Society of Mississippi Choctaw 1916

A sharp distinction is to be drawn between the Indians in Mississippi and the so-called Mississippi Choctaw “claimants.” The former are few in numbers and easily ascertainable, while the latter are numerous and scattered from Bayou Labatre, Alabama on the east to Mesa City, Arizona on the west. A number of these claimants are banded together in an organization known as “Society of Mississippi Choctaws.”

Bayou Labatre, Alabama

Sarah E. Bosarge Andrews
Armenia Bosarge Andrews
Claral Bosarge Akridge
Bessie Golman Bosarge
Amile Bosarge
Hubert Bosarge
Hubbard Bosarge
John J. Briant
George H. Briant
Albert L. Demore
Nora Wintzell Golman
Mac BriantRobertson
Ella Golman Simonson
Marshall Bosarge, Coden, AL
John Gorlott, Theodore, AL
Minnie Le Bosarge Andrews
William E. Akridge
Fannie Andrews Arnett
Hubert L. Bosarge
Corlott Corlell Bosarge
Albert Bosarge
Dora Bosarge
Willie Lester Briant
Margaret Briant Cain
Robert Golman
Carrie Andrews Lander
Rosa Sheppard
Annie Andrews Simonson
Olive Wintzell

Mesa City, Arizona

Susanna Glover Williams

Diane, Louisiana

Addie Williamson Petty

Franklington, Louisiana

William P. Knight
Mattie Green Magee

Hackney, Louisiana

Marshal Barber
Rosa Thomas Barber
John M Duncan
Aca Dallus Duncan
Rosella Thomas Duncan
Garlen M. C. Duncan
Loran Thomas Duncan
Alice Thomas Duncan
James Erwin
Julia V. Thomas Erwin
Norma Knight
Norman Knight
James Knight
Thomas E. Magee
Lucy Duncan Thomas
William H. Thomas
Edward Thomas
Margania Thomas
Matthew Thomas
Noah Thomas
Perry E. Thomas
Esley Thomas
Florence Erwin Barber
Josephine Thomas Barber
Ada Thomas Duncan
Marcus C. Duncan
Robert M. Cuncan
James Hubert Duncan
Luke Duncan
Dora Duncan
Boss Erwin
James Calvin Knight
Candacey Knight
Nettie Erwin Knight
Dan Magee
Irene Duncan Thomas
Louis Guy Thomas
McCauley Thomas
Charlie P. Thomas
Ben Thomas
Lona Thomas
Roxie Thomas
Lillie Thomas Taylor

Kirkland, Louisiana

Gertrude Wood Blackwell

Jenkins, Louisiana

Mary Knight Duncan

Nestor, Louisiana

Myrza Wells Rapp,
Norwood H. Williamson
Benjamin H. Williamson
Ferrol D. Williamson
Edward H. Williamson
Ferrol H. Williamson
Mary A. L. Williamson

New Orleans, Louisiana

Isaac Bates
Elizabeth Wells Dutrey
Theodore J. L. Edwards
Helen S. Edwards
Arnold Finnie
Noble Ross Finnie
Bettie Guess Finnie
Eloise Norwood
Mettie F. Terrell Price
George W. Wells
Archie Williamson
Nancy Finnie Young
Charlotte Glase Clark
Araminta S. Edwards
Sarah Abbey Edwards
Emma V. Edwards Ellison
Archie Finnie
Noble Armand Finnie
Elizabeth Williamson Norwood
Ora A. S. Palma
Bertha Finnie Thomas
Paul Williamson Jr.
Nailor H. Williamson

Oakdale, Louisiana

Benjamin E. Pillow
Thelma Pillow
Maude E. Pillow
Ollie Pillow
Dora Pillow

Oil City, Louisiana

Ada Lee Conerly Hamiter

Shreveport, Louisiana

Laura Patterson McLemore
Laura L. McLemore

Airey, Mississippi

Bragg B. Evans
Mary Redmond Evans

Beauvoir, Mississippi

Margaret Mitchell Brownlee
Mary Calaghan Craven
W. H. Tisdale

Beatrice, Mississippi

Seth H. Bond

Biloxi, Mississippi

Sarah Young Abbey
Aurelia Fountain Bosarge
Eliza Young Holly
Mary Scott Stinson
Hyrana M. Fayard
Louis Fayward
Ernest Moran

