1832 Creek Census – Chockolocko Town

By a treaty of March 24, 1832, the Creek Indians ceded to the United States all of their land east of the Mississippi River. Heads of families were entitled to tracts of land, which, if possible, were to include their improvements. In 1833 Benjamin S. Parsons and Thomas J. Abbott prepared a census of Creek Indian heads of families, which gave their names and the number of males, females, and slaves in each family. The entries were arranged by town and numbered; these numbers were used for identification in later records. This is the census for the town of Chockolocko.

1832 Creek Census - Chockolocko Town

Chockolocko1Jim Fife88723
Chockolocko2Yo ho lo E marth lar1203
Chockolocko3Cho Fix i co1405
Chockolocko4Is war he2305
Chockolocko5My e per1203
Chockolocko6Tim an ol go3104
Chockolocko7Widow Wolf1203
Chockolocko8Tal las se Har jo1102
Chockolocko9John Leisco1607
Chockolocko10Sally Kogee1203
Chockolocko11Billy Fife3205
Chockolocko13Is far ne o boy1203
Chockolocko14Oke chum Yo ho lo4408
Chockolocko15Tus se ki ar ho lof ter3205
Chockolocko16Tus se ki ar art? Ke1304
Chockolocko17Is fa rne Yo ho lo1102
Chockolocko18Che haw Har jo3306
Chockolocko19Cle chum me Har jo3205
Chockolocko20Mol le cher1203
Chockolocko21Tus ko nar Har jo5308
Chockolocko22Ko chum nar2204
Chockolocko23Ko tock I a3306
Chockolocko24Math ho de0404
Chockolocko25Law tub ba2103
Chockolocko26Tik ko e gey2103
Chockolocko27Til lo1102
Chockolocko28Le tif Har jo2305
Chockolocko29Tom my E marth lar2103
Chockolocko30Foke a la ti ke1304
Chockolocko31Totch yaw Har go1102
Chockolocko32Itch ko3205
Chockolocko33Pow he lus tee Har jo5106
Chockolocko34Ar pe coo che E marth lar2103
Chockolocko35E marth lar Har jo3104
Chockolocko36Cho Yo ho lo3407
Chockolocko38Pin e kar2204
Chewocolee39Wox e Micco1203principal chief
Chockolocko39Pow hose Yo ho lo1102
Chockolocko40Che was ti Har jo5308
Chockolocko41Har lock Ho bi a4206
Chockolocko42No co se E kar2103
Chockolocko43Ar tus ko nub be4509
Chockolocko44Wath lar1102
Chockolocko45O siar Har jo1102
Chockolocko46Chin na bee3205
Chockolocko47Lof ter Fix i co2204
Chockolocko48Hotulge Fix i co5207
Chockolocko50Hi ock e0303
Chockolocko51Tom my Heath le1203
Chockolocko52Kotch ar Fix i co3205
Chockolocko53Poth le bo ya2305
Chockolocko54Oke choy2103
Chockolocko55Fix ic Yo ho lo1203
Chockolocko56Se oth le go3306
Chockolocko57Ok qua Har jo1203
Chockolocko58Cho Yo ho lo11022nd of same name
Chockolocko59Fix ic Har jo1405
Chockolocko60Sim mi of ke2305
Chockolocko61Sim an alt?1506
Chockolocko62Is far ne E marth lar85013
Chockolocko63Pow hose Har jo3407
Chockolocko64Ho bau a2204
Chockolocko65Tus se ki ar Micco1203
Chockolocko66Kotch ar Har jo2305
Chockolocko67Keth li gey2204
Chockolocko68Pass ko Fix i co1102
Chockolocko69O mal le gey1102
Chockolocko70Che was te Yo ho lo3407
Chockolocko71Cil Har jo1405
Chockolocko72Te o bos kie2103
Chockolocko73Ar tus Har jo2103
Chockolocko74O si Yo ho lo1203
Chockolocko75Is ko wab be2406
Chockolocko76Ho tul ge Har jo2204
Chockolocko77Ho lar hin e har2204
Chockolocko78Cho E marth lar3205
Chockolocko79Ko no Har jo1102
Chockolocko80Ho li ge1102
Chockolocko81Se yo lo gey2204
Chockolocko82Saw ho e1304
Chockolocko83Kar pic char E marth lar3003
Chockolocko84Chit to ko ne2204
Chockolocko85Is ti e che1405
Chockolocko86Sath li e gey1102
Chockolocko87Wot ko pi? E1102
Chockolocko88Tal le Fife1102
Chockolocko89Im fut ter Har jo3407
Chockolocko90Pow o Switch ee1102
Chockolocko91Sim an not te gey2103
Chockolocko92Yo ho lo Lock o2204
Chockolocko93So hob be1102
Chockolocko95Koo sar ho boy1102
Chockolocko96Ho lar te E marth lar3205
Chockolocko97Mo clus ho bi a1102
Chockolocko98Sis se Yo ho lo3104
Chockolocko99Fix ic Har jo12032nd of same name
Chockolocko100O switch Fix i co2204
Chockolocko101Ar tus Fix i co1203
Chockolocko102Me ho ger1304
Chockolocko103Choo wy yo ga1102
Chockolocko104Ar to loth ly5005
Chockolocko105Ko nip Fix i co1102
Chockolocko106Ne har Yo ho lo1102
Chockolocko107Ko is ter1102
Chockolocko108Char ley1203
Chockolocko109Stim op o ge4408



Hall, Lance L. Parsons and Abbott Roll.

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