Kirkland, Aaron – Obituary

Aaron Kirkland, an old settler living in the Upper Skokomish Valley, was found in a dying condition in the house on his ranch opposite the Mohrweis post office, Wednesday morning and expired soon afterwards [July 20, 1910]. He was a single man living alone and appeared about his premises as usual up to the day of his death when a neighbor visited his home and found him in a paralyzed condition.

Although no further particulars have been received, it is thought that the remains will be brought to Shelton and the funeral held this Friday afternoon. Deceased was born at Clifton in 1850, his father being Moses Kirkland, one of Mason County’s original settlers. He leaves a brother, Jesse, whose farm is at the head of the Skokomish Valley, but so far as recalled, the others of the large family of boys and girls are all dead. Aaron Kirkland was an occasional visitor to Shelton and lead a rather easy life, making his living from trapping rather than working his farm and never became prominent or took much interest in the political affairs of the county.

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Collection: United States Obituaries.

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