Descendants of Samuel Sturtevant

(1) Samuel Sturtevant, the immigrant ancestor of the family, was at Plymouth, Mass., as early as May 3, 1642; married in Plymouth in 1643, to Ann (surname unknown).


  1. Ann, b. June 4, 1647.
  2. John, b. Oct. 17, 1650.
  3. (2) Samuel, Jr., b. April 19, 1654; d. April 21, 1736.
  4. Hannah, b. Sept. 4, 1658.
  5. John, b. Sept. 4, 1655.
  6. James, b. Feb. 11, 1660.
  7. Joseph, b. July 16. 1666.
  8. Mary, b. Dec. 7 , 1668.
  9. Lydia, b. Dec. 13, 1670.

(2) Dacon Samuel Sturtevant, Jr., b. April 19, 1654: d. April 21. 1736. His will is recorded at Plymouth Probate Court 1736, as of Halifax, Mass., in which he mentions his wife, Elizabeth, and children, but the records do not give many of the dates of deaths or marriages. Married Elizabetht 1676 (surname unknown).


  1. William b.1678.
  2. Marcy, b. 1680.
  3. Samuel, b. 1682; m. Mary Price, Jan. 20, 1706.
  4. Hannah, b. 1684.
  5. Nehimiah, b. 1686.
  6. James, b.1688.
  7. Josiah, b. 1690.
  8. John, b. Feb. 10, 1692.
  9. (3) Moses, b. June 15, 1695.

(3) Moses Sturtevant of Wareham, Mass., b. June 15, 1695; m. Elizabeth Howell, June 16, 1720, daughter of Thos. Howell of Mansfield, Mass.


  1. Abigail, b. 1721.
  2. Joseph, b. 1723.
  3. Moses, b. 1725.
  4. Marcy, b. 1729.
  5. (4) Consider, b. April 5, 1733; d. Feb. 10, 1805.

(4) Consider Sturtevant of Wareham, Mass., served as a soldier during the Revolutionary War, as Private in Capt. Nathaniel Hammond’s Company; enlisted July 17, 1775; Company stationed at Wareham and Rochester for defence of the sea-coast. Discharged Dec. 23, 1775. Re-enlisted in Capt. Timothy Child’s Company, Capt. David Wells Regiment. Raised May 10, 1777, for service at Ticonderoga. (See ‘Mass. Soldiers and Sailors Revolutionary War, Vol. XV, Pages 223 and 226; also Landmarks of Plymouth). Married Dec. 7, 1758, Ann Bessee of Wareham, Mass., born’ July 6, 1730; died May 1, 1795, a direct descendant of Anthony Bessee, who was born in England. His will is recorded in Sandwich, Mass., Feb. 10, 1656.


  1. Nathan, b. Nov. 3, 1759.
  2. Sylvia, b. Nov. 19, 1761; m. Robt. Francis Cramer, Oct. 20, 1785.
  3. Abagail, b. Feb. 15, 1764.
  4. Gamiel, b. Sept. 12, 1767; m. Hannah Curtis, moved to Wayne, Me., then to Dexter, Me., where he lived until 83 years old.
  5. Patience, b. July 22, 1769.
  6. (5) Consider, b. Jan. 10, 1779.

(5) Consider Sturtevant of Wareham, Mass., born Jan. 10, 1779; died at Winthrop, Me., July 26. 1841; married Nov. 24, 1802, at Nantucket, Mass., Catherine (Pease) Kelley, daughter of John and Judith (Pease) Kelley. Catherine Pease was born at Nantucket. Jan. 12, 1778; died at Winthrop, Me., May 1, 1840. (See Catherine (Pease) Kelley Genealogy hereto attached).


  1. George, b. Oct. 28. 1803; m. Sarah Carnes (no further record).
  2. (6) Noah, b. March 12, 1805; d. Dec. 11. 1551; m. Angeline Cole.
  3. Albert, b. Oct. 6, 1806; d. Mav 28, 1886.
  4. Newell, b. March 8, 1808; m. Hannah Farrell (no further record).
  5. Lewiza W., b. Jan. 24, 1810: m. Benj. C. Gardner.
  6. Lewis AV., b. Dec. 10, 1811; m. Mary H. Leggett.
  7. Warren B., b. Aug. 30.1813: d. Nov. 14.1827 (no further record).
  8. Leonard, b. Aug. 31, 1815; m. Mary V. Wheelock.
  9. Judith Emily, b. Aug. 10, 1817; m. Daniel Chandler (no further record).

