio. Farmers; United Presbyterians; Republicans; Prohibitionist. He served in the 25th Iowa Infantry till the end of the war. He was engaged in the battles of Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Taylor’s Ridge, Resacca, Rome. Dalton, Kennesaw, siege of Atlanta, the march to the spa, Jonesboro, and in the Carolinas. On March 28, 1865, he was wounded by gunshot in left thigh; was taken by steamer from Newbern to New York; thence eventually to his home in Washington, Ia.

I. 382 George W.;
II. 383 Fannie M.;
III. 384 David J.;
IV. 385 Alice H.;
V. 386 Andrew H.;
VI.387 Ralph W,

Mary Ellen Mitchell-Bogle

115. Mitchell-Bogle, Mary Ellen (19); b. 1836, at Cedarville. m. in 1857, Col. James S. Bogle. They first lived at Cedarville and afterward at Springfield O., where she died Dec., 1880.

I. 388 Charles L.;
II. 388a Elton S.

Martha Mitchell

116. Mitchell, Martha (19), 482 So. Limestone st., Springfield, Ohio.

James Albert Mitchell

117. Mitchell, James Albert (19); b. about 1880, d. about 1880; Unm.

Alexander V. Mitchell

118. Mitchell, Alexander V. (19) ; died in infancy. small stone marks his grave in the Massie’s creek church yard.

Henry Espy Mitchell

119. Mitchell, Henry Espy (19); b. about 1846, died about 1885. Unm.

Cordelia E. Mitchell-Carter

120. Mitchell-Carter, Cordelia E. (22), 358 E. First So. st., Salt Lake City, Utah; b. at Cincinnati, O., April 8, 1843.

Married April 12, 1864, Thomas Carter. For many years Mr. and Mrs. Carter have lived in Utah. They are Episcopalians and Republicans.

One child:
I. 389 Bertha R.

James Mitchell

121. Mitchell, James (22), 1018 So. 20th st., Omaha, Neb.; b. Nov. 25, 1844, at Cincinnati, O. m. Alpha, dau. of J. W. and Mary Conn, on Feb. 12, 1885. Has lived mainly in Plattsmouth, Neb. Recently moved to Omaha. Carpenter; Republican; Presbyterian. He was a Union soldier in the Civil War.

I. 390 Frances;
II. 391 Howard;
III. 392 Wilma;
IV. 393 Samuel;
V. 394 Thomas;
VI. 395 Kathrine.

Martha Young Mitchell-Irish-Miller

122. Mitchell-Irish-Miller, Martha Young (22); b. in Ohio, August 8, 1848. m. in 1867, William W. Irish, who died about 1871. She married David Miller in 1873. In 1901 they moved to Deadwood, So. Dak. In the fall of 1905, she was taken to the hospital in Lincoln. Here she died Feb. 12, 1906. She was buried at Plattsmouth. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church. The Plattsmouth Journal of Feb.14, 1906, has an extended obituary.

Children by first marriage:
I. 396 May Bird;
II. 397 Frank W.
Children by second marriage:
III. 398 Thomas E., and two others deceased.

Frances L. Mitchell-Murphy
Frances L. Mitchell-Murphy

Frances L. Mitchell-Murphy

123. Mitchell-Murphy, Frances L. (22), Long Beach, Cal. b. July 1, 1850, in Loveland, O. m. about 1869,. Michael B., son of Robert and Catherine Murphy. Lived in Plattsmouth, Neb., till 1892, and then moved to Denver. Since 1901, have resided in California.

I. 399 Charles B.;
II. 400 Willie M.

Charles B. Mitchell

124. Mitchell, Charles B. (22) ; b. 1858, died 1873.

Cynthia Clendenin Mitchell-Seely

125. Mitchell-Seely, Cynthia Clendenin (22) ; b. Aug. 23, 1853. m. June 7, 1874, Carl Theron, son of Dewitt Clinton and Jane Seely. She died at her residence in Madison, Neb., June 8, 189’7. Presbyterian.

I. 401 Verna N.;
II. 402 Paul T.;
III. 403 Thomas C.
(Two others died in childhood.)

George Washington Mitchell

126. Mitchell, George Washington (22), Chadron, Neb.; b. in Loveland, O., February 22, 1855. m. Nov. 27, 1884, Shasta, dau. of Henry C. and Esther (Bevier) Wolph. She died Sept. 29, 1901. Mr. Mitchell is a minister of the Congregational Church and the pastor of the Chadron Academy Church. He is a graduate of Nebraska College, and of Andover Theological Seminary. He has taken much interest in aiding- the establishment of academies and colleges in his state, and is the president of the Board of Trustees of Chadron Academy.

