English and American Drakes

Title:English and American Drakes
Author:Corbett, Medora Jefferson and Drake, William T.
Publication date:1931
Publisher:Watkins Glen, N.Y. : W.T. Drake, 1931.
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Contributor:Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
RepositoryInternet Archive
English and American Drakes
English and American Drakes

English and American Drakes : paper prepared and read at the Drake reunion / by Medora Corbett, Aug. 8, 1912. Also family record of two sons of Richard and Mary Wood Drake, born in Orange County, New York, by William T. Drake. The two sons are Timothy Drake (1788-1839) and Thomas Wood Drake (1794-1879).

Timothy Drake, born Jan. 24, 1788, died Nov. 2, 1839. Married, first, Deborah Helmes, Sept. 29, 1816. She was born May 7, 1791, died Oct. 26, 1833. Children born to Timothy and Deborah Drake: Theophilus H. Drake, born Aug. 29, 1817, died June 28, 1903; Gusilah Ann Drake, born Sept. 15, 1820, died Dec. 18, 1913; Olive B. Drake, born Aug. 31, 1824, died May 19, 1912.

Thomas Wood Drake, born Oct. 26, 1794, died July 5, 1879. Married first Mary Sweezey, June 14, 1817, died July 24, 1841. Children by his first wife: John R. Drake, born Aug. 30, 1818, died June 18, 1897; David S. Drake, infant, died in Orange Co., N. Y.; Richard W. Drake, born 1821, died July 28, 1883; Abigail Caroline Drake, born Aug. 11, 1825, died Sept.. 5, 1887; George Wells Drake, born June 3, 1828, died Feb. 13, 1889; Harriet E. Drake, born June 11, 1831, died March 3, 1907; Mary Jane Drake, born July 29, 1833, died Oct. 22, 1917; Sarah F. Drake, died Oct. 15, 1838, infant; William T. Drake, died infant; Gabriel Emmett Drake, born Sept. 22, 1839, died March 21, 1919. Married second time Sally Ann Culver, April 1842. Born May 31, 1812, died May 8, 1845. Born, one child, Francis L. Drake, born Feb. 3, 1843, died Feb. 18, 1912. Married third time Louise Cook. Born, one child, died infant.


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Cook, Culver, Drake, Helmes, Sweezey,

Orange County NY,


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