Arizona Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Apache, Fort, Arizona – On White Mountain River; first known as Camp Ord.
Arivaypa, Fort, Arizona – In Pinal County; name changed to Fort Breckinridge.

Barrett Fort, Arizona – At the Pimas Villages.
Beale’s Springs Camp, Arizona – Forty-three miles east of Fort Mojave.
Bowie, Fort, Arizona – At Apache Pass.
Breckinridge, Fort, Arizona – Arivaypa and San Pedro Rivers; name changed to Fort Stanford.
Buchanan, Fort, Arizona – Near Calabasa Ranche, 45 miles southeast of Tucson.

Cameron Camp, Arizona – Fifteen miles northeast of Tubac.
Canon Chelly Fort, at, Arizona.
Colorado Camp, Arizona – On Colorado River Indian Reservation
Crittenden Camp, Arizona – On site of old Fort Buchanan.

Date Creek Camp at, Arizona – Sixty miles southwest of Prescott; established as Camp McPherson.
Defiance Fort, Arizona – At Canyon Bonita, Apache County.

Eldorado, Camp. Arizona – On Colorado River, near the mouth of Eldorado Canyon.

Floyd Fort, Arizona – On Mimbres River; established as Camp Webster; name changed to Fort McLane.

Goodwin Fort, Arizona – On Gila River, Pima County
Grant Fort (new), Arizona – At foot of Mount Graham.
Grant, Fort (old), Arizona – At junction of Arivaypa and San Pedro Rivers.

Huachuca Fort, Arizona – At the mouth of Central Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, Cochise County.
Hualpai Camp, Arizona – On Mojave Creek; first called Camp Toll Gate.

Ilges, Camp, Arizona – On Rio Verde.
Infantry Camp, Arizona – Name changed to Camp Pinal.

La Paz Camp, Arizona – On Colorado Indian Reservation.
Lincoln Camp, Arizona – Name changed to Fort Verde.
Lowell Fort, Arizona – On Rillito Creek, 7 miles northeast of Tucson.
Lowell Ordnance Depot, Arizona – Near Tucson.

Mansfield Camp, Arizona – Seven miles south of Fort Defiance.
Mason Fort, Arizona – Twelve miles southeast of Tubac; name changed to Camp McKee.
Mogollon Camp, Arizona – Now Fort Apache.
Mojave Fort, Arizona – On Colorado River, near the head of Mojave Valley.

McDowell Fort, Arizona – On Rio Verde, 8 miles above its junction with Salt River.
McKee, Camp, Arizona – First called Fort Mason.
McPherson Camp, Arizona – Name changed to Camp Date Creek.

Ord Camp, Arizona – Now Fort Apache.

Pinal Camp, Arizona – In Pinal Mountains; name changed to Infantry Camp.
Prescott Barracks, Arizona – Now Whipple Barracks.

Rawlins Camp, Arizona – In Williamsons Valley, 27 miles northwest of Prescott.
Reno, Camp, Arizona – In Tonto Valley.
Rio Verde Reservation, Arizona – Indian Reservation.
Rucker J. A. Camp, Arizona – In White River Canyon; first called Camp Supply.

San Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona.
Skull Valley Camp in, Arizona – Near Prescott.
Stanford Fort, Arizona – First called Fort Arivaypa and changed to Fort Breckenridge
Supply Camp, Arizona – Name changed to Camp J. A. Rucker.

Toll Gate, Camp, Arizona – Forty miles northwest of Prescott; name changed to Camp Hualpai.
Thomas Fort, Arizona- Graham County.
Thomas, Camp, Arizona – Apache County; name changed to Fort Apache.

Verde Fort, Arizona – On Verde Creek, 30 miles from Prescott; originally called Camp Lincoln.

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