Marriage Records of Sussex County, Virginia, 1754-1810

“Marriage Bonds and Ministers’ Returns of Sussex County, Virginia, 1754-1810” by Catherine Lindsay Knorr provides an invaluable glimpse into the early marriage records of Sussex County, Virginia. Published in 1952, this compilation offers a meticulously researched account of the matrimonial bonds and ministers’ returns from 1754 to 1810, reflecting the social and legal intricacies of the period.

Sussex County, formed in 1754 from the southern part of Surry County, is steeped in historical significance. The county’s creation was a logical progression due to the geographical and administrative challenges posed by the Blackwater River, which divided Surry. The early settlement of Sussex was marked by the establishment of Albemarle Parish in 1738, with prominent vestrymen overseeing its development.

During its formative years, Sussex County played a vital role in both local and colonial affairs. The county’s first representatives to the General Assembly and its initial Gentleman Justices set the tone for governance and legal proceedings. Additionally, Sussex was a notable center for horse racing, a popular pastime in colonial Virginia, highlighting the county’s cultural vibrancy.

Sussex County’s contributions to the Revolutionary War were significant, providing numerous military officers and soldiers. This patriotic spirit underscored the county’s importance in the broader narrative of Virginia and American history.

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Knorr, Catherine Lindsay, Marriage Bonds and Ministers’ Returns of Sussex County, Virginia, 1754-1810, Pine Bluff, Ark. : Catherine Lindsay Knorr, 1952.

Sussex County VA,


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