Native Burials in Mendocino County, California

The following is a collection of known burials in Mendocino County, California which were of Native American families and their descendants. If there is no source letter then the data came from family research and I was not able to verify it by a tombstone.

Source: T=Tombstones, O=Obituaries, M=Mortuary Records.

Native Burials in Mendocino County, California

Allen, Jane G.1091,9213101,999Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.T
Allen, Paul Wayne4161,9561032,000Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Allen, Sam000000Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Anderson, Florence Elliott5161,920811,993Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Anderson, Judy Wanda12231,948591,997Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Arnold, Beatrice (Billy) Marie Ray7231,9153151,990Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of Kenneth Arnold
Arnold, John0006211,936Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Arnold, Mary000611,925Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Arnold, Virgil Jack651,9441291,994Hopland Rancheria Cem.TSon of Kenneth & Billie (Ray) Arnold
Arnold, William00012121,923Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Aulk, Lawrence M.711,9056231,973Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Austin, Blaine8111,9948251,994Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Bechtel, Infant Dau0002141,912Pinoleville Rancheria CemM
Bechtel, Infant Son001,9098131,910Pinoleville Rancheria CemMSon of Mr. & Mrs. John Bechtel
Bechtel, Ruby0007231,910Pinoleville Rancheria CemM
Benson, Mary Knight001,876651,930Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 54yrs
Billy, Andrea Santiago (Susie)001,88411201,968Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of Cruz (C.I.) I. Billy
Billy, Clarence Jr.6131,9317251,949Hopland Rancheria Cem.TG-Son of C.I. & Andrea Billy
Billy, Clarence Sr.001,909001,933Hopland Rancheria Cem.TSon of C.I. & Andrea Billy
Billy, Cruz (C.I.) I.11281,8826121,961Hopland Rancheria Cem.THusband of Andrea S. Billy
Billy, Dennis4271,923891,962Hopland Rancheria Cem.TSon of C.I. & Andrea Billy
Billy, Ernest3121,9323111,961Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Billy, Ignatius L.12281,9169151,979Hopland Rancheria Cem.TCapt, U.S. Army, WW II, son of C.I. & Andrea Billy
Billy, John000000Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Billy, Priscilla Knight9181,9113201,934Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TWife of Jim Billy
Billy, Ramon Sr.1251,9388272,001Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Billy, Richard Jr.001,9281151,931Hopland Rancheria Cem.TAge 3yrs
Billy, Richard A. Sr.10261,90710291,966Hopland Rancheria Cem.THusband of Tillie C. Billy, Pfc, Co. A, 754 Tank Bn, WW II
Billy, Tillie Cordova4291,91712141,974Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of Richard A. Billy, Sr.
Bostin, Ellridge Philip741,9084301,941Hopland Rancheria Cem.M
Brigham, Raymond W.J.7161,9188221,992Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Buck, Virginia M. Knight761,909481,998Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Burke, Annie001,876961,960Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of Richard Burke
Burke, Daniel Roger9111,94911232,000Hopland Rancheria Cem.O/TSon of Salvador Burke, Died in Eureka
Burke, Ethel Knight741,9063231,995Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of Vivian J. Burke
Burke, Richard0008241,939Hopland Rancheria Cem.THusband of Annie Burke
Burke, Salvador Francis691,909521,982Hopland Rancheria Cem.TBrother of Elsie Allen
Burke, Vivian J.881,901571,977Hopland Rancheria Cem.THusband of Ethel K. Burke
Burns, Willard Lorenzo8281,9746151,999Laytonville Rancheria Cem.U.S. Marine Corps, WW II
Bush, Effie000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Camp, Arlene Frances4211,940221,994Sherwood Rancheria Cem.
