Washington Councilmen, 1879

The New Tacoma Herald, Oct. 30, 1879, is my authority for the following condensed biographies:

President of the counsel, Francis H. Cook, born in Ohio; age 28; came to the territory in 1871; publisher of the Herald.

Elliot Cline, born in Pennsylvania, age 60; immigrated in 1852; farmer by occupation; residence New Dungeness.

J. H. Day, born in Virginia, age 60, immigrated in 1862, druggist, residence Walla Walla.

S. G. Dudley, born in New York, age 45, immigrated in 1874, farmer, residence Seattle.

R. O. Dunbar, born in Illinois, age 45, immigrated in 1846, lawyer, residence Goldendale.

J. B. La Du, born in New York, age 45, immigrated in 1853, farmer, residence Mount Coffin.

John McGlynn, born in Ireland, age 34, came in 1872, hotel- keeper, residence La Conner.

L. M. Ringer, born in Virginia, age 44, came in 1873, merchant, residence Almota.

A. F. Tullis, born in Indiana, age 49, immigrated in 1852, farmer, residence Chehalis.
Allen Weir, chief clerk, born in California, age 25, came in 1860, publisher, residence Port Townsend.

Samuel Greene, assistant clerk, born in Massachusetts, age 42, came in 1874, farmer, residence Seattle.

W. R. Andrews, enrolling clerk, born in Michigan, age 28, came in 1861, lawyer, residence La Conner.

Emma Knighton, born in Oregon, age 21, came in 1860, residence Olympia.

J. H. Wilt, sergeant-at-arms, born in Ohio, age 26, came in 1876, teacher, residence Walla Walla.

G. W. Brant, doorkeeper, born in Missouri, age 25, came in 1852, wheelwright, residence Vancouver.

Ruth Bigelow, messenger, born in the territory, age 19, residence Olympia.

Robert Wilson, watchman, born in New York, age 47, immigrated in 1855, hatter, residence Walla Walla.

J. R. Thompson, chaplain, born in England, age 38, came in 1870, Presbyterian preacher, residence Olympia.

In the lower house,
George H. Stewart, speaker, born in Indiana, age 48, immigrated in 1850, lawyer, residence Vancouver.

J. N. Baker, born in Kentucky, age 32, immigrated in 1853, farmer, residence Oakville, Chehalis County.

H. Blackman, born in Maine, age 32, came in 1872, lumberman, residence Snohomish City.

C. Catlin, born in Illinois, age 35, came in 1850, farmer, residence Freeport, Cowlitz County.

M. F. Colt, born in New York, age 42, came in 1865, merchant, residence Walla Walla.

P. D. Jorup, born in Denmark, age 34, came in 1860, hotel-keeper, residence Utsalady.

J. M. Deware, born in Scotland, age 55, came in 1859, farmer, residence Walla Walla.

Levi Farnsworth, born in Maine, age 70, immigrated in 1850, shipwright, residence Yakima.

J. J. Foster, born in South Carolina, age 55, came in 1864, farmer, residence Wahkiakum County.

T. C. Frary, age 39, came in 1876, physician, residence Pomeroy.

J. E. Gandy, born in Wisconsin, age 32, came in 1865, physician, residence Puyallup.

D. C. Guernsey, born in Wisconsin, age 34, came in 1871, merchant, residence Dayton.

M. V. Harper, born in Tennessee, age 40, immigrated in 1853, surveyor, residence Goldendale.

S. W. Hovey, born in Maine, age 46, came in 1857, cashier of Port Gamble Mill Company, residence Port Gamble.

D. F. Percival, born in Maine, age 39, came in 1872, farmer, residence Rock Creek.

J. A. Perkins, born in Illinois, age 38, came in 1861, farmer and land speculator.

F. C. Purdy, born in Tennessee, age 52, settled in 1854, farmer, residence Skokomish.

F. M. Rhoades, born in Ohio, age 47, immigrated in 1847, farmer, residence Key, Thurston County.

Henry Roder, born in Germany, age 54, came in 1831, farmer, residence Whatcom County.

B. F. Shaw, born in Missouri, age 51, immigrated in 1844, farmer, residence near Vancouver.

L. P. Smith, born in Maine, age 64, came in 1869, watchmaker, residence Seattle.

Alfred Snyder, born in New Jersey, age 51, came in 1870, salesman at Port Blakeley.

D. J. Storms, born in Ohio, age 65, came in 1872, farmer; residence Waits- burg.

J. A. Taylor, born in New York, age 54, immigrated in 1845, fanner and agent for farm machinery, residence Walla Walla County.

M. R. Tilley, horn in Indiana, age 45, immigrated in 1852, livery stable, residence Olympia.

S. Troy, born in Pennsylvania, age 46, came in 1873, farmer, residence New Dungeness.

A. H. Tucker, born in New Hampshire, age 40, immigrated in 1852, mechanic, residence Port Townsend.

C. P. Twiss, born in New Hampshire, age 50, came in 1870, farmer, residence Napavine.

D. B. Ward, born in Kentucky, age 41, came in 1859, teacher, residence Seattle.

W. H. White, born in Virginia, age 37, came in 1871, lawyer, residence Seattle.

W. C. Porter, chief clerk, born in New York, age 45, came in 1876, lawyer, residence Pomeroy.

William Hughes, assistant clerk, born in Wales, age 31, came in 1875, printer, residence Seattle.

Louis B. Noble, enrolling clerk, born in Wisconsin, age 26, came in 1878, lawyer, residence Walla Walla.

Emma Hannon, assistant enrolling clerk, born in Washington, age 23, residence Steilacoom.

L. P. Berry, sergeant-at-arms, born in Indiana, age 36, immigrated in 1853, commission merchant, residence Colfax.

G. D. Keller, doorkeeper, born in Maine, age 71, came in 1858, fanner, residence on White River.

F. Seidel, watchman, born in Germany, age 32, came in 1879, carpenter, residence Seattle.

W. S. Hayes, messenger, born in Kentucky, age 68, farmer, residence near Olympia.

D. N. Utter, chaplain, born in Indians, age 35, came in 1875, Unitarian preacher; residence Olympia.

The republicans had a small majority in either house, and 7 on a joint ballot. The religion of the assembly was represented by 5 Presbyterians, 4 Methodists, 4 Congregationalists, 2 Baptists, 2 Catholics, 2 Unitarians, 2 Episcopalians, and 1 Lutheran. Olympia Wash. Standard, Oct. 24, 1878.


Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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