A Bibliography On the Old New Jersey

The writer of this volume has been very much assisted in her task by Mr. Frank Moore’s Diary of the Revolution, a collection of extracts from the periodicals of the day. This valuable compilation has saved much time and trouble. Other books that have been useful are the following.

  • Adventures of Christopher Hawkins.
  • Adventures of Ebenezer Fox. Published in Boston, by Charles Fox, in 1848.
  • History of Brooklyn by Stiles.
  • Bolton’s Private Soldier of the Revolution.
  • Bigelow’s Life of B. Franklin, vol II, pages 403 to 411.
  • Account of Interment of Remains of American Prisoners. Reprint, by Rev. Henry R. Stiles.
  • Elias Boudinot’s Journal and Historical Recollections.
  • Watson’s Annals.
  • Thomas Dring’s Recollections of the Jersey Prison Ship, re-edited by H. B. Dawson, 1865.
  • Thomas Andros’s Old Jersey Captive, Boston, 1833.
  • Lossing’s Field Book of the Revolution.
  • Memoirs of Ethan Allen, written by himself.
  • Journal of Dr. Elias Cornelius.
  • Dunlap’s New York.
  • Narrative of Nathaniel Fanning.
  • Narrative of Jabez Fitch.
  • Valentine’s Manual of New York.
  • The Old Martyrs’ Prison. A pamphlet.
  • Jones’s New York.
  • Poems of Philip Freneau.
  • Prison Ship Martyrs, by Rev. Henry R. Stiles.
  • A Relic of the Revolution, by Rev. R. Livesey, Published by G. C. Rand, Boston, 1854.
  • Memoirs of Alexander Graydon.
  • Memoir of Eli Bickford.
  • Martyrs of the Revolution, by George Taylor, 1820.
  • Memoirs of Andrew Sherburne.
  • Mrs. Ellet’s Domestic History of the Revolution, pages 106-116.
  • Irving’s Life of Washington, vol. III, p. 19.
  • Experiences of Levi Handford. C. I. Bushnell, New York, 1863.
  • Onderdonk’s Suffolk and King’s Counties, New York.
  • Philbrook’s Narrative in Rhode Island Historical Society’s Proceedings, 1874 and 1875.
  • Harper’s Monthly, vol. XXXVII.
  • Historical Magazine, vol. VI, p. 147.
  • Mrs. Lamb’s New York.
  • Jeremiah Johnson’s Recollections of Brooklyn and New York.
  • Life of Silas Talbot, by Tuckerman.
  • Ramsey’s History of the Revolution, vol. II, p. 9.
  • Narrative of John Blatchford, edited by Charles I, Bushnell, 1865.
  • Irish-American Hist. Miscellany, published by the author, 1906, by Mr. John D. Crimmins.

Dandridge, Danske American Prisoners of the Revolution, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1911, 1967.

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