(6) Noah Sturtevant, born March 12, 180; died Dec. 11, 1861; married June 15, 1830, Angeline Cole of Winthrop, Me.


  1. Angie N., (7) b. Dec. 12. 1832; m. first James B. Allen, June 1852. They had one child, Elizabeth (8), married Artemus Holmes of New York. Angie married second. Aaron Allen (no issue).
  2. Henry G. (7), b. East Boston. Dec. 5. 1840; m. Charlotte P. Kittredge of Fair Haven, Vt. ISSUE:
    1. Cullen K. (8), b. April 3, 1842: m. Emily LaMotte.
    2. Faith M. (8), b. St. Louis, Mo.
  3. Lydia (7), daughter of Noah and Angeline (Cole) Sturtevant, m. Thomas H. Riley. Their children were:
    1. Lena (8), who married Wm. J. Curtis, a prominent lawyer in New York City, of the firm of Sullivan & Cromwell.
    2. Thomas Riley (8), of Auburn, Me., married Elizabeth Forsyth Whitmore (widow).

(6) Albert Sturtevant, son of Consider (5) and Catherine (Kelley) Sturtevant, born Oct. 6, 1806; died May 28, 1886; married Jan. 1, 1833, Eunice Height of Scarboro, Me. She was born April 1811; died in Boston, Mass., Nov. 25, 1890.


  1. (7) William Lewis, b. Nov. 22, 1833, Winthrop, Me.; d. March 31, 1891, Boston, Mass.William Lewis Sturtevant was educated in the public schools and Kent’s Hill Academy at Winthrop, Maine. Then entered the employ of his uncle, Noah Sturtevant, who was one of Boston’s largest dealers in lumber with wharf planing mills in East Boston. Later he established himself in the lumber business on Border Street, East Boston, where he remained until his death in 1891. He was a man of large affairs, President of the First Ward National Bank, Trustee of East Boston Savings Bank, Director East Boston Gas Company, large owner and Director of the Eastern Steamship Company, and many other Corporations. Married March 28, 1855, Martha Stevens, daughter of Thurston Whiting Stevens, Winthrop. Me. (See Stevens Genealogy.)ISSUE:
    1. Albert (8), b. in East Boston, Jan. 4, 1856; d. Boston, Oct. 31, 1880; m. June 5, 1878, Ada Louise Eliot of Reading, Mass. They had two children, Roy and Alberta.
    2. Fannie (8), b. in East Boston, June 4, 1858; m. Feb. 18, 1880, Frederick O. Woodruff. (See Woodruff Genealogy.)


      1. Lewis Sturtevant Woodruff (9), b. Boston, Jan. 5, 1881; m. May 25, 1904, Mildred Hoyt of Greenfield, Mass., daughter of Chas. C. and Maria (Pennell) Hoyt.


    1. Chamberlain Hoyt Woodruff (10), b. in Brookline, Mass., . Feb. 4, 1905.
    2. Lewis Sturtevant Woodruff, Jr. (10), b. Dec. 27, 1908, in Newton Center, Mass.
  2. Lewis Sturtevant Woodruff (9) married second wife, Adelia Johnson Gates (widow), June 28, 1916, at Lexington, Mass.ISSUE:
    1. Martha Frances (10), b. Arlington, Mass., May 26, 1917.
    2. Frederick Scott (10) Second, b. Arlington, Mass., Aug. 6, 1918.
  3. Albert William Woodruff (9), son of Frederick O. and Fannie (Sturtevant) Woodruff, b. Boston, April 2, 1882. See Woodruff Genealogy.
  4. Frederick Scott Woodruff (9), son of Frederick O. and Fannie (Sturtevant) Woodruff, b. Boston, May 8, 1887. (See Woodruff Genealogy.)
  • Anna H. (7), daughter of Albert (6) and Eunice (Height) Sturtevant, b. August 17, 1841, at Winthrop, Me.; m. June 6, 1860, Chas. Kittredge Wells.ISSUE:
    1. Harry M. Wells (8), b. April 7, 1863; m. Lillie F. Leslie of Chelsea, Mass., Nov. 24, 1886.
    2. William H. Wells (8), b. March 28, 1868; m. Oct. 1895, Emma L. Pomeroy of Brooklyn, N. Y.
  • Newell (7), son of Albert (6) and Eunice (Height) Sturtevant, b. Feb. 7, 1844; d. March 3, 1891; m. Helen C. Strickland of Springfield, Ill.ISSUE:
    1. Edward Lewis (8), h. in Boston, 1893; m. une 16, 1909, Ethel Lee Green.

