Alabama Land Patents – Creek Tribe

Alabama Land Patents – Creek Tribe

Patentee NameDateDoc.#Accession #
ARCHO LOK HARJO01/27/18421011AL5080__.072
BANK OF STATE OF ALABAMA06/23/18425226AL5080__.253
BANK OF STATE OF ALABAMA06/23/18425237AL5080__.252
BANK OF STATE OF ALABAMA06/23/18425245AL5080__.251
BANK OF STATE OF ALABAMA06/23/18425304AL5080__.254
BANK OF STATE OF GEORGIA01/29/18421003AL5080__.073
BANK OF STATE OF GEORGIA01/27/18421011AL5080__.072
CHOPKO, JOHNNY02/12/1912200364247942
COLUMBUS LAND COMPANY01/29/18421003AL5080__.073
EMARTHLAR, ALABAMA06/23/18425237AL5080__.252
HANRICK, EDWARD06/23/18425226AL5080__.253
HANRICK, EDWARD06/23/18425237AL5080__.252
HANRICK, EDWARD06/23/18425245AL5080__.251
HANRICK, EDWARD06/23/18425304AL5080__.254
HARDAWAY, ROBERT S01/29/18421003AL5080__.073
HUDSON, J A02/12/1912200364247942
MAC DOUGAL, D02/12/1912200364247942
NAR PAR LAR HADJO01/29/18421003AL5080__.073
NE HAR HADJO06/23/18425226AL5080__.253
PETERS, CHARLES W09/09/1909077960
SMITH, THOMAS K01/27/18421011AL5080__.072
TALLADIG MICCO06/23/18425304AL5080__.254

Collection: Native American Land Patents.

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  1. Hello….I have the Eastern Creek Roll number and name. How do I go about finding that person by his EC- 1139.

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