Biography of William Horlick, Jr.

It is too often true that successful business men seem to find no time for public affairs and lightly regard the duties and obligations of citizenship. A notable exception to this rule and one whose example is well worthy of emulation is that of William Horlick, Jr., who, while actively connected with the management and interests of the Horlick Malted Milk Company, has also found time and opportunity for co-operation in those plans and projects which have to do with the development and upbuilding of the community in which he lives. He was born in Chicago, in 1875, a son of William and Arabella Horlick, and after attending the public schools continued his studies in Racine College, which constituted his preliminary preparation for life’s practical and responsible duties. Soon afterward he began his life work as an assistant of his father in the development of the business known the world over under the name of the Horlick Malted Milk Company. Resuming his studies he spent several terms as a student of applied science, division of engineering, at King’s College, London, England, during 1898, 1899 and 1900, thus splendidly equipping himself for the further conduct of most extensive and important business interests.

In 1900 William Horlick made an extended European tour, also visiting Egypt and the Holy Land, and soon after his return, as recognition of his industry, close application and resourcefulness in business, he was elected secretary of the Horlick Malted Milk Company, and to the duties of that position, manifold and intricate, he has since devoted his attention.

Mr. Horlick is well known in fraternal circles in Racine, having long been a member of the Knights of Pythias, the Elks and the Masons and in the last named organization he has reached the thirty-second degree of the Scottish Rite and is also a member of the Mystic Shrine. In politics he is independent. He is well informed, broad-minded and a close observer of men and of business conditions. His ability is recognized by all and especially by those who know him best and his friends and admirers have called upon him for various public services. He has been particularly active in support of the cause of education and for many years has occupied the position of school director. In his nature there is nothing neither narrow nor contracted. A truly generous and enterprising business man of the highest type, he is a credit to the community and his record reflects honor upon the district which has honored him.



Racine County Wisconsin History: Racine Belle City of the lakes and Racine County Wisconsin a record of settlement organization progress and achievement. SJ Clarke Pub Co. Chicago. 1916. 1216 pgs.

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