Campbell, Allen1101,898681,948Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Campbell, Amanda Jewell951,9677311,993Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Campbell, Arthur F.9111,9282121,972Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Campbell, Arthur Patrick4281,9032191,982Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Campbell, Gregory Todd191,964531,992Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Carillo, Huberta Ann Elliott131,93412221,990Hopland Rancheria Cem.TDaughter of Alice Elliott
Commischcalla, John111,875481,940Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Daniels, Bertha761,8863201,933Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Daniels, Clement111,8786101,943Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Daniels, Emanuel1101,9422131,943Hopland Rancheria Cem.MDau of Oscar & Kate Daniels
Daniels, Julia000000Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Daniels, Oscar4261,8997251,946Hopland Rancheria Cem.TCADI says born 1903.
Daniels, Oscar Dewey Jr.6151,9351211,998Hopland Rancheria Cem.M/TSon of Oscar & Kate Daniels
Elliott, Alice2261,8969281,984Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Elliott, Arthur12151,9144171,982Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TPvt, U.S. Army
Elliott, George721,932751,950Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSon of Marie Elliott
Elliott, Harry D.10131,8867221,952Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TPvt, 106 Inf, 40 Div, WW I
Elliott, Herbert P.5201,916941,975Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 59y 3m 14d
Elliott, Maria Angelina1241,9126271,981Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Elliott, Rayfield111,8961191,959Hopland Rancheria Cem.TPvt, Co B, 306 Inf, WW I, PH
Elliott, Roger Dale Jr.10101,97510111,975Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Espinosa, Dorothy Mitchell311,92512141,986Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Espinoza, Jose7161,9608231,972Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Estrada, Crystal Marie341,995341,995Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.TTs says 4 Apr 1995
Fallis, Tracy Adele2151,9635141,999Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Feliz, Mandy Knight531,903991,985Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Feliz, Necho481,892341,967Hopland Rancheria Cem.TPvt, Co L, 62 Inf, WW I
Fisher, Anna James421,8995241,927Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Fluke, Eugene Charles5291,9632191,997Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Fluke, Madeline Rebecca451,933151,995Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Francis, Louella Sue10241,94411271,981Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Frank, Evylin6131,93810191,946Point Arena Rancheria Cem.
Frank, Richard James2151,9437291,943Point Arena Rancheria Cem.
Frazier, Alex Jr.001,911001,938Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Frazier, Alex Sr.001,862001,952Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Frazier, Norman001,936001,938Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Frease, Roberta Mitchell12221,94410141,979Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Fred, Ila000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.T
Fred, Katie Hansen111,8911271,947Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.T
Fred, Reginald Joseph6141,9271061,946Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.TS1c, USNR, WW II
Hansen, Bert Edward8201,895461,964Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.TPvt, Co. L, 160 Inf, WW I
Hansen, Ernest James Jr.7301,9645131,988Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Hansen, Eva3301,9013301,965Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.No tombstone
Hansen, Florence000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Hansen, Mary Ann6171,9633221,999Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Hansen, Velma000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Hardwick, Matilda Myers811,9247151,999Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Harum, Mike W.9141,928411,967Hopland Rancheria Cem.TTs says Mike Highland
Hecker, Bert Wilburn Sloan11271,9024141,984Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Herrea, Sharon D.001,948001,993Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Hoaglen, Lita Joyce761,93011141,995Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Hoaglen, Myron Jon4161,980121,992Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Hoaglin, Gilbert Ray1251,955491,998Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Hoaglin, Perry L.001,964001,986Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Hopper, Marx1271,9627121,998Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Hopper, Marx Curt6111,9917291,991Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Hopper, Robert Nelson2111,943831,998Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.M
Hoppes, Deborah Hope631,9532271,977Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Hughes, Myrtle Billy001,910001,930Hopland Rancheria Cem.TDaughter of C.I. & Andrea Billy
