1832 Creek Census – Clewalla Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Clewalla.

1832 Creek Census - Clewalla Town

Clewalla1Micco Chopco2204
Clewalla2Micco E marth lar4105
Clewalla3Lar tar Micco2204
Clewalla4Ufawla Tustunnuggy1102
Clewalla5Talledega Tustunnuggy2103
Clewalla6Fus hatch che Micco1102
Clewalla7Micco Har go4206
Clewalla8Woc se Har go1405
Clewalla9Ho loc Ke Yo ho lo2204
Clewalla10Tallessee Hopoiethly5308
Clewalla11Toat Kis Har go2305
Clewalla12Coch che Yo ho lo1102
Clewalla13Ufawla Har go2204
Clewalla14In clannis Har go3306
Clewalla15Paw hos Har go2406
Clewalla16Micco Chitta1506
Clewalla17Clan Tal Fix i co4307
Clewalla18Ne har Yo ho lo2305
Clewalla19W. J. Shumo411217
Clewalla20Le both Ka2204
Clewalla21Peggy Elliott0202
Clewalla22Tatth Hocar1304
Clewathla22Jim Boy25512principal chief
Clewathla23Sangty? Micco??2204principal chief
Clewalla24Fitz Tug ga2406
Clewalla25Hick co iega1304
Clewalla26O Sook Fix i co2103
Clewalla28Ca bick Ke Yo ho lo1102
Clewalla29Put it Sar1304
Clewalla30Mith la na ga4206
Clewalla31Fuck os ke1102
Clewalla32Is tin liga0202
Clewalla33Ho lat tie E marth lar1405
Clewalla34Cho co lis Har go2305
Clewalla35Wi ge de Hoga2204
Clewalla36Coch char Micco4206
Clewalla37Tal ma chus Har go1304
Clewalla38Paw hos Fix i co2103
Clewalla39Lar na1102
Clewalla40Co e iga2103
Clewalla41Pin Har go2103
Clewalla42Chule Yo ho lo4307
Clewalla43Nit ta2204
Clewalla44Isfanny Yo ho lo4206
Clewalla45Na both che Yo ho lo2204
Clewalla46Yoke po higa1203
Clewalla47Loth ti Yo ho lo3104
Clewalla48Ar bith ke Har go3508
Clewalla49Micco Halka5207
Clewalla50Coch char Fix i co1102
Clewalla51Hath lon Har go2406
Clewalla52Ar par ee E marth lar1102
Clewalla53Micco boige2204
Clewalla55Lar ta ti ee2204
Clewalla56Coch char Yo ho lo1102two of same name
Clewalla57Ho ma he e dar1405
Clewalla58Hi ar dith Kar Har go1102
Clewalla59Woc SeeYo ho lo2103
Clewalla60Tus Conar Fix i co1203
Clewalla61Hillubba E marth lar1102
Clewalla62Hin ne har E marth lar2204
Clewalla63Ocho ie ga1203
Clewalla64Yar har Fix i co4206
Clewalla65Fix i co Har go2305
Clewalla66Hillis Fix i co2103
Clewalla67Sanny Fix i co3205
Clewalla68Mun dar la1304
Clewalla69Cooso bo boiethla2305
Clewalla70Coosa Har go2406
Clewalla71Hie Oak ke1304
Clewalla72Is fanny E marth lar2103
Clewalla73He mar Har go2204
Clewalla74Tallise Micco5106
Clewalla75Ich hos Fix i co2103
Clewalla76Cub bieach che E marth lar2103
Clewalla77Fus hatch che Har go3205
Clewalla78Ko nip Fix i co1102
Clewalla79So de sa3205
Clewalla80Cub breach che Fix i co3306
Clewalla81Coch char ho thlo bore2103
Clewalla82Is ta jar go Har go2103
Clewalla83Is tick a funna Yo ho lo2103
Clewalla84E marth lar Yo ho lo2305
Clewalla85Tus co nar Har go3104
Clewalla86Wa tup Ho boye2002
Clewalla87Coch char Har go1102
Clewalla88Osse Yo ho lo1102
Clewalla89Fuck ta lus ta Har go2204
Clewalla90Is to o liga1203
Clewalla91Tal marse Fix i co3104
Clewalla92Yar har E marth lar5409
Clewalla93Har go Yo ho lo1102
Clewalla94Wol ga1203
Clewalla95Talloaf Yo ho lo2103
Clewalla96Ar fus Har go46010
Clewalla97No co sic car2608
Clewalla98Cho gart ta Har go4307
Clewalla99Echo Har go2204
Clewalla100Chu wos tu Yo ho lo1102
Clewalla101Car bict che E marth lar2103



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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