Samuel Davis of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

L127 SAMUEL DAVIS: b. 1669 in County Tyrone, Ireland; d. 1758 in Bucks County, Pa.

(1) James: b. 1699; near Drumquin, Ireland; m. Eliza Jennings; both died in Bucks County, Pa. Founder of the American Branch. 6 ch.

(A) William: b. 1730 near Drumquin; m. Mary Means; served in the Revolutionary War.

(a) Joseph: 1758—1811; m. Sarah Shoch; served in the Revolu­tionary War.

1. Lot: b. 1785; in.; moved from Bucks Co. to Ohio.

3. William: b. 1789; m.

5. Thomas: 1795—1864; m. Mary Ford; (2), Hannah Lewis Langdon; moved to Rising Sun, Md.

A. John Quincy: b. 1830; m. Julia E. Close.

a. Paul Allen: b. 1870; m. Sara Johnson.

B. Rodman Lewis: 1836—1904; in. Frances Wolfe.

a. John Lewis: 1869—1901; graduated from DePauw University, 1892.

b. Edward Wolfe: 1877—1910; graduated from State University, 1904.

7. Joseph.

(b) James: 1760—1819; m. Rachel Stewart.

1. William: 1784—1809; moved to Natchez, Miss.

2. James: 1786—1870; m. Mary Cotton; served in War of 1812.

A. William: 1812—1881; m. Mary Johnston; county treasurer, on Whig ticket, 1849.

a. James Johnston: b. 1837; m. Mary Carnahan; m. (2), Frances J. Matthews.

(I) Matthews Erastus: graduated from Webb Academy, New York; m. Sara Ladd.

b. Henry L.: b. 1846; m. Eleanor Bushnell; moved to Philadelphia.

(I) Henry Lamont: b. 1870; graduated from Germantown Academy, 1888; m.
Willie Webb, direct descendant of Pocahontas, and John Rolfe, one of the founders of Virginia.

c. William XV: b. 1848; m. Mary Frances Tefft; educated at Allegheny Coll., and at Meadville Commercial Coll.

B. John Cotton: 1814—1880; m. Mary Ann Anderson.

a. James Ellicott: b. 1847; m. Melissa Wilson.

A. James Stewart: 1816—1898; m. Susan Van Home; (2), Eliza Davis; served in Civil War.

a. James Van horn: b. 1840.

E. Henry Cotton: 1822—1908; m. Susan Grier Wilson.

F. Robert Stockton: 1824—1907; m. Jane Wingate; m.

(2), Mrs. Elizabeth M. Cummings.

(c) William: b. 1762; m. Sarah Stewart.

1. William Stewart: 1788—1837; m. Joanna Kirby.

A. William Vanlear: 18 13—1874; m. Catherine Acheson.

B. Thomas Kirby: b. 1826; Yale College, 1845 (with high honors); m. Mary Hays Proctor; moved to California via the Isthmus of Panama; moved and settled in Middletown, Pa.

a. William Stewart: b. in Bedford, Pa.; m. Cecilia Mercer.

(I) William Stewart: b. in Cincinnati, Ohio.

C. Robert Stewart: b. 1831; m. Clarissa Fulton.

a. Henry: b. 1859; m. Emma Hall.

1. Henry, Jr.

b. Robert Stewart, Jr.: b. 1864; m. Eleanor Elliott;

1 ch., Robert S. III.

4. Robert: 1790—1884; m. Hannah Jameson; moved to Ohio.

5. James: b. 1797; m. Nancy Edgar.

(d) John: 1764—1839; m. Mary McGunnegle; served in Revo­lutionary War.

1. George McG.: 1799—1827.

2. William: m. Anna Stewart Homer.

3. Kennedy: 1804—1881; m. Margaret Hurst; served in Civil War.

C. Henry H.: served in Civil War.

D. Frederick H.: graduated from Allegheny Coll.; served in Civil War.

4. James McG.: 1808—1850; m. Joanna O’Brien; lived in Philadelphia.

C. John K.: b. 1846; m. Sarah Kirby.

a. Ralph K.

