Richmond Blues – Augusta Georgia

D. W. DILL, Captain.
J. PHINIZY, 1st Lieutenant.
A. H. MCLAWES, 2d Lieutenant.
W. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant.
D. D. MCMURPHY, 2d Sergeant.
R. H. RINGGOLD, 3d Sergeant.
J. F. GLOVER, 4th Sergeant.
S. JOHNSON, 1st Corporal.
H. BAKER, 2d Corporal.
A. PHILLIP, 3d Corporal.
G. GORDON, 4th Corporal.

Francis Agnew
Benjamin Ansley
William Archy
R. H. Bush
John Bradey
R. D. Bridges
John Batly
J. W. Berry
P. Barret
J. M. Brown
John ‘PV. Conklin
James Callahan
F. C. Cattinet
Joseph M. Collins
Washington Collins
Milton Cawley
Timothy Crawley
John C. Colo
Patrick Cole
M. M. Copeland
N. M. Drummond
William Dye
Matthew Doyle
C. Donovan
M. Dolon
Willq,in Darby
William Dickson
John Evans
Thomas Farrell
Alfred Guthrie
Thomas Guideron
John Griffin
Michael Gaffney
T. Gallagher
James Hickey
William S. Hawthorne
E. H. Holliday
T. Haley
James M Jennings
A. J. Knox
T. Little
William Larkin
James Lamar
James Lynch
John P. McKenzie
Thomas McPherson
Briton Mims
Andrew Michell
Terrance McGuire
Robert Musgrove
John F. Markee
W. Medlar
R. W. Murray
T. McCabe
Martin O’Riley
William Oaks
William Pardue
F. D. Pettagrew
Bernard Rowe
F. E. Roathe
J. Ridde
L A. G. Roberts
James J. R. Roper
J. E. Richardson
James Riley
Matetsew Smith
George Shannon
J. D. Salmons
Lewis Sumner
Willis Seay
Thomas Tobin
J. W. Taylor
Lewis Vanzandt
Jas. Wolfing
Samuel Wilcox
William Wiivox
J. S. Wright
W. Williamson
V. W. Watkins
George W. Wheeler

J. J. Hubbard
M. McGovern

Collection: Georgia Volunteers for the War with Mexico.

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