Crawford County, Wisconsin Cemetery Records

Wisconsin Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Wisconsin county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing.

  • Crawford County, Wisconsin Cemetery Records
    • Hosted at Crawford County USGenWeb Archives Project
      • Barnum Cemetery
      • Bell Center–Woods Cemetery
      • Bell Center–Woods Cemetery
      • Boydtown Cemetery
      • Bridgeport Cemetery
      • Brisbois Cemetery
      • Calvary Cemetery
      • Campbell Cemetery
      • Christ or Pleasant Mound Cemetery
      • Crow Hollow Cemetery
      • Dickson Cemetery
      • Dutch Ridge Cemetery
      • Dvorak Family Cemetery
      • Eitsert Cemetery
      • Evergreen Cemetery
      • Evergreen Cemetery
      • Ferryville Cemetery
      • Forest Hill Cemetery
      • Freeman Cemetery
      • Frenchtown Cemetery
      • Fort Crawford Cemetery
      • Gays Mills — St. Mary’s  Cemetery
      • Gran Grae Cemetery
      • Graves or Taft Cemetery
      • Haney Ridge Cemetery
      • Haney Valley Cemetery
      • Hazen Corners Cemetery
      • Herold Family Cemetery
      • Hiam Cemetery
      • Hudson Family Cemetery
      • Kast or Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
      • Kneeland Cemetery
      • Lathrop Family Cemetery
      • Lawrence Ridge Cemetery
      • Main Family Cemetery
      • McAuley-Halls Branch-Pioneer Cemetery
      • Montgomeryville Cemetery
      • Mook Cemetery
      • Mt. Sterling Lutheran Cemetery
      • National Cemetery
      • North Clayton Cemetery
      • Pine Creek Family Cemetery
      • Pioneer or Cook Wood Cemetery
      • Posey Cemetery
      • Rising Sun-St. James Cemetery
      • Rush Creek Cemetery
      • Sacred Heart Cemetery
      • Sugar Grove Cemetery
      • Shanghai Ridge Cemetery
      • South Kickapoo Cemetery
      • Union “Steele” Cemetery
      • St. Gabriel’s Cemetery
      • St. Patrick’s or Georgetown Cemetery
      • St. Patrick Cemetery
      • St. Philip’s Cemetery
      • Hickory Grove or Stuart Cemetery
      • Stuckeyville Cemetery
      • St. Wenceslaus Cemetery
      • Sugar Grove Cemetery
      • Tell Cemetery
      • Towerville Cemetery
      • Union Hill Cemetery
      • Utica  Lutheran  Cemetery
      • Wauzeka Cemetery
      • Wayne Cemetery
      • Wayne Cemetery 2
      • Pleasant Valley, Whiteaker–Coleman Cemetery
      • Yankeetown Cemetery
    • Hosted at USGenWeb Archives Project, Tombstone Photograph Pages
      • Boydtown Cemetery
      • Christ (or Pleasant Mound) Cemetery
      • Campbell Cemetery
      • St Wenceslaus Cemetery
      • St. Phillip’s Cemetery
      • Calvery Cemetery
      • Evergreen Cemetery
      • French Town Cemetery
      • St Gabriel Catholic Cemetery
      • Sacred Heart Cemetery
      • Wauzeka Cemetery


Crawford County WI,

Wisconsin Cemetery Records: A directory of resources providing online access to Wisconsin Cemetery records. See also United States Cemetery Records for cemetery records on all of the United States.

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