One child:
I. 40-I Clendewin W.

James Mitchell

127. Mitchell, James (21), Beachmont, Revere P. O. Station, Boston, Mass.; b. October 25, 1810. m. Sept. 26, 186, Martha Josephine, dau. of Jacob and Jane N. (McCrumb) Barrick, of Newark. Ohio. She died January 8, 1887. m. July 22, 1889, Ella Frances, dau. of Joseph and Hannah Grinnell (Sanford) Devoll, of New Bedford, Mass.

Attended Greene Go. district schools and Westminster College, Pa. Served as Corporal, Co. E., 12th O. V. L, April-July, 1861. Re-enlisted July, 18112, and was appointed 3d sergeant at muster-in, of 94th O. V. I. Commissioned Second Lieut., to date from battle of Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862. Was in sole command and the only commissioned officer, of his company from May, 1863, to May 14, 1861, when he was wounded by gunshot in left thigh at the battle of Resacca. Commissioned First Lieut., Feb. 18, 1864. After recovering from his wound, he rejoined and took command of his company at Chattahoochee River, but was shortly afterward appointed Aid on the Staff of Brigade Commander. Vas in battle of Peach Tree creek and other engagements around Atlanta. Resigned on surgeon’s certificate of disability, and returned home, Oct., 1864. A history of the regiment has been published. School teacher, 1860-2, Principal of the High School, Newport, Ky., 1865-7; lawyer, Cincinnati, 1867-9; Kansas City, Mo., 1869-74. In Sept., 1874, he entered the Presbyterian ministry and served churches in Kansas, Ohio, Florida and Massachusetts. Is a graduate of Lane Theological Seminary. Was commissioner to the General Assemblies of 1886 and 1903. Is stated clerk of the Presbytery of Boston. Has been connected with the U. S. Customs Service at Boston since Dec. 1, 1899. On Feb. 15, 1875, at Lacygne, Kas., he lost his left hand by gunshot accident while out hunting. Republican. A. M. (Westminster College) ; Ph. D. (Wooster University).

I. 405 James R.;
II. 406 Arthur B.;
III. 407 Ada J.;
IV. 408 Mary F.;
V. 408a Ralph;
VI. 409 Geraldine; none by second marriage.

Jeanette Elizabeth Mitchell

128. Mitchell, Jeanette Elizabeth (24); b. Dec. 14, 1842; lied Oct. 1, 1855, of diphtheria.

Martha Ann Mitchell

129. Mitchell, Martha Ann (24); b. Oct. 4, 1844; died March 10, 1848, of scarlet fever.

Hugh Campbell Mitchell

130. Mitchell, Hugh Campbell (24); b. June 13, 1847; lied September 29, 1855, of diphtheria.

Julia Maria Mitchell

131. Mitchell Julia Maria (24), 18’7’6 Humboldt st., Denver, Col.; b. Aug. 14, 1849.
Teacher; Presbyterian (formerly U. P.) ; Republican and a voter in Colorado. For many years she has been a successful teacher in the public schools of Denver.
132. Mitchell-Vaughn. -Arvilah Mary (24), Albuquerque, N. M.; b. Jan. 3, 1852. m. Sept., 1875, Charles Edward, son of Edward and Mary E. Vaughn, of Kansas City. Residence, Florence, Col., 1875-81; since that time in New Mexico. Mr. Vaughn has for many years been in the service of the Wells, Far go & Co.’s Express. He is an elder in the Presbyterian Church of Albuquerque. Republicans.

I. 410 Etta Julia;
II. 411 Hugh;
III. 412 Adah, and
IV. 413 Kate (twins);
V. 414 Mabel G.;
VI. 415 Helen.

Margaretta Inez Mitchell

133. Mitchell, Margaretta Inez (24) ; b, May 12, 1854, died March 28, 1855.

Adah Lilla Mitchell-Sweetland

134. Mitchell-Sweetland, Adah Lilla (24), Tacoma, Wash.; b. July 8, 1856. m. August 24, 1881, at Silver Cliff, Col., Reginald Scott Sweetland, b. in Devonshire, Eng.; moved to Denver, where Mr. Sweetland engaged in the insurance business. His health failing, they moved to Bellingham, Wash., in 1904. At this place he died January 14, 1906. Since that time Mrs. Sweetland has been engaged in teaching.

