Biographical Sketch of Joseph Debenedetti

The life of a successful father, standing before him as an example, Joseph Debenedetti forsook Italy’s sunny skies for the western lands of California. His father, John came to the United States in 1855, and in 1856 removed to the west. He mined for a short period, engaged in the mercantile business in San Francisco, and then went to Santa Clara where he died.

Joseph Debenedetti was born in 1849. When only six years old he firmly made up his active mind to follow his father across the sea. In 1867 he set out for San Francisco via’ Central America, and after his arrival he went to Calaveras County where he spent 10 months. He then returned to San Francisco, and for two years engaged in trading with remote settlers in the county. In 1872 he came to Halfmoon Bay and a year later opened a general merchandise store. In 1874 Mr. Debenedetti married Teresa Scarpa. Seven of their nine children are living, Mrs. Josephine Michieli, John L., Mrs. Angelina Francis, George, William. Mrs. Irene Bettencourt, and Henry.

Politically Mr. Debenedetti was a Democrat and as a recognition, he was appointed postmaster by President Cleveland. He served as a supervisor of San Mateo County for 12 years, and while in this office he let the contract for the bridge over Paraleside Creek at Halfmoon Bay, the first concrete bridge erected in San Mateo County. He belongs to the I. O. O. F. Mr. Debenedetti died May 18, 1914.



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