Canton Volunteers – Canton Cherokee County Georgia

K. GRAMLING, Captain.
A. KEATH, 1st Lieutenant.
W. F. MULLENS, 2d Lieutenant.
W. G. GRAMLING, 1st Sergeant.
S. J. COOK, 2d Sergeant.
D. F. DANIEL, 3d Sergeant.
N. F. STRAIN, 4th Sergeant.
JOHN G. RHODES, 1st Corporal.
ALLEN MOODY, 2d Corporal.
ROBT. S. KNOX, 3d Corporal.
JOSHUA HUGHES, 4th Corporal.


William T. Archer
George F. Amos
Alfred H. Burns
Alexander F. Burns
Daniel H. Bird
Elijah W. Bond
John M. Bond
Joseph B. Cook
William S. Cook
John B. Cook
Alfred Cook
Ludy Cothren
Chesley C. Curtis
Wm. M. Camp
Isaac W. Carpenter
Lewis A. Carpenter
David P. Copeland
Thomas E. Dickerson
Benjamin Dean
James A. Delaney
Alexander M. Delaney
Stephen P. Ellis
John T. Dickerson
John W. Finchen
Richard M. Gramling
Henry J. Galt.
Nehemiah J. Garrison
Elisha Hillhonse
Samuel W. Hillhonse
Joseph Heard
John O. Hobson
Nathaniel M. Harris
Christopher Hullett
John C. Hatiley
Luther R. Henley
Isham Jordan
George W. Keith
George W. Lawhorne
John B. Lawson
Sanford Lovers
John Lusk
William Lusk
Zimmerman Lawhorne
Henry M. Long
James M. Long
Levi Lancaster
Joshua McConnel
John C. Maddox
Jesse E. Machen
Samuel McConnel
James McMahan
Samuel G. Mathis
Christenbury Phillips
James O. Phillips
John A. Roberts
Samuel M. Rice
Albert Rodgers
John A. Roark
William A. Rivers
Ray Manning
William W. Rich
Isaac L. Scago
Benjamin F. Strain
Henderson Simeraly
John B. Sutherland
Robert Spriggs
William H. Treadway
William Thompson
Isham Tyler
Jesse Tyler
John B. Thompson
George W. Williams
Beverley Wadkins
William S. Wood
John L. Wood
Samuel L. White
Benjamin Wofford

Anderson W. Turner
Greenbury Brooks

Collection: Georgia Volunteers for the War with Mexico.

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