Allison DeWitt Todd of Wallingford CT

Allison DeWitt Todd8, (Orrin K.7, William6, Simeon5, Joel4, Ithamar3, Michael2, Christopher1) born June 1879, in Wallingford, Conn., married in New Haven, Ct., June 30, 1913, Dorendo Helen, daughter of Charles Henry Beckett, of Middlefield, Conn.

Allison DeWitt Todd was born about three months after the sudden death of his father. He has lived practically all his life in Wallingford, Ct., except a brief period in the cities of Meriden and New Haven, Ct. His education included High School and much time spent in the study of music, mostly voice, although improving himself somewhat in the use of the pianoforte. He had fine opportunities for the study and drill in vocal culture, and as a boy sang for several years in the vested choir of St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church in Wallingford. This choir had an enviable reputation in general church circles and served a most beneficient purpose in the parish activities.

After mature study under talented experts, Max Trueman, of New York City, and Prof. Enrico Batelli, of New Haven, Ct., he sang for contract periods in the Congregational Church, of Wallingford; Center Congregational, of Meriden; Main St. Baptist, and St. Paul’s Universalist, of that same city; First Baptist, of New Britain, and in the Central Presbyterian of Gadsden, Alabama, of which last named he also became a member, his older brother, the Rev. Wm. E. M. Todd, being pastor of that historic old body of worshipers, was humbly honored in officiating at his baptism and reception, the older, administrating for the youngest in this consecrated relation of such immortal significance. (In the Winter of 1899-00 this minister was called upon to administer the same sacred rite for the oldest friend of his boyhood, Mrs. Calvin Benham, of Mt. Carmel, Conn., then in her 88th year. In her girlhood Mrs. Benham had been a beautiful singer and for many years had given her sweet voice to the service of the choir of Cheshire Congregational Church). Allison DeWitt’s splendid tenor has been heard in many churches and on many occasions since, and he still contributes, as he finds the time, to the frequent and urgent calls made upon him.

Much of his working days he has been connected with R. Wallace Son’s, manufacturers of silverware, the largest tableware concern in the world. An immense percentage of the knives, forks and spoons used by our soldiers during the world-war were made by this well known and pioneer firm in many of these lines of goods, the practical demand for which steadily increases. Allison DeWitt is the only immediate descendant of Orrin Kirtland, who has been presented with a gold watch on the attainment of his majority, which irregularity was most cordially agreed to as without question in commemoration of the unusual circumstances attending his birth. In the Autumn of 1920 he became a Mason, Member of Compass Lodge No. 9 of his native town.

Mrs. Allison D. Todd was a school teacher, before her marriage, having taught one year in East Granby, Conn., and ten years in Yalesville, Ct., where their home is located. They are each active members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and are earnestly trying to make every effort count for the right as they use up the unfolding years. They are popular among a host of the younger families and their presence always brings an added joy into the social and community gatherings of their friends and neighbors.


2448. Charles Kirtland, b. April 3, 1914.


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