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Nicholls – Bruce Line

The following is quoted from the book “Sergeant Francis Nicholls and Descendants of his Son, Caleb,” by Walter Nicholls. This book may be found in the Newberry Library,
Chicago, Ill. The Nicholls-Bruce Lineage:
King Robert Bruce, 1334;
Robert Bruce Clackmanon, 1367;
Sir Edward Bruce,
Sir Robert Bruce, 1393;
Sir David Bruce,
Sir David Bruce, 1497;
Sir Robert Bruce,
Edward Bruce, 1565;
Robert Bruce,
Sir George Bruce of Carnock; Margaret Bruce, dau. of Sir George Bruce of Carnock, m. Francis Nicholls of London, England.
Arms: A fesse between three lions’ heads.
Crest: A tiger sedent, Ermine.
Motto: Illi nunquam sedunt.

Nicholls – Upham Line

The origin of the name (Upham) is either Saxon or Norman, and signifies “Uplands – a home on the hills.” The first mention of the name as an ‘‘heredity distinction’’ and called by the French and English a “surname” because added to the baptismal name, was in a deed of lands to the monastery of Saint Maria de Bradenstock in Wills County, England – a gift from the estates of one Hugo de Upham. The name is also in the “Doomsday Book” and in the “Charter Rolls” of Turr, London.

Robert Nicholls of London

Robert Nicholls b. (not known); m. Elizabeth or Isabel; d. 1548.

1 Thomas (the elder);
2 John;
3 Thomas (the younger).

In the Will of Robert is mentioned his three Sons and a grandson, son of Thomas (the elder). To them were left a mansion in London, and other large landed property.

Thomas Nicholls (the elder)

Thomas Nicholls b. (not known); m. Elizabeth Popplewell; d. 1561.

1 Robert;
2 Anthony;
3 Richard;
4 John.

Francis Nicholls

Francis Nicholls b. before 1600; m. first wife (not known); second wife, Anna Wines, dau. of Deacon Barnabas Wines; d. 1650.

1 John
2 Isaac 3 Caleb 4 a daughter

With his brother Edward, held military offices (sergeant) in the Royalist cause and had to flee England and never returned. He came to Stratford, Conn., with his four children, in 1639, but must have lost his wife before coming, as no mention of her is made in the records here.

Francis Nicholls

Francis5 Nicholls b. (not known); m. Margaret Bruce; d. 1622. Margaret Bruce, his wife, b. (not known); dau. of Sir George Bruce of Carnock; d. after 1662.

1 Edward, b. before 1600;
2 Francis, b. before 1600;
3 Bruce (a daughter);
4 Richard, Governor of New York in 1664 and returned to England in 1667, when he was appointed “Groom of the Bed-Chamber” to his Highness, James, Duke of York.

Abraham Nicholls

Abraham Nicholls b. January 29, 1662; m. Rachel Kellogg, December 3, 1684; d. (will and inventory not found.) Rachel Kellogg, his wife, b. February, 1663, dau. of Daniel and –Kellogg, of Norwalk, Conn.

1 Joseph, b. September 21, 1685
2 Daniel, b. April 7, 1687
3 Hester, b. October 31, 1689, m. Elnathan Peet
4 Rachel, b. November 9, 1691, m. E. Booth
5 Abraham, b. September 15, 1696
6 Avis, b. November 7, 1698
7 Eunice, b. November 7, 1698 (Avis and Eunice twins)
8 Ruth, b. 1701, m. Stephen Burroughs
9 Phebe, b. 1703, m. Deacon Thomas Peet.

Abraham did not go with the family when they removed from Stratford to Woodbury, but remained to supervise his father’s interests; a large portion coming to him by inheritance, comprising thousands of acres, greatly enlarged through proprietary distribution. About 1700, he erected a fine homestead, described as an immense gambrel-roofed structure, situated upon an eminence overlooking Long Island Sound. The site of the old place is now Nicholls and is regarded as one of the ideal villages of southern Connecticut.

Caleb Nicholls

Caleb Nicholls b. (not known) son of Francis and first wife; m. Ann Warde, 1650; d. June 14, 1690.

His wife, Ann Warde, b. (not known) dau. Andrew and Esther (Sherman) Warde of Fairfield, Conn.

