Berry in Cottonwood Township

Philip Switzer,

Nancy Bridger, Son of immigrant, Valentine Switzer an his wife, Mary (Hutsinpillar) Hotzenbella, was born in Hampshire County, Va., March 15, 1757, and died in Addison Township, Gallia County Ohio, July 3, 1835.

Wife of Phillip Switzer was born Dec. 20 1767, and died August 11, 1829, in AddisonTownship, Gallia County, Ohio. She was the daughter of John Bridger.


William Switzer,
Valentine Switzer, married Lydia Lasley
John Switzer,
Mary Switzer, married David Lasley
Nancy Switzer, married Samuel Blake
Rebecca Switzer, married Theophilus Blake
Sarah Switzer, married William Guthrie
Elizabeth Switzer, married John Hinkle

Phillip Switzer was a Revolutionary War soldier.

Children of Metellus Switzer and Mary Margaret Hamlin:

James Crooks Switzer,
Francisco (Frank) Switzer, born Aug. 16, 1850, married Abigail Watson
Americus Valentine Switzer, born July 1853, died 1922; married Lucy Chapelle
Ida May Switzer, born March 30, 1857, died Jan. 29, 1937; mar­ried Samuel R. Davis, Feb. 28, 1881
Jefferson Davis Switzer, born April 1862, died Jan. 1863
William Langley Switzer, born Jan. 1864, married Lola McCarty, decd. He is still living


Metellus Switzer, a son of Valentine, a son of Phillip Switzer, was born in Gallia County, Ohio, on March 30, 1825, and died in Gallipolis, Ohio, January 12, 1865. His wife, Mary Margaret Hamlin was born Nov. 14, 1826 and died Dec. 4, 1904.

James Crooks Switzer, born July, 1847, died Oct. 1872; enlisted as a private in 1863 in 173rd Ohio Infantry Volunteers, for one year; re-enlisted in 3rd Ohio Cavalry, sent to Sacramento, Cal.; later a rider in Pony Express Mail Service.

Children of Francisco (Frank) Switzer and Abigail Watson:

Ada Switzer,
Anna Belle Switzer, born Feb. 1876, married John Harrison Berry, Dec. 1900
Alta Allen Switzer, born Nov. 1877, married Henry Reeves, Oct. 6, 1897
Earl Andrew Switzer, born Oct. 1879, married Eva Mercer, daughter Kathryn
Jasper Dalton Switzer, born Feb. 1882, married Isabel Sigler, di­vorced; one child, Joane.
Edna Juanita Switzer, born June 1884, married Nicholas Backus
Ethyl Wakima Switzer, born July 1886, married John Beckey
Frank Switzer, Jr.
Kathleen Marie Switzer, born Dec. 1895, married George Becker

Children of John Harrison Berry and Anna Belle Switzer:

J. Earl Berry, born April 1909, married Marguerite Rood, child, Betty Anne.
Lois Marie Berry, born Dec. 1916.

Children of Henry Reeves and Alta Allen Switzer:

Thelma Reeves, born June 20, 1899, married John Eppel
Ruth Reeves, born April 13, 1901, married Clarence Wagner
Abbie Reeves, born May 12, 1903, married John Haner
Frank Reeves, born Nov. 4, 1905, married Viola Scott; one child, Francis Reeves.
Max Reeves, born May 11, 1915.


John Eppel and Thelma Reeves have two children—Joanne and John Harold.

Clarence Wagner and Ruth Reeves have the following children: Robert, Jack, Billy, Carolyn and Edward.

Children of John Beckey and Ethyl Wakima Switzer:

William C., Robert, Jack, Kathleen, Esther and Edna.

Americus Valentine Switzer was married to Lucy Chapelle and lived most of his life in Gallia County, Ohio later loca­ting in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he died. He was buried at Hurricane, W. Va.

Children of Americus Valentine Switzer and Lucy Chapelle:

May Switzer born 1878, married to James Gilfillen; one child, Lucy. Later to James Wallace, children: Virginia, Lenore, Dana, David and Eddie. Living at Hurricane, W. Va. born 1875; married Charles Lott. No chil­dren. Lives in Gallipolis, Ohio.

