Clifford Kirtland Todd of Wallingford CT

Clifford Kirtland Todd8, (Orrin K.7, William6, Simeon5, Joel4, Ithamar3, Michael2, Christopher1) married at Wallingford, Conn., Aug. 25, 1897, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Lobb, the Rev. E. G. Richardson, pastor of the Methodist Church officiating.

Clifford K. Todd had in his nature two qualities not possessed in so large a degree by any others of these boys. He was liberal in his opinion, but conservative in his expression of them and as a consequence his quiet influence has steadily grown. He is progressive in his life–was among the first to own an automobile–and up-to-date in his engagements. He has been at the head of a department with the world famous R. Wallace Sons Mfg. Company for 30 years. This firm manufacture in all metals from tin to gold, and at present Mr. Todd has the great department of Nickel Silver flat ware. He has a pleasant, well located home and his personal fad is a collection of the original sources of the great religious foundations, as the Christian Bible, the Mohamedan Koran, the Pittikas of the Buddists, the Rig Vedas of the Brahmins, etc.

He is keenly alive with broad and generous sentiments, keeps posted on both local and world events and is a most thorough and ardent patriot. His high regard for New England and his home loving proclivities have kept him always near to his native heath, but this has been a gain to him in many respects, for the years of agreeable association with a continuously increasing circle of local acquaintance and friendship has doubtless realized for him the strong value of a steadily deepening affection, and a quiet growth of this strength into his own esteem for others, finds in this mutual confidence all that makes of living its true riches and intrinsic worth. He is one of the pillars of his age socially and industrially, and always has mixed with a great mass of men who have thought but little about it, but who trust him absolutely; and in his line of active planning his judgement is seldom questioned. With his family his religous connection is with the M. E. Church. He has been a member of Company K of Connecticut Second Regiment.


2445. Edna Mae, graduated from High School in 1919.
2446. Helen Rosena, entered High School in 1919.



Todd, George Iru. Todd Family in America. Gazette Printing Company. 1920.

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