Native American Cemeteries

Native American Cemeteries offers an extensive and detailed list of all known Indian cemeteries across the United States and Canada. This resource is dedicated to cemeteries that have significant concentrations of Native American and First Nation burials. While it is true that Native Americans and First Nation Peoples are often interred in general cemeteries, this page focuses specifically on those burial grounds where Native heritage is prominently represented.

United States Native American Cemeteries




Following (hosted at USGenWeb Project)

New York

North Carolina





British Columbia Cemeteries

United States Cemetery Records: A directory of resources providing online access to United States Cemetery records.

3 thoughts on “Native American Cemeteries”

  1. I’m glad you bring this out. There are a lot of history about Native Americans are not mentioned. Anything that are revealed and were hidden is good to bring it out to the open.

  2. Thanks for revealing somethings. However it is not clear why the Choctaw West Florida Reservation, information is not posted regarding our cemetaries and locations Marianna is one of the Choctaw Place.
    Also we have Indian homesteads on this reservation too.
    It is odd why this Choctaw reservation is never discussed and information mis-placed to others.
    Why is there no discussion about the Treaty of Versalles Dawes Plan, which allow others to assume indian identities from those countries listed in the Treaty of Versalles (Peace Treaty). We have genocide committed against Choctaws that did not leave the Choctaw West Florida Reservation. No one seems to care when this happens on our reservation and indian homesteads.

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