1861 Directory of Illinoistown California

1861 Directory of Illinoistown California

Austin Lawrence, miner

Baldwin John, butcher
Bane Wm. packer
Beal B. laborer
Beals Charles; laborer
Bracken John, miner
Brickell B. prop’r Placer Exchange
Brickell Ed, Illinoistown Hotel
Brown Jonathan, Placer Exchange
Buckley H. bar-keeper, Blue Wing

Ciouse Jas. blacksmith
Combs Chas. laborer
Cornelus Wm. laborer
Craig John, clerk

Dyer, Charles, farmer

Ebert M. E. teamster
Egbert Robert, merchant
Elgin Wm. laborer

Harned S. K. miner
Heaney Daniel, Mineral Bar road sup
Hightower William, miner
Hines W. A. packer
Hill Wm. miner

Isaacs F. M. packer

Keck Jacob, prop’r Blue Wing
Keller John, blacksmith

Meating N. J. laborer
Mulligan Philip, miner

Shoemaker James, laborer
Stuart Wm. cabinet maker

Turner John, miner
Tallman R. J. miner
Taylor G. M. miner
Taylor John, miner
Taylor O. miner
Teasland Geo. miner
Tedd J. M miner
Ten Eyck Ed. miner
Ten Eyck Geo. miner
Theal Peter, miner
Thomas H. M. miner
Thompson Jacob, miner
Thompson M. miner
Thompson M. saloon keeper
Thorp David, miner
Tibbetts J. P. physician
Tigler M. miner
Tillman John, miner
Tobin Wm. miner
Tracy E. expressman
Trask C. O. merch’t, [Monona Flat,]
Trask L. miner
Trask W. millman
Trasure J. millman
Trasure Jo. millman
Travino Wm. miner
Tucker W. miner

Vagley C. C. miner
Vagley John, miner
Van Vacter Wm. miner
Vandiver J. F. miner
Varnum J. B. teacher
Vaughn D. J. miner
Verney V. R. miner
Voland E. miner
Volny W. D. miner
Voorhees W. miner

Wallace W. H. merchant

Yokom Wm. laborer


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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