Lewiza (6), daughter of Consider (5) and Catherine (Kelley) Sturtevant, b. Jan. 24. 1810; m. Captain Benj. C. Gardner. They had one child:

  1. Kate Louise, b. March 28, 1841; d. Oct. 30, 1,995, who married John Prince Putnam, Nov. 10, 1865. Their child Lucy Alice, b. Sept. 1, 1866, Winthrop, Me.

Lewis W. (6), son of Consider (5) and Catherine (Kelley) Sturtevant, b. Dec. 10, 1811; m. April 9, 1&10. at 27 Rose Street. New York City, Mary Haight Leggett, daughter of Jos. and Elizabeth Jenkins Leggett.


  1. Thomas L. (7), b. in New York, Jan. 13, 1841; m. Sept. 12, 1862, Laura Emerson Heaton, daughter of George and Sarah Emerson (Watts) Heaton of Boston, Mass.ISSUE:
    1. Edith L. (8), b. in Boston, Sept. 9, 1866; m. Oct. 24, 1885, Harry Winthrop Weeks of Framingham, Mass., son of George H. and Martha (Hemenway) Weeks.
    2. Joseph Lewis (8), b. May 6, 1875, unmarried.
    3. Lawrence H. (8), b. Jan. 21, 1877; m. April 20, 1905, Florence Emery, daughter of Johnathan Henry and Ellen D. Emery of Quincy, Mass.ISSUE:
      1. Laura Emery (9), b. March 25, 1906.
  2. Edward Lewis, M. D. (7), son of Lewis W. and Mary (Leggett) Sturtevant, married firstly, March 9, 1864, Mary Elizabeth Mann, daughter of Harriette (Sanford) and Ariel Warren Mann of Dover Street, Boston, Mass.; married secondly, Oct. 22, 1883, his sister-in-law, Hattie Mann.ISSUE BY FIRST MARRIAGE:
    1. Grace (8), b. May 18, 1865, in Boston, Mass.
    2. Hattie (8), b. March 24, 1867, at Framingham, Mass.; m. Jan. 16, 1896, Richard Lawrence Everit of New Haven, Ccnn.. son of Richard Mansfield and Mary Talman (Lawrence) Everit.ISSUE:
      1. Richard Sturtevant Everit (9). b. June 11, 1897, at Framingham. Mass.
      2. Thomas Joseph (8), son of Edward Lewis and Elizabeth (Mann) Sturtevant, b. Dec. 16, 1869, at Framingham, Mass.; unmarried. Resident at WW’elleslev Farms, Mass.
      3. Edward Lewis, Jr. (8), son of Edward L. and Elizabeth (Mann) Sturtevant, b. Jan. 25, 1875, at Framingham, Mass.; m. May 21. 1902, May Louise Edwards of Boston, daughter of Louise Deborrah (Lincoln) and George Henry Edwards.


  1. Edward Lewis and Hattie (Mann) Sturtevant Robert S. (8), b. Dec. 31, 1889.

Leonard (6), son of Consider (5) and Catherine (Kelley) Sturtevant, m. Mary V. Wheelock. Their only child, Mary (7), b. Feb. 2. 1856; m. June 25, 1878, Harry Dwight Wiggin, b. April 30, 1856, d. Sept. 4, 1922.


  1. Harry D. (8), b. Sept.5, 1879, m. Edith S. Shattuck of Newton, Mass., June 9, 1915. She died Sept. 30, 1921. They had one child. Edith B., b. Sept. 25, 1921. He graduated from Harvard Class 1900, Harvard Law School 1902.
  2. Francis (8), b. June 13, 1884; m. Ashton File of Beckley. Va.ISSUE
    1. Dwight, b. June 3, 1912, Newton, Mass.
    2. Mary Frances, b. March 18, 1918, Boston, Mass.



Mackenzie, George N. Woodruff Genealogy: Matthew Woodruff of Farmington, Conn. 1640-1, and ten generations of his descendants, together with genealogies of families connected through marriage : Abbe genealogy, Sturtevant genealogy, Stevens genealogy, Burke genealogy, briefs from Kelly, Franklin and Folger genealogies. Boston, MA: Everett Print. 1925.

