Ku-Kwil Khaedib

About a mile above Hat Slough (To Toluqe) lived Ku-kwil Khaedib, a big man in councils, well known and respected among his people. From the To Toluque country to Toll Dachub (the Pilchuck) he and his family could fish, hunt and pick berries without interfering with any one’s else rights. His house (Alhal) was big and long, and could shelter many people, which was quite necessary because there were held councils and many men came to talk over important matters together. Around the big house lived many relatives in small houses. Along the river banks and across country were trails. The camps were not far apart and runners could run from one camp to the other in relays to carry news, or warn each other in case of danger.

Ku-kwil Khaedib had many blankets and many canoes. Tlai’s (shovelnose) for the river and Stie Wathl for the Whinge (Sound). He, with crews of paddlers, made long journeys on the Sound. One of his chief assistants on these journeys was his nephew, Da-quashkid (Splitlip Jim), at that time a young man. They made trips to Seattle and Nishqually. On these trips they heard of and attended the big potlaches up and down the Sound, and extended invitations to their own.

At Port Susan, near Warm Beach, were held at long intervals potlaches or Sque-ques, lasting several days, with feasting, barbecue and clambake, singing, dancing and merry-making. Usually some of the wealthiest people would bring a lot of goods to give away, and with due ceremony would give away canoes, blankets and other valuables from the potlach pile. Those who gave the most were regarded as the most honorable people.

Ku-kwil Khaedib gave much, and for this and other good qualities was for many years big man of the Stoluckquamish.


Bruseth, Nels. Indian Stories and Legends of the Stillaguamish and Allied Tribes. 1926.

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