D. James.0
(e) Patrick: 1766—1847; m. Miss Hart; (2), Isabella Linsley.

1. William: b. 1801; moved to Ohio; m.; ch.: William and Dexter.

2. John: b. 1803; went West, and perished in a blizzard in Missouri.

3. Alexander: b. 1805.

5. James H.: 1815—1894; m. Sarah Stockton.

6. Alexander Linsley: 1817—1874; m. Euphema Mc­Naimara.

C. James Stewart: b. 1869; m. Clara Ewing.

a. Alexander Myron.

7. Samuel M.:1818—1889; m. Mary Jane Irvin.

A. Stewart Irvin: 1848—1882; m. Della Brawley.

D. William Samuel: b. 1856; lived at Chautauqua, N. Y.; m. Mary Jane Stoopes.

a. James R.: 1888.

8. Aaron Stewart: 1820—1889; m. Mary Wilson; (2). Cassie Wood.

10. Joseph Henry: 1824—1906; m. Esther Woodruff.

C. James Henry: 1863—1889.

D. Charles S.: d. 1889.

E. William W.: b. 1867; m. Catherine Yocum.

a. Walter L.: b. 1903.

F. Samuel: b. 1870; did all the interior woodwork of the beautiful Ford Memorial Chapel, Allegheny Coll.

(g) Henry: 1770—1823; m. Margaret Wylie.

1. William H.: 1794—1845; m. Leah Scriba.

A. William H., Jr.: 1829—1895; m. Ann Keselring; served in Civil War, wounded at Gettysburg.

d. William S.: 1865—1902; m. Bertha Embish.

g. Bertous E.: b. 1872; m. Ida Dorner.

(I) William E.: b. 1894.

j. Thomas E.: b. 1877; m. Ida Bowers.

(I) Thomas E., Jr.: b. 1904.

B. James V.: 1833—1900; m. Elizabeth Beard. Issue

a. Jonathan W.: b. 1858; m. Amanda Foreman.

(I) Robert W.: b. 1886.

(III) George F.: b. 1887.

(IV) William V.: b. 1890.

(V) John F.: b. 1896.

b. Robert B.: b. 1859; m. Emma Mears.

(I) Samuel A.: b. 1905.

(III) John K.: b. 1906.

E. Robert C.: 1843—1882; served in Civil War.

2. Hugh: 1802—1876; m. Martha Morrow.
A. Morrow Henry b. 1829; m. Martha Anne Morrow.

a. Eldorado Wilson: 1852—1884. Ch.: Hugh Wilson.

b. Arthur L.: 856—1894.

d. Eugene A. b. 1859.

e. Elba E.: 61—1892; m. Serena Kennedy.

B. Lester F.: b 1831; m. Susan Allen.

a. Hugh B : b. 1877.

b. William E.: b. 188.1; m. Isabella Hardesty.

c. George L.: b. 1885.

C. Justus W.: b. 1833; m. Catherine Trimble.

a. Horace U.: b. 1861.

b. Thomas T.: b. 1870; m. Eva Markley.

D. Sylva s C.:1835—1905.

E. Ilger .: b. 1838; m. Susan Snowberger.

a. Charles E.: b. 1903; m. Louise Rudy.

(j) Samuel: 176–1884 m. Catherine Haymaker, a sister of

Frederick Haymaker who m. Rachel Davis. After the death of Rachel, Catherine carried the babe, James Davis Haymaker, on horseback, from Franklin Mills, O., to James Davis’ home, near Meadville, Pa., a long, lonely ride over the primitive roads and through the primeval forest.

1. William: b. 1812; m. Margaret Davis (his cousin); served in Civil War; d. 1882.

E. Francis K.: 1843—1882; m. Margaret Rhodes; (2), Mrs. Emily Norton; served in Civil War.

c. Ira W.: b. 1871; m. Margaret Startzman.

G. Jesse Wilson: b. 1851; m. Marie J. Boon.

a. John C. M.: b. 1891.

b. J. W. Jr.: b. 1892.

c. Lloyd I.: b. 1893.

6. John: 1822—1906; m. Mary McIntyre.

A. Samuel: 1853—1893; m. Maud Hurlbut.

a. Hal H.: b. 1892.

F. William: 1866-1899; m. Anna Quick.

7. Jacob Haymaker: b. 1825; m. Mary Smith.

B. George Stewart: b. 1870; Allegheny Coll., 1893; m. Mary Coffman.



Bucks County PA,


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