Genealogy of Marion Marvin Spracklin

Marvin M. Spracklin, son of George Spracklin and Arloa Turner Minor, remained a resident of Shelby County, Illinois for the rest of his life. On October 13, 1870 he married Mary Elizabeth Deal, daughter of Elias and Francis Elizabeth Broyles Deal. In 1877 Marvin became “our new groceryman, (had) adopted for his motto ‘quick sales and small profits,’ in consequence of which together with his affable nature and genial smiles, he (had) already secured for himself his full share of ‘public patronage’.” In 1906 Marvin had another occasion to smile since he had entered the Shelbyville Democrat office “Tuesday noon wearing a broad smile ‘the which won’t come off.’ Another grandboy to trot on his knee. The youngster (had) arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Murray early Tuesday morning and (tipped) the beam at ten pounds.”

By 1918 Marvin and his wife owned six acres in Section 20 Cowden Township. Shortly thereafter they moved to Shelbyville, Illinois. Toward their later years in life, a surprise birthday dinner was given for Mrs. Spracklin’s 75th birthday. “Sixty-four of her relatives and friends gathered at the Spracklin home at noon. Among those present were her two brothers and their wives, Mr. and Mrs. James Deal of Lakewood, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Deal and son Leon of St. Elmo; a sister, Mrs. Joseph Forsyth of Tower Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Spracklin of Tower Hill were present. A good time was reported by all and they departed wishing Mrs. Spracklin many more happy birthdays.

Marvin M. Spracklin “passed away at his home in this city (Shelbyville) at 3:15 o’clock Friday afternoon, after being bedfast for thirteen months of paralysis. He was born in Ohio October 6, 1847, but came to Shelby County with his parents about 55 years ago. He made his home on a farm near Lakewood until ten years ago when he moved to Shelbyville. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. George Spracklin.

In 1870, Mr. Spracklin was married to Mary E. Deal. To this union ten children were born. One daughter, Dora, died in infancy. The surviving children are Mrs. Addie Hagan, Mrs. Mary Tull and Mrs. Bertha Phelps, all of Shelbyville; Miss Sarah Spracklin, Jacksonville; Mrs. Stella Jones, Cowden; John Spracklin, Shelbyville; George Spracklin, Cowden; Grover Spracklin, Mt. Auburn and Arthur Spracklin of Gays. He is also survived by his wife who is quite ill.

Funeral services were conducted from the home on North Third Street at 2 pm Sunday afternoon with Rev. Blankenship officiating.

Those in charge of flowers were Edith Murray, Elrose Spracklin, Fern Jones Ruby Spracklin Verl Spracklin and Dorothy Hagan. The pail bearers were Richard Murray, Vern Hagan, Marion Spracklin, Glen Jones, Wilmer Hagan and Charles Simmons. A quartet–Mrs. Augusta Hankins, Mrs. Inez Meloon, Gus Pundt and Clair Storm–sang. Burial was at Glenwood Cemetery.”

In August 1933, the sixth Spracklin reunion was held in Shelbyville, Illinois. It read ‘about 125 relatives and friends were present. There were 38 families from 17 cities and villages represented. From Kenton, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. John Holycross, Mr. and Mrs. George Fields; from Mahomet, Illinois, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Sarver; Kansas, Mr. Willa Dush; Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hockaday, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Banning and Mr. and Mrs. Omer A. Brant.”

Three months later November 1933, Mary Elizabeth Deal Spracklin died. Her obituary read:

“Mrs. Mary Spracklin passed away at 12:50 Saturday morning at the home of Mrs. Addie Hagan east of town. She had been in failing health for the past year. The body was removed to Lantz Brothers Mortuary.

Mrs. Spracklin was 78 years old, and had spent most of her life in (Shelby County).

Her husband, M. M. Spracklin, passed away September 30, 1932. She leaves nine children. She also leaves a sister, Mrs. Lucy Forsyth of Tower Hill, and two brothers James Deal of Lakewood and Robert Deal of St. Elmo.

Funeral services were conducted from the Shelbyville Church of Christ at 1:30 pm Monday afternoon, with Rev. Ed Bowman in charge, assisted by Rev. Ditrick.

Flowergirls were granddaughters. Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery.”

304 Marvin Marion Spracklin born 6 Oct. 1847 Hardin Co., Ohio married 13 Oct. 1870 Mary Elizabeth Deal born Sept. 1855 Virginia died Nov. 1933 Shelby Co. ,Ill. died 30 Sept. 1932 Shelby Co., I11.

Children of Marvin Marion Spracklin and Mary Elizabeth Deal:

