Biographical Sketch of Noah S. Kellogg

NOAH S. KELLOGG. – This renowned prospector, whom Fortune has singled out as her favorite from among many thousands, was born in Ohio in 1829. In 1852 he began the journey across the plains, reaching Council Bluffs that year, and coming on to Portland, Oregon, in 1853. He terminated his trip at the Sound the same season. The next year he engaged in lumbering at Port Gamble, and continued in that business until 1870, spending one year, 1860, in the Boise basin.

Since 1870 Mr. Kellogg has devoted the most of his attention to mining, traveling in British Columbia, California and Mexico prospecting and gathering mining information. In 1888 he went to the Coeur d’Alene country and became part owner of the Bunker Hill and Sullivan mines, which were sold in 1887 to S.G. Reed for the sum of one million, five hundred thousand dollars. Professor Clayton’s report on these mines shows that, besides the twenty-five thousand tons of ore already taken out, there are now in sight above two hundred and fifty thousand tons. Mr. Kellogg is interested in several other mines which he has discovered prospectively of equal value, and is now actively engaged in developing them.

There is nothing in recent mining history more interesting than the exploits and successes of Mr. Kellogg in the field of prospecting.



History of the Pacific Northwest Oregon and Washington. 2 v. Portland, Oregon: North Pacific History Company. 1889.

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