Clarence, Mississippi

Lydia Whittington Byrd
Mary Emaline Byrd

Columbia, Mississippi

Matilda Stafford Hatten

Cuevas, Mississippi

Mary Jones —

Florence, Mississippi

Marry E. Stallings Hester
Lizzie Pierce Thomas
Thomas L. Hester

Gloster, Mississippi

Thomas B. Conerly
Mary Conerly Lamkin

Gulfport, Mississippi

Benjamin F. Bullock
Luke Ward Conerly
Collin W. Creel
Annabel Sellers Connor
Pearl L. Davis
Sawnson M. Edgar
Rowena Sumrall Falgo
Forest Graham
Robert M. Green
G. O. McDonald
Berry Wilson 1
Bessie Thomas Wilson
Damaris White Bullock
P. J. Coerly
Caroline Creel Cuthires
John E. Dorsett
Mary Esterling Edgar
Mamie E. Elias
Lucy Creel Graham
Annie Talbot Gerlach
Ella Whittington Jordan
Allie Williams McDonald
Pearl L. Wilson 2

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Margaret Reid Rawls

Helena, Mississippi

Harry E. Young

Humphreys, Mississippi

J. N. Taylor

Laurel, Mississippi

Jack Creel

Long Beach, Mississippi

S.P. Conerly
Lawrence K. Smith

Lyman, Mississippi

Robert Dobson
Oliver Holloman
Whitsen Paige
Martha Page Smith

Monticello, Mississippi

Daniel Glover

Moss Point, Mississippi

William Cowart
Hannah E. J. Cowart

McHenry, Mississippi

John Carroll Bond
Russell Bond
Proctor Beall
John C. Hickman
Una Hickman
John M. Redmond

New Hebron, Mississippi

O.A. Marsh

Nugent, Mississippi

Margaret Paige Clark
Daniel H. Cowart
Mary Nelson Merrit

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

William Frank Bellais
Charlotte King Bellais
William Dobson

Okolon, Mississippi

Elma E. Conerly Hill

Perkinston, Mississippi

Elizabeth Hickman Breland
Walter M. Davis

Powers, Mississippi

Decatur P. Bond

Riceville, Mississippi

Leonerd W. Ladnier

Ruble, Mississippi

William R. Whittington

Saucier, Mississippi

Jesse H. Bond
Mills T. Bond
Thomas Jackson Evans
Hyram F. Redmond

Summit, Mississippi

Martin P. Duncan

Tylertown, Mississippi

Fannie A. Duncan Blackwell
Daniel S. Wood

Van Cleave, Mississippi

Mary Shoule Taylor

Wheat, Mississippi

James E. Wheat

Wisdon, Mississippi

Marion Bond

Topaz, Missouri

James Turnbull

Bentonville, Texas

James A. McLemore
Jane Wilson McLemore

Corpus Christi, Texas

Henry E. McLemore
William R. McLemore

Duster, Texas

Albert G. Walker

Ennis, Texas

Oliver Bosarge Owens

Miles, Texas

Alice Harris Hines

San Marcos, Texas

Emma Moore Miller

Timpson, Texas

Steven A. Walker

Winfield, Texas

Lillian Smith Elrod
Julia Risher Smith Sr.

Provo City, Utah

Parham Glover

Raymond, Canada

Mary Glover NortonCitations:

  1. President of the Society of Mississippi Choctaw.[]
  2. Male, Secretary of Society of Mississippi Choctaw.[]


Reeves, John T. 1916 Reeves Report. Web.

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  1. Clarence, Mississippi
    Lydia Whittington Byrd
    Mary Emaline Byrd
    Looking for my Byrd (Bird)Line, George Washington Bird 1809 married Lucy (Lucinda) Barker Byrd 1807. Both are buried in Atmore at Head of Perdido cemetery.
    A son John A Bird (Byrd) 1841 Married Margarett . Shows she is Choctaw on census .
    Would you have any information on this line of Byrds(Birds)? Thank you for any information you may have on this family.

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