  1. 438 Addie Spracklin born 31 July 1871 Shelby Co., Ill. married John Hagan (1863-1949) died Sept. 9, 1950 Shelby Co., Ill.
    1. 563 Lola Hagan married Clarence Gatton 6 children
    2. 564 Gertie Hagan married Bill Myers
      1. 628 Edward Myers
      2. 629 Lawrence Myers
      3. 630 Ernest Myers
      4. 631 Frances Myers
    3. 565 Wilmer Hagan
    4. 566 Vern Hagan
    5. 567 Rena Hagan married Lowe
    6. 568 Lena Hagan married Lowe
    7. 569 Chester Hagan married Pearl
      1. 632 Robert C. Hagan
      2. 633 Chester C. Hagan
    8. 570 Dorothy Hagan married Mansfield
  2. 439 Sadie Spracklin born 25 Fe b. 1876 Shelby Co., Ill. died 24 May 1940 Morgan Co., Ill. never married
  3. 440 John Vinson Spracklin born 2 Feb. 1879 Shelby Co., Ill. married 10 April 1907 Cora Domas died 1960 Shelby Co., Ill, died 1964 Shelby Co., Ill.
    1. 571 Marion Joseph Spracklin born 16 Jan. 1908 Shelby Co., Ill. died 14 Dee, 1962 Shelby Co., Ill. never married
    2. 572 Domas Spracklin born 1918 Shelby Co., Ill. never married
    3. 573 Francis Paul Spracklin married Ethel Starkey
      1. 633 Daniel Spracklin
      2. 634 David Spracklin
      3. 635 John Edgar Spracklin
      4. 636 Philip Spracklin
    4. 574 John G. Spracklin married Alice Bingham
      1. 637 Judy Spracklin
      2. 638 Barbara Spracklin
      3. 639 Cathy Spracklin
      4. 640 Denise Spracklin
    5. 575 Bernard Spracklin married Joann Neiburgge
      1. 641 Mike Spracklin
      2. 642 Mary Spracklin
      3. 643 Julie Spracklin
      4. 644 Janet Spracklin
      5. 645 Martha Spracklin
    6. 576 Marie Spracklin married Kenneth Y. York
      1. 646 Shirley York
      2. 647 Barbara York
    7. 577 Ella Rose Spracklin married 2. Jim Fuller
      1. 648 Jim Fuller married 1. Ed Jones
      2. 649 Larry Jones
      3. 650 Judy Jones
    8. 578 Virginia Spracklin married M. .A. Lombard
      1. 651 George Lombard
      2. 652 Marilyn Lombard died young
      3. 653 Margie Lombard
      4. 654 Richard Lombard
      5. 655 Dennis Lombard
      6. 656 Collette Lombard
      7. 657 Genieve Lombard
      8. 658 Frances Lombard
      9. 659 Tommy Lombard
  4. 441 Mary Spracklin born 9 March 1884 Shelby Co., Ill. married 1. 1904 William E. Murray
    1. 579 Richard Murray
    2. 580 William Murray
      married 2. 1921 Frank B. Tull
    3. 581 Emory Tull
    4. 582 Franklin Tull
    5. 583 Robert Tull
    6. 584 Nellie Tull married Trout
    7. 585 Edith Tull married Woods
    8. 586 Bernadine Tull married Compton
    9. 587 Evelyn Tull
  5. 442 Stella Spracklin born Jan. 1887 married 1906 Chester C. Jones died 8 Dec. 1956 Shelby Co., I11.
    1. 588 Faye Jones married William Allsop
      ch: Charles, Dale, Carl, Lloyd, Lee, Ralph, Don, Roger, Patricia
    2. 589 Chester P. Jones married Ordella Wiley
      ch: Kenneth D. and Judy Cowgill
    3. 590 Glenn L. Jones
      ch: Nancy, Marianne, Glenn Earl
    4. 591 Melba Jones married A Price
    5. 592 Fern Jones married
    6. 593 Linda Jones
    7. 594 Beulah Jones married David Stewardson
  6. 443 Bertha Spracklin born 14 Sept. 1895 Shelby Co., Ill. married 2 March 1914 Luther Phelps born 17 Feb. 1895 died Nov. 1960 Shelby Co., Ill. died 10 Feb. 1969 Shelby Co., Ill.
    1. 595 Cecil Phelps. Married 1. Marie McCoy,
      ch: Cecil, Jr., Delores
      married 2. Pauline Cutler
      ch: Philip, Carol Ann, Shelia
    2. 596 Gene Phelps married Barb Woods
      ch: Jenny, Cathy, Vicky, Terri, Russell
    3. 597 Adrian Phelps married Owen Mulvaney
      ch: Chris, Alan Lee, Jeff
    4. 598 Charles Phelps married Earlene Mathias
      ch: Charles Jr.
    5. 599 Herbert Phelps married Ruby Cruit
      ch: Mike
    6. 500 Irma Phelps married Jack Atkinson
      ch: Becky, Pam, Debbie, Dennis
    7. 501 Betty Phelps, married 1. Clark Reed
      ch: Joanna, Jerry
      2. Orin Stephens
    8. 502 Dale Phelps died in infancy
  7. 444 George Elias Spracklin born 14 July 1881 Shelby Co., Ill. married 29 March 1903 Grace B. Austin born 5 Sept. 1883 Henry Co., Mo, died 27 June 1971 Champaign Co., Ill. died 6 Feb. 1964 Morgan Co., Ill.
  8. 445 Grover M. Spracklin born 1890 Shelby Co., Ill. married Grace Ida Austin died 22 Nov. 1979 Christian Co., Ill.
    1. 503 Robert Spracklin
    2. 504 Kenneth Spracklin
    3. 505 Mary Spracklin married Edwards
  9. 446 Arthur Spracklin married May Brown
    1. 506 Ray Spracklin
    2. 507 Ina Spracklin
  10. 447 Dora Spracklin died in infancy

Sources for the Genealogy of Marion Marvin Spracklin:

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  • Domas Spracklin
  • Betty Stephens



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