I. 41 7 Francis H.;
II. 418 Adalena;
III. 419 Rose H.;
IV. 420 Margaret C.

Kate Belle Mitchell-Devin

135. Mitchell-Devin, Katie Belle (24), Seattle, Wash.; b. March 9, 1859. in. at Cleves, Ohio, Dec. 8, 1881, Bernard Devin, of North Bend, O. They have lived in various places, chiefly Omaha and Lakeside, Wash. He is, a book-keeper, machinist and salesman. Presbyterians ; Republicans.

421 Edgar A.;
422 Bernard;
423 Olive;
424 Gordon S.;
426 Ralph M.;
426 Barker.

136. Levi and Mary (Spencer) Dean. They have lived chiefly in Omaha. Mr. Dean is a farmer and carpenter. United Presbyterians; Republicans.

I. 429 Nellie -AL;
II. 430 Mabel M.;
III. 431 Harry L.;
IV. 432 Margaretta M.

Clara Mitchell Searle

138. Mitchell-Searle, Clara (24) ; b. May 14, 1866. m. Jan., 1893, in Omaha, Lyman Searle, of that city. She died Sept. 10, 1894. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Virginia Mitchell

139. Mitchell, Virginia (25); b. June 21, 1842, died July 29, 1842. Buried in the Massie’s creek graveyard.

Margaret Louisa Mitchell-Glass

140. Mitchell-Glass, Margaret Louisa (25), Broken Bow, Neb.; b. August 21, 1843. m. Feb. 3, 1876, Reuben E., son of James and Mary Glass. She has resided in Nebraska since 1882, on farm. Presbyterian. Mr. Glass served in Co. D., 24th Michigan in the Civil War. He died Oct. 11, 1906. The “Broken Bow Chief” contains an extended notice of his life.

Joanna Inez Mitchell-Shepard

141. Mitchell-Shepard, Joanna Inez (26), 3008 So. Park Ave., Chicago; b. in Cincinnati, Oct. 21, 184l. m. April 7, 1869, George Clement, son of Elias and Eliza Shepard. They moved to Chicago in 1870. For many years Mr. Shepard has been connected with the city’s service in Chicago. Presbyterian.

I. 433 Marion E.;
II. 434 Margaret M.;
III. 435 Inez.

James Josiah Mitchell

142. Mitchell, James Josiah (26), Dayton, O.; b. Jan. 11, 1844. m. April 29, 1876, Sarah Bell, dau. of Abram and Elizabeth Beedle of Troy, O. They resided in Yellow Springs until 1882, since then in Springfield, O. His place of business is in Dayton, where lie is a lumberman, carpenter and conactor. Presbyterian, formerly U. P.; Republican and Prohibitionist. He served three years in Co. D, 44th O. V. L, afterward veteranized in the 8th O. V. V. C. As connected with his army career, Mr. Mitchell mentions some peculiar incidents:-He was captured with five hundred others at the exact hour of his twenty-first anniversary, and by his captors marched through rivers and over the Alleghenies and the Ridge Mountains to Libby prison in the worst blizzard 1864-5. He was born in 44, served in the 44th, and was No. 44on the company roster. He adds also, that at age of 44, he lost his savings in business through the perfidy of a partner. For further incidents in his life, see Appendix.

One child:
I. 436 Harry K.

Anna J. Mitchell-French

143. Mitchell-French, Anna J. (26), Oleander, Cal.;. b. September 21, 1845. m. April 14, 1800, Rev. William H. French, D.D., of the United Presbyterian Church. He has served in the moderator’s chair of the U. P. Synod of Ohio, the Second Synod, the Synod of California, arid the General Assembly. He has held important pastorates in Iberia and Cincinnati, O., Rushville, Ind., and Easton, Cal. Republican and Prohibitionist.

I. 437 Edwin M.;
II. 438 Lizzie May.

William McFarland Mitchell

144. Mitchell, William McFarland (26), Big Sandy, Tenn.; b. Oct. 20, 1851. m. Feb. 1’7, 1881, Ella Belle, dau. of Rev. William Q. Shannon. They have kept their residence in Cedarville, O., since marriage, till 1905, when they moved to Xenia. United Presbyterian; Republican; Mr. Mitchell is engaged as lumberman in Tennessee.

