Vermont Indian Tribes

Abnaki Indians. An Abnaki band known as the Missiassik was at one time settled on Missisquoi River in Franklin County.

Mahican Indians. Bands of the Mahican hunted in the southwestern and western parts of the State and made temporary settlements from time to time. One Mahican village (Winooskeek) is thought to have been located at the mouth of Winooski River. (See New York.)

Pennacook Indians. The eastern margins of Vermont were occupied by the Pennacook, who must have hunted considerably within its borders. (See New Hampshire.)

Pocomtuc Indians. The northernmost bands of the Pocomtuc extended into the southern parts of the State. (See Massachusetts.)

Swanton, John R. The Indian Tribes of North America. Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 145. Washington DC: US Government Printing Office. 1953.

4 thoughts on “Vermont Indian Tribes”

  1. melanie wallace

    Trying to determine if the stories passed down through the generations are true. Supposedly indian girl married French fur trapper. Last name of the Frenchman was Follett; perhaps around 1860-63? Some versions have it as abnaki and the name of Greywolf has been thrown around……Where could I find lists of interracial marriages around that time frame? The only known name I have is the Follett name….their child would have been Sarah (Polly) Follett born around 1865?

    Melanie Wallace

  2. I want to know what tribes resided in Addison County Vermont. My great grandfather, Arthur Whitney was half Native American and half English. He was born and raised in Goshen Vermont. My mother says that the tribes were Iroquoi and Algonquin. I’m trying to get to know more about my Indian ancestors and who they were.

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