Her mother Esther Sherman was daughter of Edmund and Judith (Angier) Sherman, formerly of Bedford, England. She bequeathed to her daughter Ann Nicholls in 1665 her “best red cloth petticoat, also nine pounds to be divided between the children of said Ann Nicholls. Andrew Warde was the son of Andrew and grandson of Sir Richard Warde of Gorleston, Suffolk Co., England.

His grandmother was a daughter of Sir Richard Gunville, also of Gorleston. Andrew Warde was Commissioner and one of the first magistrates of the Bay Colonies who declared war against the Pequots in 1637.

Children of Andrew and Esther (Sherman) Warde:
1 Edmund, m. Mary Hunt
2 William, m. Deborah Lockwood
3 Ann, m. Caleb Nicholls
4 Mary, m. John Burr, ancestors of President Burr of Princeton University and Aaron Burr, Vice-President of the United States;
5 John, m. Mary Harris
6 Sarah, m. Nathan Burr
7 Abigail, m. Moses Denion
8 Andrew, m. Tryal Meigs, ancestors of Captain Andrew and General William Warde of Revolutionary fame;
9 Samuel, m. Alice Ogden
10 Esther.

1 Sarah
2 Anne
3 Esther
4 Joseph
5 Samuel
6 Andrew
7 Abraham
8 Abigail
9 Hannah
10 Caleb
11 Phoebe
12 Mary
13 John

Caleb Nicholls lived at Stratford, Conn. until 1670 when he removed to Woodbury. Conn., all tho retaining all of his proprietary rights at Stratford. These rights together with his plantation at Woodbury were bequeathed to his wife and children, affording each a handsome competency. He was “Selectman” and received other honors.

Daniel Nicholls

Daniel Nicholls b. April 7, 1687; m. Hannah Peet, 1705; d. May 4, 1740. Hannah Peet, his wife, b. about 1687; dau. of Benjamin and Priscilla (Fairchild) Peet.

1 Samuel;
2 Daniel;
3 Nathan Peet;
4 Rachel.

In 1761, Daniel had the small-pox, and the town voted him four pounds “if he recovered.”

Samuel Nicholls

Samuel Nicholls b. about 1706; m. Hannah (first wife), about 1725; d. (not known).

1 Mabel
2 Rachel
3 Elnathan
4 Benjamin

Benjamin Nicholls

Benjamin Nicholls, b. June 15, 1729; m. Lydia Upham, Pomfret, Conn., June 20, 1745 (Mansfield records); d. about 1770. Lydia Upham, his wife, b. Pomfret, Conn., January 23, 1725; d. Mansfield, Conn., Mar. 10, 1786.


1 Jemima, b. April 12, 1747;
2 Benjamin, b. April 12, 1747 (twins) ;
3 John, b. August 1, 1749;
4 Thomas, b. February 3, 1752;
5 Lydia b. February 23, 1754;
6 Jemima, b. July 13, 1758;
7 Thomas, b. February 21, 1761;
8 Mary, b. April 27, 1768.

Anthony Nicholls

Anthony Nicholls b. (not known) ; m. Mary Waldron, Say County, Somerset, England; d. (not known).
1 Francis;
2 Anthony;
3 William;
4 Elizabeth.

Lydia Nichols

Lydia Nicholls b. Mansfield, Conn., February 23, 1753; m. William Dodge, Canterbury, Conn. July11, 1781; d. Richland, N. Y., March 17, 1826.

1 Abigail
2 John
3 Lydia
4 Chester
5 Sylvester
6 Clarissa
7 Fanny
8 Polly
William Dodge, her husband, b. Mansfield, Conn., September 5, 1758; d. Richland, N.Y..

May 11, 1828. A Revolutionary soldier (see “Connecticut Men in the Revolution”) Buried at Pulaski, N. Y.

John Upham

John Upham the progenitor of the American Uphams. b. Somersetshire, England, 1597; m. Elizabeth Webb, in England (date unknown) d. Malden, Mass., February 25, 1681. Elizabeth Webb, his wife, b.Somersetshire, England; d. Malden, Mass., Dec. 2, 1670.

1 Phineasb;
2 Hannah;
3 Nathaniel;
4 Mary;
5 Elizabeth;
6 Priscilla.
Came in 1635, in the Joseph Hull Company of twenty-one families.

