Ambrose Family Genealogy

The name of AMBROSE is also spelled in Essex county records Ambros and Ambross.

The first of the name here was

HENRY AMBROSE, born about 1613. He lived in Hampton, N. H., from 1640 to 1649, when he removed to Salisbury. He subsequently removed to Charlestown about 1652, to Boston in 1653 or 1654; and returned to Salisbury, where he died in 1658. He was made a freeman May 18, 1642; and was a house carpenter by trade. His wife Susannah survived him, and married, secondly, John Severance of Salisbury before 1664; being alive in 1670.


  1. Samuel Ambrose, bapt. July 25, 1641, in Hampton. See below.
  2. EbenezerAmbrose, b. about 1642; was living in 1669.
  3. Henry Ambrose, b. June -, 1649, in Salisbury.
  4. ABIGAIL Ambrose, b. Dec. 28, 1654, in Boston; m. William Osgood of Salisbury Oct. _, 1672.

SAMUEL AMBROSE, baptized in Hampton, N. H., July 25, 1641. He was a mariner, and was living in Salisbury as late as 1670. He married Hope ____, who, in 1675-8 (calling herself of “Jamico”), petitioned for divorce. Children, born in Salisbury:

  1. Abigail Ambrose, b. 12: __ 1665.
  2. Margarite Ambrose, b. 6: 12: 1668.

HENRY AMBROSE, born in Salisbury, June __, 1649. He lived in Salisbury; and was a weaver. He married Susanna, 20-v. widow of Timothy Worcester, in the last week in October, 1672. They were both admitted to the church in Salisbury Oct. 16, 1715; and he died before 1724. She died, his widow, in Salisbury Dec. 22, 1730. Children, born in Salisbury:

  1. Dorothy Ambrose, b. Sept. 21, 1673; living in 1723.
  2. Nathaniel Ambrose, b. Jan. 26, 1675-6; d. young.
  3. Nathaniel Ambrose, b. 12: 14: 1677-8.

NATHANIEL AMBROSE, born in Salisbury 12: 14: 1677-8. He lived in Salisbury; and was at first a weaver, but subsequently a yeoman. He married, first, Sarah Eastman of Salisbury Dec. 8, 1697. She died Aug. 28, 1728; and he removed in the fall of 1731 to Chester, N. H., where he afterward lived. He married, second, in Amesbury, Mass., Hannah Hunt Nov. 26, 1733. She died in Amesbury July 26, 1734; and he died in Chester June _, 1745. Children, born in Salisbury:

  1. Elizabeth Ambrose, b. Oct. 2, 1698; m., first, Sampson Underhill Jan. 15, 1717-8; and, second, Benjamin Batchelder.
  2. Henry Ambrose, b. Aug. -, 1701.
  3. John Ambrose, b. Sept. 28, 1707.
  4. Sarah Ambrose, b. June -, 1716; m. ____ Veasey.
  5. Abigail Ambrose, m. Joshua Prescott.

HENRY AMBROSE, born in Salisbury Aug. -, 1701. He was a husbandman; and lived in Salisbury until the fall of 1731, when he removed to Chester, N. H. He married, first, Hannah Hoyt Dec. 20, 1722; and, second, Mary Haise (published Sept. 26, 1724). He died in 1746. Children, born in Salisbury:

  1. Jonathan Ambrose, b. April 24, 1723.
  2. Petie Ambrose, b. Nov. 2, 1725.
  3. Robert Ambrose, d. Feb. 20, 5726-7.
  4. Hannah Ambrose, b. Nov. 29, 1727; m. Richard Buswell Jan. 31, 17489.
  5. Sarah Ambrose, b. July 30, 1730.

JOHN AMBROSE, born in Salisbury Sept. 28, 1707. He was a cooper; and lived in Salisbury until the fall of 1731, when he removed to Chester, N. H. He married Elizabeth Hayes March 6, 1728-9; and she was living in 1732.

Children :

  1. Benjamin Ambrose, b. Dec. 6, 1729, in Salisbury.
  2. Robert Ambrose, b. March 6, 1732, In Chester; m. Mary Ethredge.


Ambros, Ambrose, Ambross,

Essex County MA,

Perley, Sidney. The Essex Antiquarian. Salem, Massachusetts: Essex Antiquarian Monthly Periodical, published 1897-1909. Compiled into 13 volumes by Essex Antiquarian, and republished.

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