Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1757 Marriages

Conrad Eckart of Frankfurt was joined in marriage with the widow Anna Mary Hueber, Jan. 4, 1757. Text, Luke 11:28.

Nehemiah Dindal was united in marriage with Elizabeth Miller of Halifax, Jan. 3, 1757.

Thomas Walker of Briar Creek was united in marriage in the presence of witnesses with an unmarried woman of Briar Creek of the name Rebecca Emmanuel, Jan. 27, 1757.

Michael Daumer and the widow Waldpurga Oechsse were joined in marriage March 22, 1757.

Jacob Kuhn, a German from Charlestown of Lutheran confession, was united in marriage with Barbara Bandle, a Reformed widow from Purrysburg, June 27, 1757.

Hans Pfluger and Barbara Rau were joined in marriage, Aug. 24, 1757.

Sebastian Hasenlauer and Elizabeth Honold, nee Rau, were joined in marriage Oct. 12, 1757.

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