Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1768 Baptisms

Israel, son of Nicholas Schubtrein and Anna Mary his wife, was born in the night between Aug. 23-24, 1768, and baptized the 24th. Sponsors were Joseph Schubtrein, who was represented by Israel Leimberger, and Mary Schubtrein, the wife of the aforementioned Joseph Schubtrein.

Hannah, daughter of John Lastinger and his wife Anna Barbara, was born Aug. 25, 1768, and baptized the same day. Sponsors were Frederick Lackner and Johanna Christiana Lackner.

Solomon, son of John Jacob Kiefer and Dorothea his wife, was born and baptized Aug. 29, 1768. Sponsors were Solomon Zant and his wife Elizabeth and David Steiner.

John Lewis Wietmann’s wife gave birth to a still-born daughter, Sept. 14, 1768. May God comfort both parents.

Joshua, son of John Gugel and his wife Anna Mary, was born Sept. 28, 1768, and baptized the 29th. Sponsors were Ruprecht Zimmerebener, Christopher Kraemer and his wife.

Agnesia, daughter of Lucas Ziegler and Salome his wife, was born Sept. 27, 1768, and baptized the 29th. Sponsors were George Faul and Rebecca his wife and Agnes, the wife of Casper Waldhauer.

Thomas, son of Josias Dickson & his Wife, was born the 12th of Febry., 1768 at Hogeechy & was baptized the 13th of Octobr., 1768. The Mother only became Surety as the Father was unwell.

Sarah, Daughter of Aaron More & Grace his Wife, was born the 21st of June, 1768, & baptized the 17th of Octobr., 1768. The Parents themselves are Sureties.

John, a Negro boy born to Simon Reuter, was baptized Nov. 9, 1768. Simon Reuter and his daughter Hannah took the place of sponsors.

Sarah, Daughter of Charles Hudson & his Wife Mary, was born the 30th Day of Augst. in the Parish of St. Matthew in the Year 1768, & baptized the 10th of Novr., 1768. The Mother only was present as a Godmother.

Randolph, son of Philip Singleton & his Wife Nancy, is born the 6th of Nov., 1768, & baptized on the first Day of Decr. Godfather was Benjamin Watson & the Mother aforenamed Mother of the Child.

Mary Margaret, child of John George Zittrauer and his wife Catharine, was born and baptized Dec. 2, 1768. Sponsors were Mr. John Caspar Wertsch, represented by Samuel Kraus, and his wife Hannah Elizabeth and Miss Fredericka Ma Gronau.

Judith, daughter of John Remshardt and Anna Margaret his wife, was born Dec. 10, 1768, and baptized the 11th. Sponsors were Samuel Kraus and Judith his wife and Mary Magdalene Gruber.

Up to this point the number has been reported.

Margaret, a Negro girl belonging to the children of Kiefer, was born Dec. 10, 1768, and baptized the 22nd. Sponsors were Solomon Zant and his wife Elizabeth.

William, Son of Clement Martin, Esqr. and Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson, is born the 13th of Novr., 1768 at Aber-corn & baptized the 27th Decr., 1768. The Parents stood Godfather & Godmother.

John, Son of Nicolaus Horton & Polly Goepel, is born the 12th of Novr., 1768 & baptized on the 31st of Decr., 1768. Godfather stood Thomas Lloyd for William Wylly & Nicols. Horton for John Stirck & the Mother of the Child stood Godmother.

Voigt, A. G. Ebenezer Record Book: Containing Early Records of Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Effingham, Ga., More Commonly Known as Ebenezer Church. Savannah, Georgia: C.A. Linn, 1929

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