1851 Quebec Canada Directory, First Arrivals From Sea In The Port Of Quebec

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

First Arrivals From Sea In The Port Of Quebec.
May 9th, 1760-11. M. S. Leostoff, Captain Deane.
May 16th, 1765 Snow Apthorp, F. Bushia, from Glasgow and Belfast.
May 29th, 1766-Sloop Elizabeth, G. Snow, from Boston.
May 6th, 1767-Sloop Fanny and Jenny, Capt. Cobb, from Boston.
May 12th, 1771 Brig Pitt, Capt. Palmer, 6 weeks from London.
May 13th, 1772-Brigantine Canadian, Abbott, from London.
May 20th, 1773-Ship Canadian, Abbott, from London.
May 5th, 1777-Transport Ship Genl. Conway, from Newfoundland.
May 20th, 1778-Snow Jason, Sloper, 7 weeks from Cadiz.
May 7th, 1781-Harriet, Bacon, from London.
May 14th, 1786-Ship Integrity, from the Downs.
May 11th, 1787-H. M. S. Thistle, Capt. Coffin, 11 days from Halifax.
May 14th, 1789-Ship Achilles, Pile, from Liverpool.
June 2nd, 1795-Brig Caroline, Jenkins, 17 days from Trinity Bay.
May 20th, 1796-Brig Jessies, Paterson, 3rd April from Greenock.
May 15th, 1797-Schooner Susan Craigie, Macintyre, 56 days from St. Domingo.
May 11th, 1798-Schooner Swift, Robson, 2nd March from Jamaica.
May 8th, 1799-Brig Nympth, Pryor, 4th March from St. Vincent, &c.
May 17th, 1800-ketch Firm, Dutramel, 1.9 days from Halifax.
April 25th, 1801-Ship Nancy, Bain, 27th March from Liverpool.
May 12th, 1802-Brig Mary, Sartus, 11th March from Newcastle.
May 4th, 1803-Brig Antelope, Boucher, 49 days from Jamaica.
April 25th, 1804-Ship Jane, Perkins, 16th March, from Liverpool.
May 5th, 1805-Ship Quebec, Bailey, 19th March from London.
May 9th, 1806-Brig Caledonia, Wilson, 26 days from Ayr.
April 28th, 1807-Brig Henrietta, Losh, 22 days from Liverpool.
April 19th, 1808-Brig Triton, Wright, from Hull.
May 4th, 1809-Ship Ocean, Tracey, 52 days from Portsmouth.
May 3rd, 1810-Ship Prospect, Wake, 33 days from Newcastle.
April 26th, 1811-Ship Hero, Stephenson, 30 days from London.
May 2nd, 1812-Ship Christopher, Coward, 38 days from London.
May 5th, 1813-H. M. S. Woolwich, five weeks from Portsmouth.
May 8th, 1814-Schooner Priam, Pye, 27th April, from Halifax.
May 10th, 1815-Ship Hope, Banner, 45 days from Alicant.
May 12th, 1816-Ship Glory, Shand, 42 days from Liverpool.
May 13th, 1817-Ship Fame, Mimet, 25th March, from Hull.
May 7th, 1818-Brig Patroit, Anderson, 32 days from Aberdeen.
May 1st, 1819-Brig Patroit. Anderson, 25 days from Aberdeen.
May 9th, 1820-Brig Royal Charlotte, Hobson, 50 days from Alicant.
May 8th, 1821-Brig Southampton, White, 30 days from Grenada.
April 27th, 1822-Brig Mary, Murphy, 20th March from St. Vincent.
May 9th, 1823-Brig Hugh, Greig, 27th March from Belfast.
May 1st, 1824-Bark Europe, Willis, 25th March from London.
April 24th,1825-Ship Perseverance, Egg, 29th March from Plymouth.
April 25th, 1826-Ship Walrus, Wright, 18th March from London.
April 30th, 1827-Ship Quebec Packet, Anderson, 2nd April from Aberdeen.
May 8th, 1828-Ship Gaspe, Bonnyman, 4th April from Gibraltar.
May 2nd, 1829-Brig Ann Eliza and Jane, Reid, 23rd March from Bristol.
April 26th, 1830-Ship Unicorn, Troup, 31st March from Liverpool.
April 16th, 1831-Brig Nemesis, Roallins, 24th March from Poole. –
May 4th, 1832-Ship Canada, Allan, 2nd April from Greenock.
May 10th, 1833-Brig Favourite, Allan, 27 days from Greenock.
May 6th, 1834-Bark Ottawa, Douglas, 31st March from London.
May 2nd, 1835-Brig William Ash, Randall, 20th March from Bordeaux.
May 11th, 1836-Ship Canada, Allan, 2nd April from Greenock.
April 29th. 1837-Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, – days from London.
May 3rd, 1838-Pocris, Arnold, 27th March from Poole.
May 8th, 1839-Ship Rainbow, Arnold, 31st March from Poole.
April 25th,1840-Ship Vero, Webb, 25 days from Poole.
April 29th, 1841-Ship Vern, Mills, 2nd April from Poole.
May 2nd, 1842-Bark Kingston, Robson, 50 days from Gibraltar.
April 18th, 1843 Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, from London.
May 3rd, 1844-Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, 19th March from London.
May 1st, 1845-Bark Great Britain, Swinburn, 13th March from London.
April 24th, 1846-Ship Albion, Allan, 28th March from Glasgow.
May 8th, 1847-Ship St. Andrew, Lorby, from Glasgow.
May 1st, 1848-Ship Caledonia, Greenhorn, 27th March from Greenock.
April 28th, 1849-Ship Albion, McArthur. 20th March from Glasgow.
April 28th, 1850-Ship Montreal, McMaster, 19th March from Liverpool.
April 20th, 1851-Ship Toronto, Ballantine, 17th March from Liverpool.

Quebec Canada,

The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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