Hunt, Josephine Knight8231,91212212,000Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Ilar, Sharon Favor1171,955961,997Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Inay, Emilio D.991,9473101,972Hopland Rancheria Cem.TSgt, U.S. Marine Corps, Vietnam
Ivonen, James William5231,9287241,993Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Jack, Fred001,878001,942Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSon of Nellie
Jackson, Andrew9201,88912241,954Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.Husband of Mollie Jackson
Jackson, Edgar J.351,91312191,997Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.TTSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
Jackson, Frederick12251,914141,973Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.Cpl, U.S. Army
Jackson, Leva H.1211,920781,977Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Jackson, Mollie12171,8932281,932Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.Wife of Andrew Jackson
Jackson, Robert Carl3201,9433231,995Coyote Valley Rancheria Cem.T
James, Moses1101,8821261,965Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
James, Wayne Paul641,932421,967Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Angelo671,9031191,994Hopland Rancheria Cem.TTwin of Tommy Knight
Knight, Arnold James Cordova7241,9532191,978Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 24y 6m 25d
Knight, Arthur10201,9011191,968Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Baby Girl701,9178301,917Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 1m
Knight, Benita001,901001,907Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Damon Norman261,9509121,971Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSon of Dennison N. Knight
Knight, Dennison Stephen10161,9136261,985Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSSgt, U.S. Army, WW II
Knight, Donald211,9283171,976Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Earl James Sr.9111,92911211,965Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Edna001,9115231,927Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Emma001,8781011,917Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Emmet12271,8977151,939Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TPfc, Co. Coast Arty, WW I
Knight, Gincy (Genivive)8171,9198121,944Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Gladys G.5261,9403101,972Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Hale Patrick Sr.671,9134271,953Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Harold9111,9291171,929Hopland Rancheria Cem.Son of John & Isabell Knight
Knight, Isabelle111,88511211,941Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, James Jr.001,9082171,926Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, James (Jim)501,8722221,944Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, John001,874121,920Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSon of Sarah Joaquin Knight, Ts says born 1856
Knight, John8161,8923161,982Hopland Rancheria Cem.THusband of Maude Knight, Pvt, U.S. Army, WW I
Knight, Leo12181,9216131,944Hopland Rancheria Cem.TPfc, 506 Prcht Inf, 101 Abn Div, WW II
Knight, Mary9101,9046291,919Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Maude10161,8914291,965Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of John Knight
Knight, Michael Jr.4151,944981,944Hopland Rancheria Cem.Son of Michael & Lena Knight
Knight, Michael Sr.3251,918981,984Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Philburn Willis9231,906491,971Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSon of Stephen & Rhoda Knight
Knight, Rhoda Sumersal811,8902281,958Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TWife of Stephen Knight
Knight, Richard1171,9057111,972Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TPvt, U.S. Army, WW II
Knight, Sarah Joaquin001,8536201,913Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Stephen561,8781261,961Yokayo Rancheria Cem.THusband of Rhoda Knight
Knight, Thomas E.8231,95812111,958Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Knight, Tommy671,903001,930Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TTwin of Angelo Knight
Knight, Vernuta Harriett6161,919921,983Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Kylark (Kylak), Guadaloupe111,8609101,942Hopland Rancheria Cem.TTs says born 1867
LaFranchi, Iliene3251,9241091,961Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.TAge 37y 6m 15d
Laiwa, Stephen Troy11261,96512191,965Yokayo Rancheria Cem.M /OSon of Kenneth Laiwa
Lake, Beverly Stephen671,92711221,944Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.T
Lake, Haris001,87812201,936Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.Age 58yrs
Lake, Vanetta001,911001,952Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.TNo CADI listing
Langley,Michael Paul Jr.181,966741,979Hopland Rancheria Cem.O
Lawson, Delilah Jack001,8835301,931Hopland Rancheria Cem.M
