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Cathlapotle Indians

Cathlapotle Indians. Meaning “people of Lewis (Na’p!ōLx.) River.”

Cathlapotle Connections. The Cathlapotle belonged to the Chinookan linguistic stock and were placed by Spier (1936) in the Clackamas division of Upper Chinook but by Berreman (1937) apparently with the Multnomah.

Cathlapotle Location. On the lower part of Lewis River and the southeast side of the Columbia River, in Clarke County.

Cathlapotle Villages. The main village of the Cathlapotle was Nahpooitle, at the mouth of Lewis River, but to this should perhaps be added Wakanasisi, opposite the mouth of Willamette River.

Cathlapotle Population. Mooney (1928) estimated 1,300 Cathlapotle in 1780; Lewis and Clark, 900 in 1806.

Connection in which the Cathlapotle have become noted. Lewis River was once known by the name of Cathlapotle.

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