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  1. Richard Sturtevant Gifford Everit (10) married in Barre, VT at the catholic church on 9 May 1964 Marianne Henriette Lamothe. She was born and raised 20 Oct 1937 in Barre, VT and died 5 Mar 2020 in a nursing home from heart issues in Folsom, CA at age 82 is buried in Websterville, VT. Her father Bernard Napoleon Lamothe (father David Lamothe, some of his family uses different spelling, from Leeds, Canada and mother Selina Fortier from Thetford Mines, Canada) was born 21 Aug 1903 in Guildhall, VT and died as a heart patient in hospital 14 Dec 1981 Berlin, VT at age 78 is buried in Websterville, VT. He loved doing projects around the house. He was a self employed shoemaker and city worker for Barre, VT who married in Barre, VT on 9 Jan 1933 Maria Blanche Richer (father Gendeon or Gedeon Richer from St. George of Windsor, Canada and mother Elodia Godbout from St. Camille, Canada.) Maria was born 7 Jan 1905 in St. George of Windsor, Canada and died 29 Mar 2000 at her assisted living apartment in Saranac Lake, NY at age 95 is buried in Websterville, VT. She came from St Camille, Canada to the United States by automobile on 29 June 1928. Her petition for Naturalization to the United States was sworn 1 Sept 1937. She was a teacher, homemaker and worked for the electric company in Barre, VT. Maria lived in Barre, VT for over 50 years. She loved playing the card game Skip Bo till the night before her death. Marianne grew up with one elder sister born Marie Theresa Jeanne Lamothe who became a catholic nun in New York and has no children. Marianne earned an accounting degree at Burdett College in Boston, MA and became a bookkeeper and homemaker. In 1967 the couple, with 2 kids already, settled and bought a house in Walnut Creek, CA where they lived for about 50 years. She was very dedicated to her catholic faith and mourned the loss of one miscarriage, before her 4th child was born with complications that would be life threatening if she ever gave birth again, so she never had the big family she wished for. Marianne loved traveling and made several trips by station wagon with the 4 kids across the United States to see our country and to keep in touch with the extended family in Masachusettes, Vermont and Canada, . Although California was a wonderful childhood, if there was one concern it was that the 4 children were very isolated, had no cousins, and never got to really know any family members.

  2. Martha Lee Everit (11) married in Reno, NV 1994 to George Forrest __?__. He was born 25 Sept 1952 and died 19 Jan 2001. He was named after his biological father. His mother Shirley married second Lee Healer who adopted all of her children except the eldest daughter who opted out in the largest adoption to take place in Napa, California. Being left with hard feelings against the biological father, the family wanted to legally change the name of George to Mark but this proved to be too expensive and they used Mark as a nickname the rest of his life. I worked for his parents at a motel in Concord, California. He had blue eyes and knew how to turn on the charm. He had at least one daughter from previous marriages. He worked in heating and refrigeration. We settled in Carson City, NV in 1995 and I got a job right away at a now bankrupt department store called Gottschalks that I kept for 10 years. He did not bother to tell me he was a chronic alcoholic and drug addict and even if he did I probably would not have understood what it meant. Because of this I made sure not to get pregnant. I helped him enter 3 drug rehabilitation programs, but he fabricated entire stories about his life. I found out during a visit to the 3rd rehab. that he was telling these stories to the patients and psychiatrists who were trying to help him. He was never serious about getting help. Within several days of leaving the 3rd rehab. he picked up a beer and said “I can handle one beer.” I told him our marriage was over. In the fall of 1999 I moved a few blocks away and rented a room in the house of Almeda Allen. After a month he stopped helping me pay off the thousands of dollars of debt we built up sending him to rehab. and he disappeared from the city. A month later I got a call at my work from a storage facility in Texas who said they would sell our things if I did not pay the bill. I had to let everything go because it took me 5 years to pay off what we already owed. At the end of 2000 I got a call at my work from George who told me he was in a VA hospital dying of cirrhosis of the liver. When he left rehab the doctor said he was in good condition, so he basically drank himself to death in one year. Several years later I searched for a death certificate and found that he had his family mark that we were divorced when we never divorced legally.