Lawson, Thomas111,8807231,953Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Ledger, Minnie000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Lincoln, James E. Jr.2231,9687261,969Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 1y 5m 3d
Lincoln, Marie Arnold1161,9262151,990Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of Warren L. Lincoln
Lockhart, Louis551,8785281,962Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Lopez, Elliott841,9523101,972Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Lucas, Charles201,8621111,941Hopland Rancheria Cem.M
Lucas, Joe William4151,90510231,988Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Lucas, Mary K.751,893331,974Hopland Rancheria Cem.TWife of Roy H. Lucas
Lucas, Roy H.8181,901411,967Hopland Rancheria Cem.THusband of Mary K. Lucas
Lucas, Victoria1141,8937191,983Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Mace, Jack001,8511241,924Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.OAge 73yrs
Marand, James Butler1151,8941121,960Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TCpl, Co. D, 76 Inf, 15 Div, WW I
Martinez, Delphine Patricia6171,9276242,001Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Martinez, Yolanda Naiden1151,9625122,001Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Maze, Billy001,8544141,926Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.MAge 72yrs
Maze, Ella001,9201131,920Yokayo Rancheria Cem.MDau of Billy Maze
Maze, John8131,8933311,917Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.M
Maze, Mary001,8362171,921Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.MAge 85yrs, Wife of George Maze
Maze, Mildred4241,912381,919Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.MDau of Jack Maze & Sally Elliott
McCowan, Tom001,8371211,917Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.M
Melero, Baby1261,9541261,954Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Metock, Tony001,84710131,933Potter Valley Rancheria Cem.O
Meza, Salvador10121,98310181,983Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Miller, Cecil Edward541,910321,917Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Miller, Frank J.611,873361,962Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Miller, Leslie Elmer001,9088261,919Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.Age 11yrs
Mitchell, Ada Knight11201,899921,980Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Mitchell, Anita Joyce4251,9401041,940Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 5m 9d
Mitchell, Carlos1311,95112291,969Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Mitchell, Dulbert9301,923431,985Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Mitchell, Emma Rose5151,94211302,000Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Mitchell, Joseph501,9791001,979Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Mitchell, Rodney001,936001,936Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 6m
Mitchell, Roy M.641,9391261,964Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Mitchell, Taylor Jr.241,9291061,946Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Mora, Kayla Nicole7241,9947241,994Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Moss, Leonard E.7131,9545291,996Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.U.S. Navy
Munsell, Peter James5181,9064261,946Hopland Rancheria Cem.M
Murguia, Shirley Ann2211,9431171,997Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Myers, Joe5101,8594141,962Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Myers, Robert001,943001,998Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Nelson, Catherine000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Olvera, Daniel861,95510171,973Hopland Rancheria Cem.TAge 18y 2m 11d
Paoli, Florence Pearl Elliott471,9115311,991Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSister of Marie Elliott
Pasadore, Eleanor A.8131,912651,963Hopland Rancheria Cem.TAge 50y 9m 22d
Pasadore, Joseph111,8861241,954Hopland Rancheria Cem.M/THusband of Louisa Pasador
Pasadore, Louisa Antone7151,8662131,965Hopland Rancheria Cem.M/TAge 98y 6m 28d, wife of Joseph Pasador
Pasadore, Norton M.12101,90812101,965Hopland Rancheria Cem.Age 57yrs
Passadore, Kerry V.831,91912271,960Hopland Rancheria Cem.TCpl, 1564 Base Unit, AAF, WW II
Peters, Lee001,868001,903Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Peters, Rose Piner001,867001,935Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Peters, Rosetta6261,8991211,972Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 72y 6m 25d
Pike, Cameron431,988841,988Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Pike, Margaret Lawson12141,9201201,966Hopland Rancheria Cem.TAge 45y 1m 6d
Pinola, Patricia11281,9354141,992Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Pollard, Ruby Faliz7171,923931,996Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Potter, Evelyn001,908001,954Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.No CADI listing
Potter, James Harold6131,935741,960Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Ray, Brown1181,893971,948Laytonville Rancheria Cem.Pvt. 144 MG Bn. 40 Div. WW I
