Samuel Love – Descent to Franklin Deadrick Love

My Father’s name was Robert Love. He married Sarah Matilda Alexander, of Buncombe County, North Carolina. He was a lawyer, and had quite a large practice and accumulated a competency there from.

His father’s name was Thomas Dillard Love, who married Anna Taylor, and lived after his marriage, first at the source of Buffalo Creek then Washington, now Carter County, Tennessee. During the latter part of his life he lived on Gap Creek, one mile from its mouth.

Thomas Dillard Love was the oldest son of Robert Love, who was born in Augusta County, Virginia in the year 1760, and who joined the Revolutionary forces (on the American side) and fought through that War, after which, he went to Washington County, North Carolina, now Tennessee. Said Robert Love married Mary Ann Dillard, the daughter of General Thomas Dillard, in the year 1783 or ’84. He participated in the rise and fall of the “State of Franklin” with John Sevier and Jonathan Tipton. He moved to Buncombe County, North Carolina in the year 1790 or ’91, and was a representative and Senator from there for several years. He died July 17th, 1845 in a ripe old age.

Robert Love was a son Samuel Love, who came to Augusta County, Virginia from Pennsylvania in the year 1747, or earlier, in company with Robert, Joseph and Ephriam Love.

Samuel Love is the some of ________________Love of _________________________. Here the records so far as I have gone stop. It is possible that further records will be ascertained, if so, I will affix hereto another supplemental PREFACE.

To simplify the above genealogy I give the following tree, commencing with myself:

Franklin Deaderick Love, (5/22/1876-19__)
(Mellie Lockett)
-son of-
Robert Love, (4/25/1819-9/1/1876)
(wife-Sarah Matilda Alexander)
-son of-
Thomas Dillard Love, (5/6/1785-11/16/1832)
(wife-Anna Taylor)
-son of-
Robert Love, (8/23/1760-7/17/1845)
(wife-Mary Ann Dillard)
-son of-
Samuel Love, (—————)
(wife-Dorcas Bell)
son of-

(It is thought Ephriam Love, though yet not definitely ascertained, but I will leave the following blank for his name-

Robert Love of Craightenfau, Ireland

The above are the facts, and I herewith submit them trusting they will be accepted by all who read this.

Very truly,
Franklin Deadrick Love

Williamson County, Texas
June 27th, 1903.



Partridge, Dennis N. Love Family Genealogy. Web. © 2001.

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