I. 439 Bertha M.;
II. 440 Clara B.;
III. 441 Jennie M.;
IV. 442 Edna F.;
V. 443 Mabel R.;
VI. 444 Fred. E.

Robert Hamill

145. Hamill, Robert (27), was a physician and lived in Chicago. m. Eliza Davidson.

John Hamill

146. Hamill, John (27), was a dentist, residence unknown.

James Hamill

147. Hamill, James (27), married -Margaret Monzinge and moved to Page Co., Iowa. Lived at College Springs. Farmer; United Presbyterian; Republican.

One daughter known:
I. 445 Jeanette DI.

Eveline Hamill-Bigger

148. Hamill-Bigger, Eveline (27). They lived on farm in Sugar Creek tp., Greene Co., O.

Joseph Hamill

149. Hamill, Joseph (27) ; married Leah Creighton, of. Xenia. (There were also a Margaret, Julia, Sarah and Eliza (27). The last named was married to a Mr. Bigger.)

Caroline Collier-Sterritt

150. Collier-Sterritt, Caroline (28) ; m. Pugh Sterritt.

Margaret Collier-Jobe

151. Collier-Jobe, Margaret (28) ; m. Daniel Jobe.

Clarissa Collier-Linkhart

152. Collier-Linkhart, Clarissa (28) ; m. Joseph Linkhart. (There were also, James, David, Ruth, Ira, and Theodore (28) ; record unknown, although letters addressed to Ruth, Yellow Springs, O., have not been returned “uncalled for.”)

David Mitchell Moreland

153. Moreland, David Mitchell (31), Clearfield, Iowa; b. July 7, 1821. m. April 17, 1848, Sarah, dau. of Robert and Elizabeth Bicket Hamill. Resided in Ohio, Illinois, and for many years in Iowa. Farmer, carpenter and joiner; Reformed Presbyterian; Associate Presbyterian and United Presbyterian. Has been a ruling elder in three different congregations and is serving still in that office at Clearfields. Whig, Republican. Mr. Moreland is a great sufferer from severe bodily affliction, and says in his letter of Aug. 27th, 1906, “I may live several years yet, but if it is the Lord’s will, I hope I may be taken home before I become a burden to my friends.” (His hope was fulfilled. He died Nov. 26, 1906).

Children:-795 to 801, supplement.

Margaret Jane Moreland-Mitchell

154. Moreland-Mitchell, Margaret Jane (31) ; m. John Mitchell (not a descendant of David and Margaret). She died many years ago.

Children:-811 to 818, Supplement.

Elizabeth Small-Bell

155. Small-Bell, Elizabeth (32), Hendley, Neb.; b. Feb. 25, 1841. m. Dec. 5, 1865, Thomas, son of Thomas and Margaret Bell. They moved from Illinois to Nebraska in 1880. Mr. Bell served in the 10th I11. Infantry, and was in the famous march to the sea. He is postmaster at Hendley. United Presbyterians; Republicans.

I. 446 Thomas A.:
II. 447 James F.;
III. 448 Cora

Albert Small

156. Small, Albert (32) ; b. about 1825. m. about 1851, Mary Jane Haines, near Cedarville, O., and shortly afterward moved to Henderson County, 111. During the Civil War he was inclined to enlist, but his father James and he agreed that the former should go in his stead and leave the latter to care for his young family. But Albert helped at home to enroll recruits, and in that service had narrow escapes from attacks of the war opposers. (See appendix.) United Presbyterian; Republican.

I. 450 Granville C.;
II. 451 Rebecca;
III. 452 Cora:
IV. 453 James S.;
V. 454 Ella J.;
VI. 455 John C.;
VII. 456 Albert E.;
VIII. 457 William G.;
IX. 458 Annie M.;
X. 459 Carrie B.;
XI. 460 David -Al.;
XII. 461 Frank H.

Amanda Jane Small-Lant

157. Small-Lant, Amanda Jane (32) ; b. March 13, 1822 ; died Jan. 20, 1897. m. Jan. 11, 1854. Wm. Lant, who now lives at Burlington, Ia. Farmers; United Presbyterians; Democrats.

Children:-791 to 794, Supplement. Another. child, Emma J., died in early childhood.