Ray, Christopher Mervin Sr.12251,9267111,998Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Ray, Everett Melvin Jr.5261,94912261,949Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Renick, Doris C.12311,92211111,999Coyote Valley Rancheria Cem.T
Rockey, Freda3251,9246161,997Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Rockey, Maxine12241,926652,000Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Rocky, Venus B.3151,90512241,992Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Roes, Lillian Kathryn5151,918191,979Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TDaughter of Moses James
Sandiego, Baby000000Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Sandiego, Lena Knight3261,89610241,920Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Shepherd, Sabrina Rochelle191,9781251,997Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Silva, Leonard Marvin4241,9271261,984Hopland Rancheria Cem.TS1, U.S. Navy, WW II
Silva, Mary8201,8826291,970Hopland Rancheria Cem.TAge 82y 10m 9d
Silva, Tony001,878121,963Hopland Rancheria Cem.TAge 85yrs
Sloan, Alice Ray2211,9008151,965Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Sloan, Renee M.211,9688121,989Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Smith, Paula Angelica1221,991641,992Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Smith, Son of John (Indian)001,907241,908Potter Valley Rancheria Cem.M
Snow Family000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.At least 4 burials here in this plot
Stanly, Unnamed0004110Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Steele, Raymond Edward10141,9911311,992Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Stevenson, Irvine Wilson711,9263101,968Laytonville Rancheria Cem.MM2C USNR WW II
Stillwell, Samuel M.111,879181,946Laytonville Rancheria Cem.Pvt. U.S. Army WW I
Swanson, Gabriel Earl9161,9755151,996Sherwood Rancheria Cem.T
Taylor, Donald Dennis9181,9608101,991Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Taylor, Velma Audrea871,98112251,981Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Tooley, Delores F.000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Tooley, Irvin000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Tooley, Margaret Ann6151,93012111,952Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Tooley, Mary Ellen000000Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Tooley, Stella4221,9048111,979Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.
Torres, Roseanna3121,985161,998Hopland Rancheria Cem.O
Tr????lain, Stephen0001201,962Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TName & date difficult to read
Varriel, Manwell2151,8672141,949Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Want, Ella Jack8211,9224191,966Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Want, Masha000000Hopland Rancheria Cem.TAge 10m 2d
Warden, Alex D.581,8916211,963Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 72y 1m 13d
Warden, Alex W. Jr.6121,942531,939Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 26y 10m 20d
Warden, James G.11231,940681,968Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 27y 4m 14d
Whipple, Carla Ann441,9582231,980Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 21y 10m 19d
Whipple, Jeffery741,9572241,980Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 22y 7m 20d
Whipple, Thelma6201,9193281,992Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
White, Alcord000000Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
White, Arvid Otto10201,92710301,966Laytonville Rancheria Cem.Pfc. 5010 Sup SQ AF, WW II
White, Nellie Fletcher111,85611121,942Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TAge 86yrs
White, Robert5251,891141,951Laytonville Rancheria Cem.Pvt. 115 Sanitary TN 49 Div.
White, Velma Bernice451,9297251,999Laytonville Rancheria Cem.
Whiterock, Guy Anthony7111,954881,973Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSon of Paul & Mary Whiterock
Whiterock, Paul Louis611,9646281,964Yokayo Rancheria Cem.TSon of Paul & Mary Whiterock
Wibell, William001,8384261,928Hopland Rancheria Cem.
Wilbell, Laura111,8559121,942Hopland Rancheria Cem.T
Williams, Clara Luff000
Williams, Jinnieva551,924991,925Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Williams, William Mitchell2281,9019291,997Yokayo Rancheria Cem.T
Wilson, David Herbert10271,9217201,997Laytonville Rancheria Cem.Age 75yrs
Wright, Allen10211,8991171,976Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Wright, Carolyn M.7241,9344181,998Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.T
Wright, Charlie Louis341,92912121,988Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.Pfc, U.S. Army, Korea
Wright, Charlie Louis Jr.5101,954441,977Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Wright, Herbert John681,9217171,990Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.Pfc, U.S. Army, WW II
Wright, Stella M.001,902001,987Pinoleville Rancheria Cem.
Zepeda, Mary Ellen8311,954461,955Redwood Valley Rancheria Cem.MAge 3m 5d, Dau of Marchio & Esther (Tooley) Zepedo

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