Jasper Greens – Savannah Georgia

J. MCMANON, Captain.
G. CURLETTE, 1st Lieutenant.
D. O’CONNER, 2d Lieutenant
JNO. DEVAVY, 1st Sergeant.
M. CAREY, 2d Sergeant.
P. MARTIN, 3d Sergeant.
LEO. WYLLY, 4th Sergeant.
M. FERRY, lst Corporal.
P. TIERNEY, 2d Corporal.
T. BOURSE, 3d Corporal.
OWEN RIELLY, 4th Corporal.


William Bandy
W. D. Burke
P. Bossu
Francis Camfield
James Chalmers
P. Clark
Patrick Cody
John Coffee
William Coffee
James Coulihan
Elijah Condon
Joseph Davis
Dennis Desmond
Michael Downy
Michael Duggan
Francis Dutzmer
Charles Farrelly
Thomas Fenton
David Fountain
James Fleeting
James Flynn
William P. Fielding
James Feely
Patrick Gerrin
Moses Gleason
O. B. Hall
Michael Hoar
Timothy Howard
R. M. Howard
E. W. Irwin
John Keegin
Humphrey Leary
W. S. Levi
David Lynch
Michael Lynch
L. Mahony
Henry Marony
John Makin
Bryan Morris
Jas. McFeehilly
H. V. Morel
John Mcldrum
William Murray
Michael Murphy
Daniel Murphy
Hugh Murtagh
Henry Nagle
Dan Nickels
M. M. Payne
George Perminger
Thomas Pidgeon
John Regan
Francis Reeves
R. Richardson
J. Rinehart
B. Rodebuck
R. M. Robertson
J. D. Ryan
Thomas Ryan
John Sanderlin
Michael Shea
Peter Suzmell
David Stokes
C. F. E. Smith
R. L. S. Smith
Patrick Shiels
Patrick Tidings
Daniel F. Towles
J. W. Warden
James Waters
Michael Weldon
John Whaling
James Waters Jr.
Jacob Zimmerman

William Gatehouse
George Gatehouse


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