  3. Martha Lee Everit Healer

    Lewis W (6) B 10 Dec 1811 Winthrop, ME D 17 May 1850 Philadelphia, PA married Mary Haight Leggett B 17 July 1813 NY D 21 July 1849 NY from a Quaker family. Married 9 April 1840 NY they had 3 sons. Thomas Leggett (7) B13 Jan 1841 NY D 1925. Edward Lewis MD (7) B23 Jan 1842 Boston, MA D 31 July 1898 Framingham, MA. Joseph Newell (7) B 1 April 1844 D 19 Jan 1879 unmarried.
    The 3 brothers bought Waushakum Farm in South Framingham, MA in 1867 and there they conducted agricultural research and wrote scientific papers for 12 years till Thomas died whose creed was “What is excellent, As God lives in Permanent.”
    Thomas Leggett (7) went on to found Sturtevant Mills in 1883 and built a mechanical den and excavator to limit human exposure to dangerous fumes and acids in fertilizer processing. The company is now called Sturtevant Inc.
    Edward Lewis MD (7) joined the union in the civil war in 1861. Bowdoin College 1863 BA and MA. Married his first wife Mary Elizabeth in 1864. Graduated Harvard Medical School in 1866. He was an agronomist, botanist and author of several books. He developed new strains of fruits and vegetables and is best known for Waushakum yellow flint corn. He bred Ayrshire cattle to produce more milk and invented the first Lysimeter in America. After Joseph died Edward Lewis was appointed first director of the New York Agricultural Station in 1882. He organized and developed it into an institution that could discover, verify and disseminate scientific work with a budget of only $20,000 a year. It became part of Cornell University. He married his sister-in-law in 1883. He went back to Waushakum Farm in 1887 but it was no longer a working farm. He worked on his writing. He understood several languages and gathered research from around the world. He contracted TB and spent 3 winters in California but died at home in Framingham in his sleep. His daughter Grace (8) born 1865 in Boston, MA was unmarried and bought Wellesley Gardens in 1901 with her much younger half brother Robert Swan (8). Grace became a famous Iris breeder and ran a plant nursery at the farm till 1945 and she died in 1947. Thomas Joseph (8) born 1869 in Framingham, MA d 1944 was unmarried, graduated MIT and joined his Uncle Thomas Leggett (7) at Sturtevant Mills and created the first automatic transmission automobile that was sold for $6,000. Edward Lewis Jr (8) was born 1875 in Framingham, MA. Robert Swan born 1889 in Framingham, MA became a landscape architect and moved to Nashville, TN where he died in a house fire 22 Feb 1955.
    Harriette (8) b 1867 Framingham, MA d 1956 Framingham, MA married Richard Lawrence Everit b 19 Dec 1861 Manhattan, NY d 18 April 1950 Yarmouth Port, MA and they started a tradition to only have one child, and that it had to be a boy. The Everit family had settled in Hempstead, Long Island around 1630 and Richard Everit b 23 Dec 1772 was a ship captain and owner. Richard Mansfield Everit b 9 April 1824 New Haven, CT d 3 Nov 1908 New Haven, CT supported his family in NYC through his business “Burdett & Everit” and was an export merchant to Brazil and West India. Richard Lawrence Everit graduated Yale in 1882. He was a civil engineer in New Haven, CT. He ran a real estate business in Framingham, MA and he also owned an apple orchard from 1912-1940.
    Richard Sturtevant Everit (9) b 11 June 1897 Framingham, MA d 22 Jan 1938 Lowell, MA was their only child. He graduated from MIT in 1919. In April 1937 in his parents apple orchard he married Dorothy (Akin) Gifford b 20 July 1898 Maywood, IL d 1 Nov 1990 Walnut Creek, CA but he died of pancreatitis in less than a year. Dorothy raised her only son Richard Sturtevant Gifford Everit (10) alone between her house in Hingham, MA next door to her brother and her house in Cape Cod.
    My mother Marianne Henrietta Lamothe b 20 Oct 1937 Barre, VT d 5 March 2020 Folsom, CA (born to Bernard Lamothe and Maria de la Ritcher of Barre, VT whose families came from France into Canada) met my father Richard (10) in Boston, MA where they were attending college. After they married she had a boy first and I should not be here, but she was determined to have 12 kids. God blessed her with 4 children and we had a very happy childhood growing up in Walnut Creek, CA with good schools and safe neighborhoods. Richard (11) has no children. Martha (11) has no children. Karen (11) has two girls named Kaysen (12) and Jauren (12). And Barbara has one boy Alan (12). Generation 12 is full of excitement and is just hitting college. The Everit name has come to an end here.

  4. Sturtevant-
    Edward Lewis Sturtevant MD 7 m. Mary Elizabeth Mann
    issue 4: Thomas Joseph 8
    Grace 8
    Edward Lewis Jr. 8
    Hattie Sturtevant 8 m. Richard Lawrence Everit
    issue 1: Richard Sturtevant Everit 9 m. Dorothy Gifford

    issue 1: Richard Sturtevant Gifford Everit 10 m. Marianne Henrietta Lamothe

    issue 4: Richard Lamothe Everit 11 m. Theresa
    Martha Lee Everit 11 m. George Healer (adopted last name)
    Karen Marie Everit 11 m. John Pyle
    Barbara Ann Everit 11 m. Carl Tinch

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