Bowman’s Chapel United Methodist Church History and Membership

Bowman’s (Boman’s) Chapel United Methodist Church and Cemetery is located at 7508 County Road 310 in the Trimble community. The church was founded around the turn of the century and re-organized in 1934. The site of the current building and cemetery was sold to the M. E. Church of Boman Chapel by Elza Titus Rooker Speegle and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Kilgo Speegle for $5.00 on November 2, 1918. The current building was built around that time. The fellowship hall was added by parishioners in 1991 at a cost of $13,000.

The geographic location is Township 11, Section 16, Range 04W.

Bowman Chapel Membership

Name Membership Transfers From Transfer To

Luther Jacobs Profession by Faith

Rev. O. M. Jones By Transfer

Johnnie Morgan PF

Winnie Speegle PF

Dona Speegle PF

Bessie Sullivan BT

S. A. Jones BT

Gracie Speegle BT Sardis Baptist Mount Vernon Methodist,Gardendale,Alabama

Fannie Speegle BT

Sam Speegle PF

Mable Calvert BT Sardis Baptist

Mittie Speegle BT Sardis Baptist

Annie Lue Morgan PF

Mammie Lee Morgan PF

Louie Morgan PF

Bernice Speegle BT Sardis Baptist

Roscoe E. Speegle PF

Lebell Jacobs PF

Vernell Jacobs PF

Magdalene Speegle PF

W. Boatler Speegle PF

Bud W. Speegle BT

Homer Calvert PF

Glenn Calvert BT

T. L. Speegle PF

Mary Sue Densmore BT Baptist

Margie Jones BT Baptist

Ore Bell Morgan PF

Velsie Alred BT

Betty Dean Jones BT Baptist

Oscar Jones Jr. BT Baptist

Ozell Jacobs PF

Effie Calvert BT

Lillian Pope PF

John Pope PF

Nona Mae Speegle PF

Jerry Still PF

May Speegle PF

Minnie Lee Speegle BT Baptist

Dexter Bernard Speegle PF (9-29-1946)

Gladys Speegle PF

Charles Glass BT

Lona Bates BT Baptist Bethsadia Baptist

Adolphus C. Taylor BT Sardis

Pearl Persall Taylor BT Sardis

Ray Taylor PF

Syble Faulkner PF

Pearl Farley BT

Bonnie Demonia PF(9-29-1946)

Erma Taylor PF(9-29-1946)

Willodean Speegle PF (9-29-1946)

Thurmond Pharr PF(7-30-1948)

Vonda Nell Taylor Bates PF(7-30-1948)

Retha Speegle PF(7-30-1948)

Wylmer L. Bates PF(7-30-1948)

Carolyn Speegle PF(Aug. 1958)

Kay Speegle BT(9-8-1963)

Dexter Bernnard Speegle BT(9-8-1963) Transferred Back

J. Donis Akers BT(10-13-1963)

Willie Jay Akers BT(10-13-1963)

Felton M. Humphrey BT(10-13-1963) Baptist

Elrada Humphrey BT(10-13-1963) Baptist

Donald Speegle PF(1968)

Mary Fay Speegle PF(1968)

Helen Speegle PF(1969)

Sandra Junkins PF(1969)

Larry Speegle PF(1969)

Dennis Speegle PF(1969)

Brenda Taylor PF(1974)

Rozella Akers PF(1974) Saint Andrews

June Speegle PF(1974)

Harold Speegle BT(1974) Hanceville,Lutheran

Glenda Speegle BT(1974) Hanceville,Lutheran

Rev. Jerry Freeman BT

Donna Reid Freeman BT

Nezzie McCurry BT

Nell Baker PF

Wendy Reid PF

Jewell Howlett BT

Angelee Corley BT

Ricky Howard PF(8-18-1995)

Michael Tucker Sr. BT(8-18-1995)

Sandra Tucker BT(8-18-1995) Rejoined

Michael Tucker Jr. BT(8-18-1995)

Frankie Jones BT(9-15-1996) Bethany Baptist

Sharon Jones BT(9-15-1996) Bethany Baptist

Wayne Junkins PF(9-15-1996)

Matthew Junkins PF(9-15-1996)

Myra Speegle PF(4-6-1997) Logan Baptist


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