Wisconsin Gold Star List – Price County


Bergeson, Axel Rudolph, 29, Ogema; pvt 161depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 19, ’18.

Boyer, Frank, 28, Fifield; WNG; mus 127inf; Chateau Thierry, Fismes, Juvigny, Alsace, Verdun; dw Oct 14, ’18.

Bruckbauer, Joseph, Jr., 26, Phillips; pvt 363inf; St. Mihiel, Argonne; kia Sept 26, ’18.

Carl, Charles F., 26, Park Falls; pvt 1c1 119mgbn; 2Marne, Juvigny; dd (pneu) Oct 6,’18.

Chariton, Frank, 26, m, Butternut; pvt 5prvnlbn engnrs MP; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 17, ’18.

Dirrigl, Frank, 25, Park Falls; WNG; Mex Bdr; sgt 128inf; dw Aug 31, ’18.

Erickson, Arthur E., 26, Spirit; pvt MD 344inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 29, ’18.

Estheimer, Fred J., 30, Phillips; pvt 311engnrs; overseas; dd (pneu) Nov 11, ’18.

Heinrich, Frank Joseph, 24, Phillips; pvt 161depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 8, ’18.

Hilgart, Frank, 23, Park Falls ; pvt 343inf; overseas ; dd (pneu) Oct 2, ’18.

Hinse, Emil, 24, Brantwood; pvt 64inf; Marabache sec, Puvenelle; dd (tuberc) June 29, ’19.

Homenuk, Prokop, 29, Park Falls; pvt 309inf; kia Oct 17, ’18.

Hummitsch, Richard A., 22, Phillips ; corp 344inf; overseas ; dd (diph) Nov 19, ’18.

Johnson, Emil Stefanos, 22, Ogema; pvt MTC392; overseas; dd (septicemia) Feb 10, ’19.

Neilson, Ray S., 20, Kennan; wag 107MP; overseas; dd (tuberc) May 17, ’18.

Parker, William E., 21, Park Falls; WNG; pvt 119mgbn; overseas; dd (append) Mch 21,’18.

Quarnstrom, Emil N., 24, Ogema; pvt inf Camp Hancock Sept rpldrft; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 10,’18.

Rames, Joseph, 25, Phillips; pvt MD 43fa; U. S.; dd (pneu) Dec 2, ’18.

Raskie, Frank, 25, Phillips; pvt 330supco QMC; overseas; dd (pneu) Nov 23,’18.

Regert, Sam John, 28, Phillips; pvt 120mgbn; Chateau Thierry, Soissons, Verdun; dw Oct 4, ’18.

Rishel, Percival M., 18, Phillips; pvt 119mgbn; U. S.; dd (pneu) Jan 12, ’18.

Schaub, Henry, 26, Catawba; pvt 343inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Sept 28, ’18.

Sebelik, William, 25, Ogema ; pvt 416reslabbn QMC; overseas ; dd (pneu) Oct 1, ’18.

Swanson, Edwin E., 24, Park Falls; pvt 343inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Sept 29, ’18.

Wagner, Frank, 23, Butternut; pvt 344inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 17, ’18.

Wagner, Joseph M:, Jr., 23, Phillips; pvt 311engnrs; overseas; dd (influ) Oct 7,’18.


Stevenson, Gordon, 20, Phillips; seaman 2c1; dd (pneu) Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va., Sept 25, ’18.

Swanson, Henry Herman, 22, Spirit; seaman 2cl; d Naval Base Hospital No. 5, Brest, France, Oct 1, ’18.

Woody, Benedict, 24, Park Falls; fireman 3cl; d USS Oklahoma, Castletown, Ireland, Oct 21, ’18.

World War 1,

Price County WI,

Gregory, John Goadby. Wisconsin's gold star list; soldiers, sailors, marines, and nurses from the Badger state who died in the federal service during the world war. State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1925.

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