Alabama Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Alabama, Fort, Alabama – On Coosa River, in Elmore County.
Alexandria, Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Alexis, Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Armstrong, Fort, Alabama – On Etowah River, near the Coosa.

Bailey Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Bainbridge Fort, Alabama- Seventeen miles southeast of Tuskegee.
Bibb Fort, Alabama – In Butler County.
Blakely Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Bluff Fort, Alabama – In Morgan County.
Bowyer Battery, Alabama – At Fort Morgan.
Bowyer Fort, Alabama – Present site of Fort Morgan.

Canal Battery, Alabama – At Mobile.
Canby Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Charlotte Fort, Alabama – At Mobile; first called Fort Conde.
Choctaw Point or Bluff Fort at, Alabama – Fort Stonewall, near Mobile.
Claiborne Fort, Alabama – On the Alabama River, near mouth of Limestone Creek.
Clark Camp, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Conde Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile; named changed to Fort Charlotte.
Confederation Fort, Alabama – At Jones Bluff, in Sumter County.
Craven Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Crawford Fort, Alabama – In Russell County.
Curry’s Fort, Alabama- On the Tombigbee River.

Dale Fort, Alabama – In Butler County.
Dauphin Island Fort on, Alabama – Fort Gaines.
Davis Fort, Alabama – Macon County; now town of that name.
Dearborn Battery, Alabama – At Fort Morgan.
Decatur Fort, Alabama – On Tallapoosa River.
Defiance Camp, Alabama – Forty-eight miles west of Chattahoochee.
Deposit Fort, Alabama – On Tennessee River, at mouth of Honeycomb Creek, Lowndes County; now town of that name.

Easely’s Fort Alabama – Near junction of Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.
Elk River Fort at Alabama- Fort Hawkins.

Farragut Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile
Florida Fort, Alabama – On Mobile River.
Forse Camp, Alabama – At Huntsville.

Gadsden Fort, Alabama – Near Spanish Fort
Gaines Fort, Alabama – On Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, on sight of old Fort Tombigbee
Gladden Redoubt, Alabama – Near Mobile
Glass Redoubt, Alabama – Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers
Granger General Hospital Alabama – At Huntsville.
Grants Island, Reservation, Alabama – In Mobile Bay.
Great Horseshoe Bend Fortified Camp at, Alabama – On Tallapoosa River; called by the Indians “Tohopeka.”
Gunners Landing Cantonment at, Alabama

Hampton Fort, Alabama – On Elk River.
Harker Battery, Alabama – At Stevenson.
Hawn, Fort, Alabama – On Tombigbee River.
Henderson Fort, Alabama – In Lee County.
Herbert Hilary A. Camp, Alabama – At Montgomery.
Heron Island Fort on, Alabama – Fort Powell.
Horseshoe Bend, Alabama – On Tallapoosa River.
Huger Fort, Alabama – Near the mouth of the Tensas River.
Hull Fort, Alabama – Five miles south of Tuskegee.

Ingersoll, Fort, Alabama

Jackson Fort, Alabama – At junction of Coosa and Tallapoosa rivers, on the site of old Fort Tholouse.
Jones Fort, Alabama – Near Roanoke, Randolph County.
Johnston Camp, Alabama – At Mobile.

Lashley’s Fort, Alabama – At Talladega
Lavier Fort, Alabama – Between Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.
Likens Fort, Alabama – In Broom Lower Valley.
Lincoln Battery, Alabama- Near Huntsville.
Louts Fort, Alabama – At month of Mobile River.

Mackintosh Redoubt, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Macomb Fort, Alabama – At Chef Menteur Pass; first called Fort Wood.
Mims Fort, Alabama – Near Montgomery.
Missouri Battery, Alabama – Above Dog River, near Spanish Fort.
Mitchell Fort, Alabama – Russell County, on Chattahoochee River; now town of that name; 10 miles below Columbus.
Mobile Arsenal, Alabama – At Mobile.
Mobile National Cemetery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Mobile Point, Fort at, Alabama – Fort Morgan.
Montgomery Fort, Alabama- Near Alabama River, opposite the “Cut Off.”
Morgan Fort, Alabama – At Mobile Point.
Morton Battery, Alabama – Near Fort Morgan.
Mound Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Mount Vernon Arsenal Alabama – At Mount Vernon.
Mount Vernon Barracks, Alabama – At Mount Vernon.

McCrary Fort, Alabama – Near Roanoke.
McDermitt Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
McIntosh Battery, Alabama – A defense of Mobile.

Opelika Fort, Alabama – At Opelika.

Pass au Heron Tower, Alabama – At Mobile Bay.
Payne Fort, Alabama – DeKalb County; now town of that name.
Pinto Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Pierce Fort, Alabama – On Alabama River, 2 miles south of Fort Mimms.
Powell Fort, Alabama – On Heron Island, Mobile Bay.

Rankin’s Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile River.
Red Fort, Alabama – Near Spanish Fort.
Reviers, Fort, Alabama – Between Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.

St. Louis de la Mobile, Fort, Alabama – On Mobile Bay.
St. Philip Fort, Alabama – On Mobile River, 20 miles above Mobile.
St. Stephens Fort, Alabama – On Tombigbee River, 142 miles southwest of Montgomery.
Seraf Fort, Alabama – At Mobile Point.
Shipp Camp, Alabama – At Anniston.
Sidney Johnson Fort, Alabama – At Mobile.
Sinquefield Fort, Alabama – Between Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.
Spanish Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Strother Fort, Alabama – On Coosa River, near the Ten Islands.
Stephens Fort, Alabama -On Alabama River, above Mobile.
Stevenson Fort, Alabama – At Stevenson.
Stodderd Fort, Alabama – On Alabama River, near the junction of the Tombigbee.
Stonewall Fort, Alabama – At Choctaw Bluff.

Taylor Camp, Alabama – At Huntsville.
Thomas Barracks, Alabama – At Huntsville.
Thoulouse Fort, Alabama – Subsequent site of Fort Jackson; near Tuskegee, on Mobile River.
Tighlman Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Tohopeka Fort, Alabama – On Tallapoosa River.
Tombigbee, Fort, Alabama – On Little Tombigbee River.
Tombigbee, Fort, Alabama – On Dauphine Island; subsequent site of Fort Gaines.
Toulouse Fort, Alabama – East bank of Coosa River, 4 miles above its junction with the Tallapoosa.
Tower Island Reservation, Alabama – In Mobile Bay.
Tracey or Tracy Fort, Alabama – Near mouth of Tensas River.
Truson Fort, Alabama – Near Spanish Fort.
Tyler Fort, Alabama – In Chambers County.

Wheeler Camp, Alabama – At Huntsville.
White Fort, Alabama – In Clarke County,
Williams Fort, Alabama – On Coosa River, at the mouth of Cedar Creek.

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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