Carrie Switzer born 1884, married to Margaret _______ lives in Huntington, W. Va.; children Ruth and Leo.
Clyde Switzer born 1887, married to Ida Hicks, children Janette and Hilda. Later married to Celestie Sherritt, one child, William. Living in Ad­dison Township, Gallia County
Lewis Switzer born 1891, married to Naaman Canaday, Jr., children, Golden, Cassius, Delmar, Edna, Blanche Mary Lee, Bruce C., Robert Keith, Marshall and Gerald. Has always lived in Gallipolis, Ohio.
Anna Switzer born June, 1899, married John Clarke, chil­dren, Ruth, Raymond, Stella, Loraine, Dolores, Charley, Jefferson, Lewis. Has always lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ora Switzer

Children of Naaman Canaday and Anna Switzer are:

Golden Canaday born Feb. 3, 1901.
Cassius Canaday born July 30, 1903.
Delmar Canaday born June 16, 1905.
Edna Canaday born Dec. 26, 1907.
Blanche Canaday born Oct. 21, 1911.
Mary Lee Canaday born Oct. 3, 1914.
Robert Keith born July 25, 1918.
Marshall Canaday Feb. 11, 1920.
Gerald Canaday born June 24, 1923.
Bruce C. Canaday

Children of Samuel R. Davis and Ida May Switzer:

Sylvia Davis, born Dec. 1882, deceased.
Bessie M. Davis, born March 1884, married D. W. Selby.
Nellie A. Davis, born Oct. 1886, married Will Gray, now de­ceased.
Samuel Harry Davis, born Oct. 1888, married Ada Nation.
Frank N. Davis, born May 1890, married Ruth Murphy.
Paul H. Davis, born Sept. 1896, married Mary
Maxon U. Davis, born Jan. 1899, married Doris _____; one child, Max Jr.
Floyd W., born Aug. 1878; a son born by a former marriage.

Samuel Harry and Ada Davis have the following children: Aldean, Har­ry Jr., and Jack.

Will Gray and Nellie Davis have the following children: Margaret, Har­ry Jack (deceased), Virginia, Evelyn, Joanne. Nellie Davis Gray later married Dr. J. S. Carlton (now deceased.)

Paul and Mary Davis have the following children: Paul, Jr., Larry and infant son.

The children of William (Tell) Switzer and Electa Allen Switzer are:

(Who moved to Cottonwood, Gallatin County, Illinois.)

Metellus Switzer,
James Switzer,
John Switzer,
Agnes Switzer,
Fanny Switzer,
Andrew Switzer,

Esther Switzer, daughter of Valentine and Lydia Lasley Switzer, mar­ried Wesley Rothgeb.


Viola Victoria Rothgeb, born Feb. 25, 1847, married Frank Southall
Zachary Taylor Rothgeb, born Sept. 25, 1848, died Sept. 14, 1866.
Samuel Vinton Rothgeb, born June 18, 1850, married Julia Watson. He died March 7, 1932.
Mary Melsena Rothgeb, born Jan. 20, 1852; married Robert Fulton. She died Feby. 7, 1928.
Lyda Jane Rothgeb, born March 9, 1854, died March 9, 1904.
Wesley Livesay Rothgeb, born Oct. 2, 1856, died July 17, 1877.
Reuben Marcellus Rothgeb, born Feby. 15, 1858, died May 31, 1938.
Jessie Adilla Rothgeb, born March 23, 1860, married Nathaniel Rhey. She died April 23, 1937. (Second husband, John Fulton.)
Eliza Alberta Rothgeb, born March 2, 1862, died March 12, 1872.
Esther Rothgeb, born Dec. 30, 1865 married S. W. Swisher. He is deceased.


Wesley Rothgeb, husband of Esther Rothgeb, was appointed 1st Lieut. and Quarter Master of 15th Battalion Infantry, 0. V. M. (Gallia County, Ohio,) March 1864.

His son, Zachary Taylor Rothgeb, was a private of Capt. Samuel Roth­geb, Co. E., 141st. Regiment of 0. N. G., Vol. Enrolled on 2nd day of May 1864, discharged Sept. 12, 1864, by reason of expiration of service.

The children of Viola Victoria Rothgeb and Frank Southall are:

Jessie M. Southall, who married Ed Haney.
Imogene Southall, who married Louis Mahood.
Pauline Southall, who married Chas. Litton (7 children.)
Nettie Southall, who married David Rees, (She is deceased.) 4 children.
Mary Southall, who married Ed Champ (She is deceased.)

The children of Samuel Vinton Rothgeb and Julia Watson Rothgeb were:

Ella Louise Rothgeb,
Alberta Rothgeb, deceased.
Infant, deceased.

The following were the children of Mary Melsena Rothgeb Fulton and Robert Fulton:

Robert Fulton,
Kate Fulton, who married D. Walcott. deceased.
Edward Fulton, deceased.
Arthur Fulton, deceased.
Curtis Fulton, deceased.
Foster Fulton, married Nellie Burns (6 children.)

The following were the children of Jessie Adilla Rhey and Nathaniel Rhey:

Arthur Rhey, deceased.
Esther Rhey, deceased.
Evelyn Rhey, married Al Taylor.
Frieda Rhey, married M. Allen.
Ina Rhey, married A. Whitney
Jesta Rhey, married Ezra Saunders (2 children

The children of James Thaddeus Allen and Ella Bird Allen were:

George Allen,
Bess Allen,


Valentine Switzer was a County Commissioner of Gallia County, Ohio, for a number of years between 1860 and 1870. He is ‘buried in Bethel Cemetery near Chickamauga Creek, in Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio.

