Collection: The Mackinac Registers

Mackinac Baptism Records 1760-1769

March 2 [1760], I privately baptized a young girl Savage called Kioueiatchiouenoukoue, to whom I gave the name of Charlotte. She is about 14 or 15 years old. Since she has been with Antoine la Fortune she has always been very assiduous at catechism. She seems to be in danger of death from an abscess in the side. May 22, I supplied the ceremonies of baptism to and baptized conditionally Charlotte, born at Sault Ste. Marie at the beginning of last October, legitimate daughter of Jean Baptists Cadot and of Athanasi, her father and mother. The godfather was Mr. Janise;

Mackinac Baptism Records 1755-1759

January 18, 1755, I, the undersigned, solemnly baptized Charle Louis Bourassa, legitimate son of René Bourassa and of Anne Charlotte Veronique Chevalier, his father and mother. The godfather was Mr. The Chevalier de Repentigni, the Officer Commanding for the King at the Sault; and the godmother Mde de L’anglade. *** M. L. Lefranc, Miss. of the society of Jesus. Louis Le Gardeur, Chevalier Repentigny; Bourassa D’anglade March 30, 1755, I, the undersigned priest, missionary of the society of Jesus, solemnly administered holy Baptism to two adults: one about twelve or thirteen years old, called Piere François, a panis [slave] belonging

Mackinac Baptism Records 1750-1754

March 17, 1750, I administered holy baptism to Basile, born this month, son of Marianne, a slave of Sieur Bourassa, voyageur, whom she declared to belong to Sieur Jasmin, also a voyageur. The godfather was the said Sieur Bourassa; and the godmother Mde Langlade. *** P. du Jaunay, miss. of the society of Jesus. Bourassa. March 24, 1750, I administered holy baptism to Ignace François Xavier, son of Agathe Villeneuve Amiot, daughter of Sieur Amiot, born this day, whom she declared to belong to Sieur Ignace Bourassa dit la Ronde, son of Sieur René Bourassa now wintering at la Grande

Mackinac Baptism Records 1745-1749

Feb. 1, 1745, I baptized in the church of this mission Pierre Louis, legitimate son of Sieur Charles Chaboyer and of Marianne Chevalier, His wife, residing at this post – the said child having been born last night. The godfather was Louis Chevalier; and the godmother Charlotte Parent. *** P. du Jaunay, miss. of the society of Jesus. C. Chaboillez; Marianne Chaboillez Parent. April 30, 1745, I solemnly baptized in the church of this mission Thomas, legitimate son of Thomas Blondeau and of Demoiselle Marie Joseph de Celle, his lawful wife, residing at this post – the said child having

Mackinac Baptism Records 1742-1744

In the year one thousand seven Hundred and forty-one, on the twenty-fourth of October, I, the undersigned priest and missionary of the society of Jesus in the mission of St ignace at the post of Michilimakinak, did baptize Louis Joseph Chaboyer, one day old, son of Charles Chaboiller and of Marianne Chevailler, his Wife. The godfather was Joseph Ens, and the godmother Nannette Chevalier, both residing at the said post, who have signed with me. Jean Baptiste Lamorinie 1For a biographical sketch of this missionary, see Wisconsin Historical Collections, xviii, p. 474, note 6. missionary of the Society of Jesus.

Register Of Marriages In The Parish Of Michilimackinac

The marriage records from the register at Michilimackinac are here provided as they were translated by Edward O. Brown back in 1889. The records of this register reflect the history of Michilimackinac as a trading post town. They show the transition from French to British to American control of the area, as well as the command of the government by the Catholic Church during the French reign, military during the British reign, which was eventually turned over to the civil authorities when the America took control. There are not a lot of marriage records here, and unfortunately, the very early

Mackinac Marriage Records 1821

August 11, 1821, William McGulpin, son of age of Patrick McGulpin, and Madeleine Bourassa, daughter of age of Daniel Bourassa and of Marguerite Bertrand, both residents of this parish, having shown us a certificate from a justice of the peace, Samuel Abbot, 1Samuel Abbott was in Mackinac before 1810, when he was made collector of customs. He was later magistrate, notary public, and president of the village. For many years he was Mackinac agent of the American Fur Company. He died some time before 1859. by which it appears that they contracted marriage on August 21, 1815, and asked us

Mackinac Marriage Records 1800-1804

January 19, 1800, I, the Undersigned one of the Justices of the Peace of the United States, received The mutual Marriage consent of Louis hamelin and of Marie Louise of the Sauteux nation. In the presence of the Undersigned witnesses, at McKinac on the day and in the year aforesaid. Adhemar St. Martin J. P. Alexis Laframbois; L Hamelin; Genevieve Plaiseé; J. Giasson. April 20, 1800, I, the undersigned, one of the justices of the peace of the United States, received The mutual Marriage consent of Jacques Chauvin and of Angelique of the Sauteux nation, In the presence of the

Mackinac Marriage Records 1790-1799

January 21, 1792, I, the undervsigned Justice of the Peace, received the mutual Marriage Consent of Jean Baptiste La Borde dit Sans regret, and of marguerite Machar Chevalier, In the presence of the undersigned witnesses * * * Adhemar St Martin J. P. 1A well-known family of Detroit, whose ancestor came there in 1709. At what time this person was appointed justice of the peace at Mackinac does not appear. Alexis Laframboise; J. B. Barthe; C. Gaultier; Joseph Laframboise; J. B. la Borde Di Sanregret; Ezechiel Solomon; John Kirby; Louis Chevalier, + His Mark; Madme Gaultier, + Her Mark. March

Mackinac Marriage Records 1780-1789

April 19, 1781, the Marriage Ceremony was solemnized between Thomas Stone and Margaret Paterson, daughter to Geo. Paterson, soldier in the 8th Regiment, by their mutual consent and before the undersigned witnesses. In testimony whereof the said Parties have also affixed their names – the Ceremony performed by Patrick Sinclair Esq., Governor of the Post. 1This is, so far as we know, the first civil service performed at Mackinac by an officer; possibly it was the first marriage ceremony performed on Mackinac Island. The original entry is in English. Tho Stone Witnesses: John Coates, Notary Public. July 20, 1786, I,