Biography of Lieutenant Joseph Kellogg

(I) Lieutenant Joseph Kellogg was born in Great Leigh, England, April 1, 1626, and died in 1707. The immigrant ancestor of the family, he at first settled at Farmington, Connecticut, where he was living in 1651. He removed to Boston in 1675, and thence to Hadley, where he had charge of the ferry between Hadley and Northampton, and kept a tavern, and he and his sons had land grants in Hadley. He was a sergeant of militia and was in command of the Hadley troops in the famous Turners Falls Fight at the time of the King Philip War, May 18, 1676. He married (first), in England, Joanna (surname unknown), who died in Hadley September 14, 1666; he married (second) Abigail Terry, who was born in Windsor, Connecticut, September 16, 1646, daughter of Stephen Terry; and there were nine children of the first marriage, and eleven of the second. One of his sons was Nathaniel, of whom further.

(II) Nathaniel Kellogg, son of Lieutenant Joseph and Abigail (Terry) Kellogg, was born October 8, 1669, in Hadley. He was a lieutenant of the militia, and one of the largest tax-payers of the town. He married, June 28, 1692, Sarah Boltwood, born in Hadley October 1, 1672, daughter of Sergeant Samuel and Sarah (Lewis) Boltwood; her father was slain by Indians at Deerfield; her mother was a daughter of William Lewis, the first recorder of Farmington, Connecticut. They had nine children, one of whom was Ebenezer, of whom further.

(III) Captain Ebenezer Kellogg was born in Hadley, May 31, 1695, and died August 7, 1766. He was a captain of militia in 1731, and an innkeeper at Amherst. He married (first), December 13, 1716, Elizabeth, born March 15, 1691, widow of Philip Panthorn, and daughter of John and Mehitable (Dickinson) Ingraham. He married (second), intentions published September 18, 1756, Mrs. Sarah Stevens, of Stow. There were three children by the first marriage, one of whom was Ebenezer, of whom further.

(IV) Ensign Ebenezer Kellogg, born about 1722, at Amherst, died while he was in the Revolutionary Army, at Ticonderoga, November 22, 1776. He was an ensign in the 8th Massachusetts under Colonel Choate at Louisburg, in 1745, and he served in Captain Dickinson’s and in Captain Aaron Haynes’ companies, in the Revolution. He was twice married. He married (second), January 13, 1751, Sarah Clapp, who was born October 4, 1733, daughter of Preserved and Sarah (West) Clapp. They had a son Jonathan, of whom further.

(V) Jonathan Kellogg, born at Amherst, October 24, 1760, and died February 28, 1853, was a cordwainer. He was in Captain Alvord’s Company in 1780, and married, June 5, 1783, Mary Holland, of Pelham; she died March 5, 1823. They had a son Ira B., of whom further.

(VI) Ira B. Kellogg was born January 27, 1786, in Brattleboro, Vermont, and died November 16, 1843, in Montague; he was a shoemaker and saddler. He married, January 25, 1808, Ruth Dickinson, who was born June 18, 1790, and died September 18, 1875, in Springfield, daughter of William and Thurza (Warner) Dickinson. They had eight children, one of whom was Dwight, of whom further.

(VII) Dwight Dickinson Kellogg was born January 12, 1809. in Amherst, and died January 3. 1861. He married, in 1831, Mrs. Roxanna (Goodell) Dickenson, widow of Hosmer Dickenson, daughter of Andrew Goodell and Martha (Haskell) Goodell; she died in Chatham, New York, November 2, 1889 aged seventy-five years. Their children: Bela Haskell, of whom further; Marion Bradford; Helen Maria; Harriet Martha.

(VIII) Bela Haskell Kellogg was born September 18, 1832, at Amherst, and removed to Hartford, Connecticut, in 1853, thence to New Haven in 1884, and afterwards to Northampton. He married, September 18, 1858, Elizabeth Fitch Walcott, born February 18, 1834, died June 30, 1895, daughter of Dr. George W. and Mary Fitch (Kinne) Walcott. Their children: Clifford Walcott; Minnie Florence, married Frank E. Santy: Clara Louise, married Dr. George Dickinson Thayer; Sophia Hosmer, married Frank Andrew Brandle.


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