Margaret Small-Trumbill

158. Small-Turnbull, Margaret (32) ; m. William Turnbull; had one child; all deceased.

James Small

159. Small, James (32) ; died 1835 at Cedarville.

Alice, Small-Marshall-Lant

160. Small-Marshall-Lant, Alice (32) ; m. Charles Marshall, by whom she bore three children, all of whom are deceased. He also died, and she married Casper Lant. She died 1880, at Biggsville, where she had chiefly lived after removing from Ohio in 1851. Farmers; United Presbyterians.

Living children:
I. 889 Albert;
II. 890 Lizzie;
III. 891 George.

Sarah Small

161. Small, Sarah (32) ; died in 1852, shortly after removal to Illinois.

Susan Small-McMillan

162. Small-McMillan, Susan (32) ; b. about 1835 ; died Jan. 4, 1903. m. William, son of James and Mary _McMillan. Lived near Biggsville, Ill. United Presbyterians; Republicans.

I. 462 Charles W.;
II. 462a Summer H.;
III. 802 Carrie:
IV. 803 Jennie;
V 04 Mary;
VI. 805 James;
VII. 806 Zetta;
VIII. 807 Jessie;
IX. 808 Herbert I.

Ruth Small-Mahaffey

163. Small-Mahaffey, Ruth (32); m. Aug., 1865, William Mahaffey. She died Aug., 1884.

I. John,
II. Charles.

James Winter

164. Winter, James (33); b. Sept. 30, and died Oct. 21, 1822.

Joseph Winter

165. Winter, Joseph (33); b. Jan. 28, and died June 15, 1823.

William C. Winter

166. Winter, William C. (33); b. Oct. 24, 1824; died March 26, 1896.

Margaret L. Winter-Wade

167. Winter-Wade, Margaret L. (33) ; b. Feb. 6, 1829; m. about 1849, William Wade. She died May 28, 1850. One child, dying in infancy.

Mary A. Winter-Espy

168. Winter-Espy, Mary A. (33) ; b. May a, 1831; m. June 9, 1854, 80 Harvey Adams Espy. She died April 29, 1904.

Children:-See No. 80.

Charles Harvey Winter

169. Winter, Charles Harvey (33), Yellow Springs, O. ; b. Dec. 24, 1834.

James Henderson Winter

170. Winter, James Henderson (33) ; b. May 14, 1857; died March 4, 1857.

John Culbertson Winter

171. Winter, John Culbertson (33) ; b. Jan. 31, 1840. m. Oct. 15, 1868 ; died Oct. 27, 1870.

David Mitchell Winter

172. Winter, David Mitchell (33), Duncanville, Ill.; b. April 11, 1843, near Xenia. m. Feb. 25, 1869, Eliza Jane, dau. of James and Nancy Duncan Ransom; continued his residence in Greene Co., O., till 1866, then removed to Crawford Co., I11.
Farmer; United Presbyterian; Republican.

Mr. Winter served in Co. H, 94th O. V. I., during the Civil War and was with his company in its many battles. He was advanced from private to corporal and sergeant and was mustered out at Washington, D. C., with his regiment.

I. 463 John E.;
II. 464 Ettie M.;
III. 465 Minnie B.;
IV. 466 Luella F.;
V. 467 Harry L.

Harriet Adams

173. Adams, Harriet J. (34), Swanville, Ind.; b. Nov. 13, 1839, near Hanover, Ind., on the farm where she continues to reside. Teaching, with house keeping, has been her chief vocation. United Presbyterian. She has aided the writer very much by giving him information concerning her immediate relatives.

James C. Adams

174. Adams, James C. (34). Died in early childhood, Oct. 17, 1843.

Margaret Adams

175. Adams, Margaret C. (34) ; b. June 7, 1842 ; resided on the home farm till her death July 2, 1888. She was a teacher. United Presbyterian.

Mary A. Adams Cleaver

176. Adams-Clever, Mary A. (34), Fullerton, Cal.; b. May 5, 1844; m. Mar. 24, 1810, John H., son of Simon and removed to California, and are engaged in orange culture.

Mr. Clever served during the civil war in Co. C., 4th Ind. Cavalry. His father, who was in the same company, died at Murfreesboro, 1863. Mrs. Clever was a teacher before marriage. Presbyterians; Republicans.