Only four of his fourteen children grew to adults, namely: Valentine Hutsinpillar Switzer and Charles John Switzer, whose mother was Evaline Sim­mons Switzer; and Robert Mauck Switzer and Benjamin Mills Switzer, sons of his second wife, Melissa L. Mauck Switzer.

Valentine Hutsinpillar Switzer served in the 91st Ohio Infantry Volun­teers, during the Civil War and he was sheriff of Gallia County, Ohio, from 1887 to 1892. He was married to Melissa Lydia Plummer, June 26, 1870, who is still living. He died November 3, 1908.


Edward Lewis Switzer, born June 26, 1871, died March 8, 1872.
Arthur Plummer Switzer, born May 16, 1873, died in Feby. 1935.
Charles Herriman Switzer, born Jan. 4, 1876, still living.
Mabel Switzer, born April 25, 1880, still living.

Arthur Plummer Switzer married Lulu A. Womeldorff, June 5, 1912. She was born May 1, 1889.

Charles Herriman Switzer married Winifred Smith, Oct. 29, 1915. He has been Assistant Postmaster at Gallipolis, Ohio, since 1910.

Mabel Switzer married Jacob Vervenne, Sept. 1, 1923. He was born April 23, 1876.

Charles John Switzer married Evalyn Ella Dowd, May 14, 1884, who was born July 2, 1866 and died July 1932.


Edith Myrtle Switzer, born Oct. 17, 1885, married Alfred Proctor Johnson, Sept. 18, 1907. He was born April 2, 1883.

John Bernard Switzer, born Oct. 3, 1887, married Mattie Rosalie Wil­terberger, Oct. 23, 1914. She was born April 10, 1887.

John Bernard Switzer has been Appointment Clerk of the Interstate Com­merce Commission for more than thirty years.

Robert Mauck Switzer, born March 6, 1863, married Alice M. Simmons, Dec. 1, 1896.


Paul Benjamin Switzer, born Sept. 13, 1897, married Opal Woodyard.
Robert Mauck Switzer, Jr., born April 8, 1901.
Roger Simmons Switzer, born May 13, 1904.
John Edward Switzer, born July 30, 1907.

Robert Mauck Switzer, Gallipolis, Ohio, was Prosecuting Attorney of Gallia County, Ohio, for six years following January 1, 1894; a Representative of the 10th Congressional Di5trict of Ohio, in the United States Congress for four (4) successive terms following March 4, 1911; ‘and City Solicitor of the City of Gallipolis for sixteen years following January 1, 1922.

Benjamin Mills Switzer, born June 22, 1865, married Ajesta Eagle in January 1893, who died May 16, 1923. (No children.)

John Switzer, son of John Switzer, a son of immigrant Val­entine Switzer, was born in 1806, in Gallia County, Ohio, and died in Addison Township, Gallia County, Ohio, August 11, 1844. He was married to Sarah Rhyne, June 16, 1834.
wife of John Switzer was born Oct. 18, 1806.
Sarah Rhyne, born April 30, 1835, died Nov. 17, 1902. Mar­ried Charles Leonard
Mary F. Switzer

Rebecca C. Switzer, born July 4, 1836, died August 23, 1844.
Sarah C. Switzer, born January 20, 1838, died August 18, 1838.
George R. Switzer, born July 16, 1839, died June 30, 1909.
John J. Switzer, born Oct. 2, 1841, date of death unknown.
Valentine F. Switzer, born January 12, 1843, died August 15, 1844.
Margaret F. Switzer, born January 24, 1845, died Oct. 19, 1919. Married Wellington Hawkins.


John Switzer was a Colonel of an Ohio Militia Organization. Children of John and Sarah Rhyne Switzer:

George Rhyne Switzer, son of Colonel John Switzer, a son of John Switzer, a son of immigrant Valentine Swit­zer, was born July 16, 1839; married Mary Eliza Morton, November 4, 1865.

Mary Eliza Morton, wife of George Rhyne Switzer, was born Feb­ruary 7, 1843, died April 13, 1917.


Ella Belle Switzer, born Dec. 23, 1866, married Isaac Newton Jones, April 22, 1897.
Ida Jane Switzer, born June 6, 1869, married Burt G. Hodge, Feb. 18, 1891.
Franklin Davis Switzer, born April 4, 1872, married Carrie M. Culp, July 7, 1897.
Myrta May Switzer, born March 14, 1877, married Edward Culp, Aug. 12, 1900; she died Feb. 12, 1932.
Sallie M. Switzer, born June 4, 1881, married Ira J. Copeland, Nov. 18, 1907, who died Feb. 21, 1938.
Pennell Cherrington Switzer, born Nov. 18, 1883, married Helen Camp­bell, Dec. 31, 1913.
Homer Morton Switzer, born July 13, 1886, married Neva Swanson, Sept. 15, 1913.
Harry LeClercq Switzer, born June 26, 1890, married Edith Mills, Sept. 21, 1913.


