Wisconsin Gold Star List – Monroe County


Arnold, Orville L., 41, m, Sparta; WNG; capt 128inf ; kia Oct 7, ’18.

Bell, Otto L., 22, Tomah; WNG; mec 121mgbn; Roncheres, Fismes, Cierges, Bellevue Farm, Juvigny, Beaumont Farm, Alsace, defsec; dd (mening) Sept 25, ’18.

Betthauser, Otto L., 23, Tomah ; pvt 33co Camp MacArthur Sept rpldrft; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 9, ’18.

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Blackwood, Bertice E., m, Tomah; WNG; sgt 121mgbn; Cierges; kia Oct 6, ’18.

Boss, Spencer Ralph, Sparta ; WNG; pvt 28inf: kia Oct 5, ’18.

Bredlow, Emil L., 23, Wilton; pvt 342inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 20, ’18.

Burke, John, 38, Wells; WNG; Mex Bdr; mec 128inf; Alsace, Aisne Marne, Oise-Aisne, Meuse-Argonne; kia Nov 6, ’18.

Canfield, Lee Goodwin, 18, Sparta; mus 3cl hqco 331fa; overseas; dd (sepsis, abscess) May 29, ’19.

Christenson, Einer C., 23, Sparta; pvt 1cl MD Camp Grant rpldrftunit36 ; overseas ; dd (pneu) Oct 6, ’18.

Cole, Glenn, 23, Sparta; WNG; regtl sgt maj 128inf; Alsace, Chateau Thierry, near Soissons, Argonne; kia Oct 7, ’18.

Daugherty, Benjamin Franklin, 25, Sparta; WNG; pvt 1cl 28inf; Cantigny, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Argonne; kia Oct 4,’18.

Dieke, Will, 33, Sparta; wag suptn 14cav 3MP; U. S.; dd (mening) Feb 12, ’18.

Farnham, Dewitt Eli, Sparta; WNG; corp 128inf; Alsace-Lorraine, 2Marne, Meuse; dw Nov 7, ’18.

Fick, Edwin J., 26, Tomah; pvt auxremdet33, Camp Joseph Johnston, Fla. ; U. S. ; dd (pneu) Oct 12, ’18.

Fletcher, Albert H., m, Tomah, 2Lt 372inf; kia Oct 5,’18. Grassman, Elmer, 25, Clifton; WNG; corp 121mgbn; Roncheres,

Fismes, Cierges, Bellevue; dw Sept 8, ’18.

Hanson, Leonard M., 20, Wilton; WNG; pvt 165inf ; dw Oct 14,’18.

Hanson, Otto, 22, Wellington; pvt inf Camp Grant rpltngcmp; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 17, ’18.

Harris, Ray H., 26, Tomah; WNG; 1sgt 121mgbn; Cierges, Bellevue Farm, Fismes, Juvigny; dd (pneu) Oct 11,’18.

Hemstock, Frank, 25, Sparta; pvt CAC, Puget Sound; U. S.; dd (cerebral abscess) Jy 2, ’18.

Jacobs, William D., 22, Wyeville; pvt inf Camp MacArthur Sept rpldrft; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 7, ’18.

Kiefer, Carl E., 26, Tomah; WNG; corp 121mgbn; Champagne; kia Aug 7, ’18.

Kirkeng, Sidney, 22, Leon; pvt 1cl 132inf; Verdun; kia Sept 17, ’18. Lee, Herman Leonard, 28, Melvina; pvt 342inf; overseas; dd (influ) Oct 13,’1$.

Lumsden, Harvey R., 31, Kendall; pvt 163depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 20, ’18.

McCoy, Malcolm Clark, 23, Sparta; 2Lt 14inf, Ft. Sheridan; U. S.; d (suicide) Oct 20, ’18.

McNutt, Leslie E., 22, Tomah; pvt 121mgbn; U. S.; dd (pneu) Jan 21, ’18.

Malphy, Patrick H., 22, Cashton; pvt ambco 248sntn; overseas; dd (pneu) Sept 28, ’18.

Oakes, Eugene Rockwell, 23, Sparta; WNG; pvt 28inf; kia May 21, ’18.

Rathbun, William Timothy, 22, Sparta; corp 128inf; Alsace Lorraine, 2Marne, Soissons; dw Aug 31, ’18.

Rice, Bernard L., 23, Sparta; 1Lt 128inf; Aisne-Marne, Dravegny; kia Aug 8, ’18.

Robinson, Archie Lee, 20, Sparta; WNG; Men Bdr; pvt 28inf; Cantigny, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Argonne; kia Nov 7, ’18.

Sands, Walter Henry, 21, Sparta; WNG; corp 128inf; Fismes; dw Aug 16, ’18.

Schaller, Albert Mike, 21, Sparta; pvt 161depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 7, ’18.

Sommerfield, Arnold E., 23, Tomah; pvt 148mgbn; overseas; dd (pneu) Jan 9, ’19.

Stowasser, Harold C., 24, Tomah; WNG; supsgt 121mgbn; kia Aug 8 ’18.

Sullivan, Charles Miller, 20, Sparta; WNG; sgt 128inf; Austerlitz; dw Jy 20, ’18.

Troupe, James F.; pvt 805pioninf ; dd Oct 6, ’18.

Waters, William Henry, 22, Melvina; WNG; pvt 128inf; d (accidental gunshot wound) Jan 12, ’19.


Stark, Edwin Leo, Wilton; fireman 3cl; lost his life in the service, USS Cyclops at sea, June 14, ’18.


Buschman, William Charles, 25, Tomah; Mare Island, Cal.; dd Feb 22, ’19.

War Nurses

Linehan, Kathryn M., 30, Tomah; Base Hospital, Camp Taylor, Ky.; dd (pneu) Oct 8, ’18.

World War 1,

Monroe County WI,

Gregory, John Goadby. Wisconsin's gold star list; soldiers, sailors, marines, and nurses from the Badger state who died in the federal service during the world war. State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1925.

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