I. 468 Simon E.;
II. 469 Otis H.

Margaret Louisa Small Tliffe

Margaret Louisa Small Tliffe
Margaret Louisa Small Tliffe

177. Small-Tliffe, Margaret Louisa (35), Cedarville, O.; b. July 29, 1842. m. Dec. 10, 1870, William H., son of Wesley and Sarah Iliffe, at Cedarville, O., where they have since resided. Mr. Iliffe served honorably in the 12th O. V. I. during the Civil War. Reformed Presbyterian; Prohibitionist and W. C. T. U. Mr. Iliffe follows the trade of a mason.

I. 477 Mary K.;
II. 478 Harry S.;
III. 479 Walter C.;
IV. 480 William WT.;
V. 481 Charles E.;
VI. 482 Sadie;
VII. 483 Fannie.

Andrew Eli Small

178. Small, Andrew Eli (35), 402 N. Main st., Urbanna, O., b. Dec. 10, 1846. m. Oct. 26, 1870, Martha E., dau. of Daniel and Jane McMillan. They resided in Cedarville till 1889, and then moved to Springfield, O., where they have since resided. Farmer; Reformed Presbyterian; Republican.
He served one year during the Civil War in Co. A, 185th O. V. I.

I. 484 Luella;
II. 485 Irene;
III. 486 David L.;
IV. 487 James A.;
V. 488 Helen;
VI. 489 Florence.

James Adams Turnbull

179. Turnbull, James Adams (37); b. Dec. 22, 1825 ; died about 1853. unm. He was an excellent teacher, and founder of the Cedarville Academy, having received his education in Thomas Steele’s Academy, Xenia, O. The writer was one of Mr. Turnbull’s pupils and received from him an impetus for learning that has been a help to him through his whole life.

Ruth Turnbull-Nichol

180. Turnbull-Nichol, Ruth (37), twin with James A., b. Dec. 22, 1825. m. in 1848, John Nichol; died June 12, 1849.

Elizabeth Turnbull

180a. Turnbull, Elizabeth (3 r); b. Oct. 6, 1827; died July 20, 1849.

Samuel Kyle Turnbull

181. Turnbull, Samuel Kyle (37), Cedarville, O.; b. Aug. 19, 1829. m. June 19, 1857, Katherine, dau. of John and Kezia Funston. Resided on farm till 1895, then moved into town. Farmer and stock raiser Democrat-Temperance.

I. 490 Flora;
II. 491 John E.;
III. 492 Fannie;
IV. 493 Melba H.

Margaret Ann Turnbull

182. Turnbull, Margaret Ann (37); b. Aug. 4, 1831; died 1833.

William Turnbull

182a. Turnbull, William (37); b. Aug. 8, 1833 ; m. Feb. 7, 1867, Sarah, dau. of Alex. and Mary Gaines’. Farmer and stock raiser. He died Oct. 10, 1870. His widow survived him till 1890.

I. 494 Stella R.

Joseph Sterret Turnbull

183. Turnbull, Joseph Sterret (37) ; b. Oct. 20, 1835. m. Mary Ann Spencer, who died in 1885 or ’86. m. Martha Ann Creswell, who survives him, he having died May 2, 1900. She resides at Jamestown, Ohio.

Alexander Turnbull

184. Turnbull, Alexander (37), Cedarville, O. ; b. Jan. 24, 1838. m. Dec. 16, 1863, Jane, dau. of John and Sarah Barber, who died. m. Aug. 5, 1897, Mrs. Sarah Humphries-Barber, dau. of Joseph and Martha Humphries. Farmer and stockraiser ; United Presbyterian; Democrat. He was Orderly Sergeant, Co. D, 12th O. V. L, June, 1861, to June, 1863.

I. 883 Effie H.;
II. 884 Rachel;
III. 885 Frank B.;
IV. 886 William A.;
V. 887 Annie M.

John Turnbull

185. Turnbull, John (37) ; b. April 10, 1840. m. Josephine Kyle, in the early sixties. He was a successful physician at Monmouth, I11., and then at Bellbrook, O. Died July 19, 1903.

Two children; names unknown.

Thompson Turnbull

187. Turnbull, Thompson. Real Estate and Insurance. Has been devoted to farming and fruit growing. United Presbyterian; Republican. An elder and trustee in the Oakland United Presbyterian Church. Has served as J. P., and in various governmental positions. See appendix.

