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Chilluckittequaw Indians

Chilluckittequaw Indians. Significance unknown.

Chilluckittequaw Connections. The Chilluckittequaw belonged to the Chinookan linguistic stock.

Chilluckittequaw Location. As reported by Lewis and Clark, the Chilluckittequaw lay along the north side of Columbia River, in the present Klickitat and Skamania Counties, from about 10 miles below the Dalles to the neighborhood of the Cascades. Spier (1936) thinks they may have been identical with the White Salmon or Hood River group of Indians and perhaps both. In the latter case we must suppose that they extended to the south side of the Columbia.

Chilluckittequaw Villages.

  • Itkilak or Ithlkilak (occupied jointly with Klickitat), at White Salmon Landing. Nanshuit (occupied jointly with Klickitat), at the present Underwood.
  • Smackshop, a band of Chilluckittequaw extending from the River Labiche (Hood River ?) to the Cascades.
  • Tgasgutcu (occupied jointly with Klickitat), said to be about ½ mile west of a long, high mountain opposite Mosier, Oreg., and at the same time about a mile above White Salmon Landing, an apparent inconsistency:
  • Thlmieksok or Thlmuyaksok, ½ mile from the last; in 1905 the site of the Burket Ranch.

Historical Note. According to Mooney (1928), a remnant of the Chilluckittequaw lived near the mouth of the White Salmon River until 1880 when they removed to the Cascades, where a few still resided in 1895.

Chilluckittequaw Population. Mooney (1928) estimated 3,000 for this tribe in 1780. In 1806 Lewis and Clark placed the figure at 1,400, besides 800 Smackshop, or a total of 2,200.

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