Sumter County Volunteers – Americus Georgia

J. A. S. TURNER, Captain.
0. C. HORNE, 1st Lieutenant.
J. COTTLE, 2d Lieutenant.
S. P. WOODWARD, 1st Sergeant.
N. N. THOMPSON, 2d Sergeant.
L. T. TAYLOR, 3d Sergeant.
G. HUGHES, 4th Sergeant.
H. EDWARDS, 1st Corporal.
C. H. COTTLE, 2d Corporal.
M. S. THOMPSON, 3d Corporal.
W. A. ELKINS, 4th Corporal.


Jeremiah B. Ansley
Thomas J. Aiken
James T. Ballard
Joshua Boyd
Salathiel Buckner
John Burgess
Abner B. Conner
William J. Connier
Norman Carmichael
Elias Clarke
John Clarke
William B. Chandler
John M. Cauthen
Uriah Collpm
William Champion
George W. Compton
Shadrick Crawford
Daniel J. Derrizeaux
George Derrizeaux
Franklin Duvan
Jacob Duckworth
Richard O. Echolls
James Fudge
William Goodson
John B. Gibson
William K. Gilmore
Robert R. Golding
Charles Graham
James H. Hefting
William Hardy
John H. Horne
John W. Haugabook
John A. Hunter
Sylvester Hewitt
Hugh G. Ivy
Bradford Johnston
Jeremiah Jackson
William P. Jourdan
James Jackson
James Lewis
Rasco Lepsey
John G. McDonald
Joseph McMath
Jacob McNair
John J. Murphy
Jefferson Morris
John Morris
Jefferson Montgomery
Milus F. Noland
Jacob Newman
Albert Peddy
Joshua Richards
James Richards
Samuel Smith
Abram R. Smith
Daniel Smith
James R. Smith
John D. Smith
Wesley A. Smith
Henry J. Smith
Albert Sorrell
Oliver N. Stewart
James Seahorn
Franklin Singleton
Norban T. Taylor
James J. Tompkins
John Taylor
David Turner
Albert T. White
George M. Welda
Barton P. Wright
William Walker
Joel Walker
James Zachary

John McDonald
Richard Griggs

Collection: Georgia Volunteers for the War with Mexico.

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1 thought on “Sumter County Volunteers – Americus Georgia”

  1. Pvt. Joshua Richards is my Great Great Grandfather. He is buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery in Lake City, Florida.
    My questions is: Was the Sumter County Volunteers involved in any engagements during the war and were they under General Scott or General Taylor.

    Mike Richards

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