Biographical Sketch of Lucius S. Hart

Lucius S. Hart, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Sands M. Hart, was born in Racine, December 11, 1879. He pursued his education in the public schools, passing through consecutive grades to the high school, and his early business training was received in the woolen mill owned and operated by the family. In 1900, with his younger brother, Harold H. Hart, he made a bicycle tour through Europe, visiting many points of modern and historic interest and touring the country in a most thorough manner. Soon after his return from Europe he went to California for the benefit of his health and while out hunting was accidentally shot on the 18th of February, 1902, his death resulting immediately. His remains were brought back to Racine and were interred in the Mound cemetery. His death was the occasion of deep and widespread regret, for he was a young man of exemplary qualities and sterling worth. In the work of the Baptist church he was very active and was numbered among its most loyal members. He conducted a Baptist mission in Racine. His life was exemplification of high and honorable principles and his memory, enshrined in the hearts of all, remains as a blessed benediction to those who knew him.

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