Silver City Owyhee Idaho Avalanche

Their names were:

  • Michael Jordan
  • A. J. Miner
  • G. W. Chadwick
  • Cyrus Iba
  • William Phipps
  • Joseph Dorsey
  • Jerome Francisco
  • John Moore
  • J. R. Cain
  • W. Churchill
  • H. R. Wade
  • A. J. Reynolds
  • James Carroll
  • William Duncan
  • Dr A. F. Rudd
  • F. Height
  • W. L. Wade
  • John Gannon
  • M. Conner
  • C. Ward
  • H. W. Prindall
  • D. P. Banes
  • O. H. Purdy
  • J. G. Boone
  • W. T. Carson
  • P. H. Gordon
  • L. G. Gehr
  • and 3 others.

In the Silver City Owyhee Avalanche of Jan. 8, 1876, is a notice of the death of Alexander Eddington, an Englishman aged 60, a ‘pioneer of Owyhee,’ who may have been of third party.

In Ballou’s Adventures, MS., Jordan’s name is given as J. P. Jordan. H. K. Wade, who was the first treasurer-elect of Owyhee co., died in 1863.

William Duncan died in 1873 or 1874 in Nevada.

J. R. Cain settled in Boise Valley.

F. Height and G. Iba settled in Utah.

O. H. Purdy remained in Owyhee County, and wrote an account of these matters on the twelfth anniversary of the discovery of the Owyhee mines, in Owyhee Silver City Avalanche, May 22, 1875.

Peter McQueen, ‘one of the pioneers of the Owyhee mines,’ was killed Jan. 26, 1864, by the caving in of a tunnel on which he was working near Bannack City. ‘McQueen was formerly from Wellsville, Ohio, in Columbiana County, and was 36 years of age.’ He had returned from Owyhee to spend the winter at Boise working a claim he held at the mouth of Pearce Gulch. Boise News, Jan. 30, 1864.

Michael Jordan and James Carroll were killed by Indians.

Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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