George Rhyne Switzer served in the 91st Ohio Infantry Volunteers, dur­ing the Civil War.

Children of Newton and Ella Belle Switzer Jones:

Othniel Jones, born June 14, 1900. married Geraldine Col­lins, Jan. 30, 1930; two children, Thomas I., born Feb. 20, 1937 and Daniel I., born Nov. 5, 1938.
Eleanor Jones, born Aug. 7, 1902.
Mary Ruth Jones, born June 14, 1900. married Geraldine Col­lins, Jan. 30, 1930; two children, Thomas I., born Feb. 20, 1937 and Daniel I., born Nov. 5, 1938.
Esther Gwinn Jones, born Sept. 13, 1907, married Phil W. Buck, April 29, 1933; one child Sandra Kay, born Jan. 30,1934.
Donald Jones, born April 10, 1910, married Frances Clark, Dec. 31, 1936.

The children of Burt and Ida Jane Switzer Hodge were as follows: May Manda Hodge, John Guy Hodge and Elaine Hodge.

Children of Franklin Davis and Carrie M. Culp Switzer: Virginia Swit­zer and Frank Switzer.

The children of Myrta M. and Edward Gulp as follows: Mildred, Eve­lyn, Mary, William and Barbara.

The children of Sallie M. Switzer and Edward J. Copeland, who died March 21, 1938, as follows:

Mary Elizabeth Copeland, born Oct. 27, 1908, married Ralford Snyder, Nov. 16, 1934; one child,, Ray Snyder.
Highland Hortense Copeland, born Oct. 20, 1910.
Merrill F. Copeland, born Sept. 12, 1912, died Feb. 2, 1915.
Frances Irene Copeland, born Dec. 28, 1915, married Gordon L. Stover. Sept. 22, 1934; one child, Elva Laurene.
Gladys Lucille Copeland, born Feb. 25, 1917.
Mildred Pauline, born July 1, 1920.

Children of Homer M. and Neva Switzer: Louise, born May 13, 1914, George, born April 1919, Mary Elizabeth, Nov. 1920, and Paula.

Charles Leonard and Mary F. Switzer, a daughter of Col. John Swit­zer, son of John Switzer, son of immigrant Valentine Switzer, were married Sept. 1, 1857.


John V. Leonard, born July 29, 1858, died Aug. 10, 1929; married Catharine Malaby.
William D. Leonard, born Oct. 11, 1859, died Dec. 14, 1937; mar­ried Ella Reynolds; one child, Pearl.
Benton Leonard, born July 12, 1862, died July 16, 1919; married Jestie F. Roush.
Lizzie R. Leonard, born Oct. 16, 1863, died Oct. 16, 1865.
George U. Leonard, born Jan. 15, 1865, died Sept. 6, 1894; married Ida Shaffer.
Eva B. Leonard, born Nov. 2, 1866, married Thurman D. Wood.
James F. Leonard, born Aug. 26, 1868, died Aug. 30, 1870.
Margaret F. Leonard, born Dec. 24, 1869, died Aug. 24, 1938; mar­ried Joseph Pfadt.
Harland A. Leonard, born Sept. 15, 1871, married Ethel
Millard F. Leonard, born Nov. 26, 1873, died April 25, 1929; married Lyda Ingels.
Wellington H. Leonard, born Oct. 28, 1876, died Jan. 5, 1929; married Flora Dulaney.
Joseph C. Leonard, born Nov. 30, 1878, died Aug. 11, 1938; married Morah Thomas.


Children of Benton Leonard and Jestie F. Roush, (married Oct. 1881) are: Claude Ethel, Ina, Floyd, Amos and Way Clyde.

The children of Joseph Pfadt and Margaret F. Leonard: Lizzie, Mary, Marion, Georgia, Carl, Claude, Catharine and Edmond.

Children of Millard F. Leonard (first wife) Lyda Ingels: Edmond and Gertrude, both deceased; (second wife) Elizabeth Nan.

George U. Leonard and Ida Shaffer had one child, Mabel; married James Horace Kail.

Children of Wellington H. Leonard and Flora Dulaney: Artie and Nellie.

Children of Joseph C. Leonard and Morah Thomas: Charles Leonard and Paul Leonard.

Margaret F. Switzer, daughter of Col. John Switzer, married Wellington Hawkins, Oct. 28, 1876. He was born Nov. 17, 1825. One child, John Jay Hawk­ins, born July 8, 1877, died April 14, 1917. All deceased.



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