1862 Montana Settlers, Forts and Valleys

Fort Benton Settlers in 1862

Andrew Dawson was Agent in Charge
George Stull and M. Carroll, Chief Clerks
Hunick, Sub-clerk
Henry Bostwick and Francis Veielo, Interpreters
Benjamin De Roche, Joseph Spearson, Charles Choquette, Peter Choquette, Michael Champagne, and Henry Robert,
Interpreters and Traders
Vincent Mercure and Joseph Laurion, Carpenters
John Nubert, Tailor
Henry Martin, Blacksmith
George Weipert, Tinner
Paul Longleine, Overseer of Workmen
Antoine Burdeau, Clement Cournoys, Charles Cournoys, Charles Cunand, Edward Cunand, Milton Foy, Joseph Hule, William Keiser, John Largent, Joseph Lucier, William Truesdale, Isaiah Tremblez, Employees
Daniel Carafel, a Freeman
Philip Barnes and Henry Mills, Negro Employees
James Vanlitburg, Negro Cook
Con. Hist. Soc. Montana, 347-8.

At the Blackfoot Agency, 1862

The agent at this time was Henry W. Reid
The farmer was J. A. Vail, whose wife and sister-in-law, Miss O’Brien, who was the only white women resident in Montana previous to 1862.
Another person on Sun River was James M. Arnoux

At Gold Creek in 1862

Thomas Adams
Reese Anderson
A. Cook
Stephen Fernier
Joseph Howard
Mrs Hewins
Peter Kishner and partner
Linn Peter Martin Amelia Martin
Robert Nelson
Henry S. Pond Parker
R. A. Thompson and Job Townsend.

At La Barge City, whose first name gave place to Deer Lodge City, were:

Henry Beauregard
Anthony Cosgrove
Calvin Carroll
Mrs Carroll
David Contoi
Frank Cabbau
Louis Demars
Louis Descheneaux
John Dayton
William Fairweather
Louis Grandmaison
Joseph Hill
Homer Heweins
Thomas Lavatta
Charles D. La Breche
Henry Larriveé
Francois La Montague
Josef Martin
H. A. Milot
Mack the fiddler
Francois Narmondin
Giles S. Olin
Frank Olin
Mrs G. S. Olin
George Orr
Madame René Peltier
Augustus G. Peltier
Mrs Peltier
Miss Peltier
Eli Pellerin
Joseph Prudhomme
Benoni S. Peabody
Mrs Susan Peabody
Leon Quesnelle
Baptiste Quesnelle
Joseph Quesnelle
Thomas Riley
James Reed
Henry Thomas (commonly called Gold Tom)
Francois Truchot and Young
besides most of the traders already named as being in the mountains including the Grants, John S. Pemberton, and C. A. Broadwater of Cottonwood Creek, John Franks, John Carr, and Edgar Henry of Dempsey Creek, and George Ives and Charles S. Allen of Dublin, composed the suburban population.

At St Ignatius mission, on a branch of Flathead River, were:

Fathers Joseph Carnana
Urbanus Grassi
Joseph Giorda
Joseph Ménétrey
Louis Vercruyssen
Aloysius Vanzini

also the following persons:
Frank Bison
William Claessens
Joseph Coture
Louis Corville
Peter Irvine
Louis Pelon
Charles Reidt
Joseph Specht
Charles Schafft

At Frenchtown, on the Missoula River:

Joseph Asline
Louis Brown
George Beaupré
Philip Carr
Baptiste Dusbarme
Adolph Dubreuil (called Tin-cup Joe)
David Kitson
Edward Lambert
Demien Ledoux
Joseph Larose
Henry W. Miller
Caroline Miller
Lucrctia Miller (later Mrs Worden)
Mary C. Miller (later Mrs Lent)
Eustache Neron
Joseph Poutré
Moise Reeves
Luther Richards
M. T. Tipton
Emil Tuleau
George Young

At the Flathead agency on the Jocko River were:

Charles Hutchins (agent)
O. S. Barnes
William Badger
John Dillingham (killed in July 1863 at Alder gulch by Haze Lyons Buck Stinson and Charles Fubbs)
Charles Frush
William Holmes
A. B. Henderson
Michael Larkin
Frederick Sherwood
James Sinnett
Daniel Sullivan
Dr Terry

At Fort Owen

John Owen
L. L. Blake
W. W. De Lacy
George W. Dobbins
Louisa Dobbins
Mrs William Goodrich
C. E. Irvine
Cyrus McWhirk

In the Bitterroot Valley:

Joseph Blodgett
Edward Burk
William H. Babcock
William Bantee
Mrs Bantee
Louis Clairmont
Edward Carron
John Chatfield
Henry M. Cone and
Elva Cone (the first white man and woman married in Bitterroot Valley)
Benjamin Crandall
Napoleon Dumontie
Thomas Frewen
A. K. Gird
Thomas W. Harris
George Hurst
E. B. Johnson and children
P. M. Lafontain
Joseph Lompré
William Meredith
Mrs Meredith
Antoine Martineau
C. J. Parker
John Peters
Mrs Peters
John Slack
John Silverthorne
W. A. Tallman
George M. Windes

At Hellgate Bond:

Peter J. Botte
Albert Batchelder
Daniel S. Calkins
Marcus Doan
John Frazier
Mrs Helen Grant
Julia P. Grant
Adeline Grant
C. P. Higgins
W. B. S. Higgins
George Holman
John Lowre
Thomas Mineinger
Peter McDonald
Robert A. Pelky
Adeline Pelky
Jefferson Henry Pelky (son of Robert A. and Adeline was born at Grass Valley 3 miles below Hellgate Jan. 13 1862 being the first white child born within the present limits of Montana)
Joseph Pion
David Patter
H. E. Rouse
Mrs Rouse
William Sinclair
Jeremiah L. Sinclair
James Sinclair.
Mary Sinclair
Colin Sinclair
I. N. Stinson (hanged at Bannack by the vigilants in Jan. 1864)
James Sellers
Susan Sellers
William Scott
Richard Smith
George P. White
Josephine White (first white couple married anywhere in Montana the ceremony being performed at Hellgate March 5 1862 probably by the first justice of the peace Henry R. Brooks)
Henry Williams, and Frank L. Worden.

At Grass Valley were:

Henry R. Brooks (appointed justice of the peace by the Wash. legislature of 1861-2, the first court held being in the spring of 1862, and first cause Tin-cup Joe vs O’Keefe),
Worthington Bills (formerly of Oregon and Washington), and
Hezekiah Van Dom.

At Two Creeks:

David M. Brooks
J. P. Lavalhe
John Little
Daniel P. Nichols
James Nolan
Amos Overlander

At Flathead House or Hudson’s Bay post:
James McIver
Angus McLeod
Lochlin McLaurin

At Missoula Ferry:
John S. Caldwell

At Koriaken Defile:
C. C. O’Keefe (called Baron O’Keefe of Castle O’Keefe)
D. C. O’Keefe

Mail carrier to Walla Walla, W. W. Johnson. This completes the list of white inhabitants of Montana in the winter of 1862, as given in the archives of the Historical Society of Montana, with additions from other authorities; and “though not a perfect roll, it contains over two thirds of all the population, according to the best accounts.


Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.

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