I. 495 Daisy B.;
II. 495a Emma and others. See supplement, 898 to 904.

Rachel Turnbull-Smiley

187. Turnbull-Smiley, Rachel (37); b. Aug., 1847. m. Mr. Smiley in 1866 ; died Feb., 1873, leaving two sons.

Robert Currie Turnbull

188. Turnbull, Robert Currie (37); b. Oct. 1, 1851; died Jan. 1, 1858.

Catherine Gurnbull-Greir

189. Turnbull-Greir, Catherine (39); b. Feb. 20, 1838. m. April 12, 1860, Alexander Grier, M. D.; died the following July. She was an unusually bright and capable woman; was an excellent teacher, which she became at age 16. United Presbyterian.

Isabelle Turnbull

190. Turnbull, Isabelle (39); b. September 26, 1839 ; died Oct. 28, 1902. United Presbyterian. She was a fine teacher and a mathematician, and possessed of a very charitable and admirable disposition. Always resided in Cedarville, O.

Nancy Turnbull-Winter

191. Turnbull-Winter, Nancy (39), Cedarville, O. b.  April 28, 1841. in. April 1, 1868, Andrew, son of Andrew and Hannah (Baxter) Winter. He was a physician and surgeon. United Presbyterians; Republicans. Dr. Winter died July, 1891. Her residence has been always in Cedarville.

I. 496 Elizabeth B.;
II. 497 Isabelle M.;
III. 498 Andrew.

Thomas Turnbull

192. Turnbull, Thomas H. (39); died in infancy.

Mary Kyle

193. Kyle, Mary (40); b. Aug. 23, 1834; died March 28, 1852.

Ruth Anna Kyle-Bickett

194. Kyle-Bickett, Ruth Anna (40), Xenia, O. ; b. April 24, 1831. m. Jan 18, 1882, Adam Reynolds, son of William R. Bickett. Farmers; United Presbyterians; Republicans.

Mr. Bickett served in the 174th O. V. L, “One Hundred Days’ Service,” in the Civil War. Has served as elder in his church for the past thirty years.

Alexander Cassil Kyle

195. Kyle, Alexander Cassil (40), Cedarville, O. ; b. August 7, 1839. m. Mrs. Sarah McCollum on Nov. 26, 1896. Mr. Kyle served during the Civil War in the 34th O. V. I.; was wounded; after expiration of three years’ term, he reenlisted in a Massachusetts regiment, and was on duty at Washington, D. C., when the Surratt conspirators were executed.

Jane Elizabeth Kyle-Hicks

196. Kyle-Hicks, Jane Elizabeth (40), Beloit, Kansas; b. Jan. 4, 1842. m. Jan. 8, 18’73, James W., son of James and Mary Hicks. Mrs. Hicks before mariage went to Kansas in 1868, and was for some time a teacher. After marriage first settled in Osborne County, that state, in 1881 moved to Beloit, Mitchell Co. Farmers; Presbyterians; formerly United Presbyterians; Republicans.

Children, all graduates of the Beloit High School:
I. 499 Samuel A.;
II. 500 Joseph K.;
III. 501 James;
IV. 502 Albert;
V. 503 William E;
VI. 504 Agnes A.

Samuel Adams Kyle

197. Kyle, Samuel Adams (40); b. Dec. 6, 1843. He enlisted in the 34th O. V. L, and was in several battles in Virginia. At Cedar Creek, while on picket duty, at 3 a. m., Oct. 19, he with thirty-three others was taken captive by Early’s troops and imprisoned at Saulsbury, and was the sole one of them who survived long enough to return home. After a general exchange of prisoners at Annapolis, his father went after him and brought him home. On his arrival at Cedarville, April 5, 1865, he was so emaciated from his sufferings in prison that his condition excited the pity of his comrades, and roused them to threats of vengeance. He lingered until July 19, following, when his brave spirit passed away.

Joseph Kyle D.D.

198. Kyle, Joseph, D.D. (40), Xenia, O. b. Nov. 20, 1849. m. Oct. 14, 1880, Ella M., dau. of William and Sarah B. (Grove) Barnett. She died in 1897. m. June 7, 1900, Marion L., dau. of Alexander and Jane M. (Taggart) Brown. Dr. Kyle is a minister of the United Presbyterian Church. His pastorates were at Springfield, O., from Jan. 1877, to Sept., 1891; Allegheny, Pa., Sept., 1891, to Sept., 1899 ; when he entered upon his duties as professor of systematic theology in the U. P. Theological Seminary at Xenia.