Pioneer in the settlement of Weymouth and Malden. Made “Freeman”, 1635. Deputy to General Court, 1636-1638-1639. Selectman eight years; Moderator three years; Justice of the Peace. Commissioner six years in treaties with the Indians. Prominent in public affairs until his death.

Phineas Upham

Phineas Upham, b. Weymouth, Mass., 1635; m. Ruth Wood, Malden, Mass., February 14, 1658, by Rev. Richard Russell. d. Maiden, Mass., October, 1676. Ruth Wood, his wife, b. 1636, dau. of Edward and Ruth Wood. of Charlestown, Mass. d. 1696.

1 Phineas, 1659;
2 Nathaniel,
3 Ruth, 1664;
4 John, 1666;
5 Elizabeth;
6 Thomas.

Only son of John to leave posterity. Rendered important service in King Philip’s War; Lieutenant on Staff of Massachusetts Regulars, Fourth Company, “Army of United Colonies” for Narragansett Campaign, December 16, 1673. “A meritorious and efficient officer, associated with an official of the Plymouth Colony in command of highly hazardous expedition into enemy’s country. “Died of wounds received in the capture of Narragansett.

Lydia Upham

Lydia Upham b. Pomfret, Conn, January 3, 1725; m. Benjamin Nicholls, Mansfield, Conn., June 20, 1745 (Mansfield records); d. Mansfield, May 10, 1786. Benjamin Nicholls, her husband (see Nicholls-Bruce line), b. June 15, 1729; d. about 1770.

1 Jemima
2 Benjamin
3 John
4 Thomas
5 Lydia
6 Jemima
7 Thomas
8 Mary

Nathaniel Upham

Nathaniel Upham b. Maiden, Mass., 1661; m. Sarah Floyd, Maiden, about 1684; d. Maiden, November 11, 1717. Sarah Floyd, his wife, b. Maiden, Mass., 1662; d. October 14, 1715.

1 Nathaniel
2 Sarah
3 Ruth
4 Dorothy
5 Noah
6 Abigail
7 Joanna
8 Lois
9 Eunice

Sergeant in Indian War.

Noah Upham

Noah Upham b. Maiden, Mass., October 1,1694; rn. Lydia Jenkins, Maiden, about 1720; d. Mansfield, Conn., February 8, 1766. Lydia Jenkins, his wife, b. about 1700; d. October 19, 1762.

1 Noah, 1720
2 Benjamin; 1720
3 Lydia, Jan. 3, 1725
4 Mary, 1730

Lived also at Pomfret, Conn., and owned lands there.

Collateral Descendants of Nicholls – Bruce Line

Hon. John Sherman
William Tecumseh Sherman
Hon. Roger Sherman
Hon. William M. Evarts
Senator George F. Hoar
Rear-Admiral Andrew Hull Foote
General William Hull
Major General Wheeler
Colonel Charles H. Whipple
Admiral Hiram Paulding
Stephen Burroughs, inventor of Decimal Currency
Rev. Freeman Clark
George Burroughs Torrey, portrait painter of United States and Paris
John Burroughs, naturalist and author
Mary Emma Woolley, president of Mount Holyoke College
Everett Ward Olmsted, Cornel University
Rev. Aaron Burr, First president of Princeton College
Aaron Burr, third Vice-President of the United States
Peabody, philanthropist and banker
George Gould
Henry Ward Beecher
Harriet Beecher Stowe


Rev. James Upham of Chelsea, Mass.
Isaac Upham of San Francisco, California.
Col. Charles Leslie, Meridan, Connecticut.
Dr. Albert Leslie, Concord N. H.
Judge Nathaniel Gookin, Concord, N. H.
Farmer’s Genealogical Dictionary.
Freeman”s ‘‘Cape Cod.’’
Frank Kidder, Ft. Custer, Montana.
Hon. Nathaniel Upham, Rochester, N. Y., in his “Notices of the Life of John Upham–1845.”
“Genealogy of the Upham Family.”
Woodward’s Dodge Genealogy.
Dodge Genealogy, by Joseph Dodge.
Nicholls Genealogy.
“Sergeant Francis Nicholls and Descendants of Son Caleb”

Bruce, Dodge, Nicholls, Upham,


Collection: Compiled Genealogies. Original sources listed on specific pages.

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