Biography of Harold H. Hart

Thorough technical and scientific training as well as broad practical experience well qualified Harold H. Hart for the conduct of the important and extensive business which he is conducting as president of the Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company, whose output of Indian blankets makes theirs the foremost establishment of this kind in the country. Mr. Hart is a native of Racine, born July 3, 1882, and is a son of Sands M. and Stella M. (Blake) Hart. A history of his parents and of both his paternal and maternal grandparents is given in this volume, showing him to be descended from two of the oldest and most prominent families of the County. At the usual age he became a public school pupil and after leaving the high school he attended Racine College, from which he was graduated with the class of 1902. His business career pointing toward woolen manufacturing interests, his education was further directed toward preparation for that line and he entered the Philadelphia Textile College, from which he was graduated in 1905. He afterward served as superintendent of three different mills in the east, the largest being that of the Cocheco Woolen Manufacturing Company of Rochester, New Hampshire, where he remained until 1909, when he returned to Racine and has since been connected with the Racine Woolen Manufacturing Company His previous scientific and technical training and broad, practical experience well qualified him for the direction and conduct of an important industry with which the name of Hart has been associated in an official capacity from the beginning. With the reorganization of the business in 1912 he became treasurer of the company and succeeded his father in the presidency in December, 1915, all of the stock of the company being now owned by the Hart family.

On the 18th of November, 1907, Mr. Hart was married to Miss May M. Moore, of Wilton, New Hampshire, and their children are Lucius Sands and Stella Louise. Their social position is in keeping with the prominence to which the family has attained in business circles. Like his predecessors, Mr. Hart is deeply interested in the moral progress of the community as a member of the First Baptist church. He votes with the Republican Party and cooperates with the well devised plans and measures of the Commercial Club for the extension of the trade interests of this city. He belongs to that younger generation of business men who have been called upon to shoulder responsibilities differing materially from those resting upon their predecessors. In a broader field of enterprise they find themselves obliged to deal with affairs of greater magnitude and to solve more difficult and complicated financial and economic problems. The subjective and objective forces of life are in Mr. Hart well balanced, making him cognizant of his own capabilities and powers, while at the same time he thoroughly understands his opportunities and his obligations. To make his native talents serve the demands which conditions of society impose at the present time is the purpose of his life, and by reason of the mature judgment which characterizes his efforts at all times, he stands today as a splendid representative of the prominent manufacturer and capitalist to whom business is but one phase of life and does not exclude his active participation in and support of the other vital interests which go to make up human existence.



Racine County WI,

Racine County Wisconsin History: Racine Belle City of the lakes and Racine County Wisconsin a record of settlement organization progress and achievement. SJ Clarke Pub Co. Chicago. 1916. 1216 pgs.

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