I. 505 Joseph;
II. 506 Alexander B.;
III. 507 Marion B.

John Kennedy Kyle

199. Kyle, John Kennedy (40) ; b. Feb. 26, 1851; died July 1, 1877.

Leah Martin Kyle

200. Kyle, Leah Martin (40) ; b. July 23, 1853 ; died July 19, 1881.

Rachel Kyle-Cresswell

201. Kyle-Cresswell, Rachel (40), R. F. D. 1, Cedarville, O. ; b. Feb. 18, 1855. m. Nov. 26, 1896, Andrew Hereon, son of Samuel and Eliza Cresswell. Farmer; Reformed and United Presbyterian.

Ruth A. Kyle-Collins

202. Kyle-Collins, Ruth A. (41) ; b. June, 183’7. m. Oct. 3, 1865, James, son of Archibald and Elinor Collins, of Greene Co., O. She died Nov. 6, 1900. Farmers; United Presbyterians. Always resided near Xenia.

I. 508 E. Edith;
II. 509 A. Ralph;
III. 510 Foster K.;
IV. 511 M. Abna ;
V. 512 Grace.

Lydia Kyle-Ferguson

203. Kyle-Ferguson, Lydia (41), Xenia, O.; b. Aug. 20, 1840. m. Oct. 20, 1864, Wm. Alexander Ferguson. Lived on farm, north east of Xenia till 1905, when they moved into Xenia. United Presbyterians; Republicans.

I. 512a Jessie;
II. 513 Neil;
III. 514 D. Walter;
IV. 515 Lillian;
V. 516 J. Fulton.

Elizabeth Kyle-Raney

204. Kyle-Raney, Elizabeth (41), Cedarville, O.; b. Dec. 30, 1842. m. Oct. 11, 1892, Samuel, son of James and Martha Raney. United Presbyterians; Republicans.

Ellen Kyle

205. Kyle, Ellen (41) ; b. April 12, 1845 ; died Jan. 8, 1865.

Mary J. Kyle-Bratton

206. Kyle-Bratton, Mary J. (41), Xenia, O. ; b. June 4, 1847. m. James C., son of James and Jeanette Ferguson Bratton. United Presbyterians.

I. 517 Howard;
II. 517a Eleanor.

Samuel Clark Kyle

207. Kyle, Samuel Clark (41), Valisca, Iowa; b. March 7, 1849. Farmer; Presbyterian; formerly U. P.; Republican.

William J. Kyle

208. Kyle, William J. (41), Xenia, O.; b. March 7, 1849. m. Anna, dau. of Joseph and Mary (Bratton) Hamill. Farmer; United Presbyterian; Republican.

I. 518 David M.;
II. 519 Mary.

David C. Kyle

209. Kyle, David C. (42), Washington, Iowa. b. April 30. 1811, one-half mile S. of Cedarville, O. m. Sept. 1’7, 1863, Joanna, dau. of Dr. Joseph Addison and Sarah (Mooney) Kyle. She died Jan. 16, 1900. in. Oct. 1, 1903, Mary Anna Chalmers, of Newberry, S. C. Mr. Kyle says that his first wife was a cousin on his father’s side, and his second, the same on his mother’s side of the family. In Aug., 1865, he moved to Washington, Iowa; in Aug., 1874, to Albany, Oregon; in July, 1876, back to Washington. Civil Engineer; County Surveyor, 20 years; Covenanter; United Presbyterian ; Methodist Episcopal; Democrat. Enlisted, June 2’7, 1861, and served in the “three months” call during the Civil War. Has served as Mayor, Justice of the Peace, Assessor.

I. 529 Thomas C.;
II. 530 Helen;
III. 531 Carrie;
IV. 532 Catherine C.;
V. 633 Frances;
VI. 534 Ettah;
VII. 636 James M.;
VIII. 636 David;
IX. 537 Joseph A.
X. 638 Joanna;
XI. 639 Jeanette.

Margaret Mitchell White

210. Kyle-White, Margaret Mitchell (42), 1734 N. Capitol st., Washington, D. C.; b. May 5, 1843, near Cedarville, O. m. June 14, 1866, Robert, son of William and Mary A. White. Mr. White is a Presbyterian Minister, but for presidency in a Presbyterial Mission Society and in the V’. C. T. U. of the 7th Ohio District and has been active in church and benevolent work. Prohibitionist. Mrs. -White was received into membership of the Daughters of the Revolution, Nov. 17, 1906, through the Kyle line.


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