Biography of Rev. John M. Naughtin

Rev. John M. Naughtin, pastor of St. Rose Catholic church at Racine, assumed his duties in this connection in 1909 and has here remained for a period of seven years, during which time his labors have been faithful and fruitful. He is a native of Ohio, his birth having occurred in Zanesville in June, 1854, his parents being Thomas P. and Bridget Naughtin, who were natives of Ireland. On coming to the new world they made their way to, Ohio, settling there at an early period. The father has been spoken of as a man of modest means but of the strictest integrity. He became a representative merchant of Mauston, Wisconsin, where for many years he filled the position of postmaster, his service in that connection continuing up to the time of his death.

At an early age Father Naughtin determined to enter the priesthood and all of his studies were directed with that end in view. He spent considerable time as a student in Watertown, Wisconsin, and afterward continued his studies at St. Bonaventure in Allegany, Cattaraugus County, New York, where he remained for about five years. He completed his preparation for the priesthood at St. Francis, Wisconsin. He was then ordained by Archbishop Michael Reiss June 25, 1882, and his first assignment was to the position of teacher at Pio Nono College near Milwaukee, where he continued from 1882 until 1884. In the latter year he was made assistant at St. John’s Cathedral in Milwaukee, where he continued for eight years. He then founded St. Mathew’s church at Milwaukee, remaining there three years, and his next charge was at Madison, Wisconsin, where he continued his labors for fourteen years, and on the expiration of that period he came to Racine October 25, 1909, having been appointed pastor of St.. Rose Catholic church. Here his work has been fraught with good results in the upbuilding of his church and in the organization of the work. He possesses a fine private library and has been a close student of sociological and economic conditions. He has been enabled to advise his people wisely and well upon many questions of vital importance to them and he has the highest respect of his parishioners.



Racine County WI,

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