A History of Winlock, Washington

“A History of Winlock, Washington,” written by C. C. Wall in 1951, offers a detailed chronicle of the town’s development and the communal efforts that have shaped its history. The book was commissioned by the Winlock Community Development Association, an organization formed following a 21-week community study led by the Bureau of Community Development of the University of Washington, with Professor Dick Poston as a key facilitator. This history was made into book form by commercial classes of the Winlock High School under the direction of Mrs. Sylvia Haapala.

The Winlock Community Development Association was established as a nonprofit entity under Washington state law. Its purpose was to promote and support the advancement of Winlock and its surrounding areas. The association’s first significant project was the restoration of the local cemetery, which had fallen into disrepair. Volunteers invested approximately 8,000 hours of labor to clear brush and trees, some of which had grown to substantial sizes, and uncovered 100 forgotten graves. This effort included the repair and reinstallation of gravestones and the creation of a Cemetery District to ensure ongoing maintenance through a dedicated tax levy.

Following the cemetery restoration, the association initiated a town-wide clean-up and paint-up day. Community members collaborated to remove rubbish and repaint 22 business buildings, transforming the town’s appearance. This event highlighted the community’s spirit of cooperation and was extended to the painting of three local grange halls, further demonstrating the collective dedication to improving Winlock.

The book documents the general history of Winlock, the arrival of the railroad, the establishment of the town, and the development of essential services such as churches, schools, and utilities. It also delves into the town’s early days, its industrial and agricultural growth, and notable events that have occurred over the years. Through these accounts, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of Winlock’s evolution and the pivotal moments that have defined its character.

Table of Contents

General History, p. 1
The Coming of the Railroad and the Founding of the Town, p. 5
Churches and Schools, p. 11
Utilities, p. 23
Early Winlock, p. 32
Industry, p. 44
Agriculture, p. 52
Interesting Events Throughout the Years, p. 62
Post-Facto, p. 70


Wall, C. C., A history of Winlock, Washington, Self-Published, 1957.


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